Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 351

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 351 Beseeching Survival

Regardless of Dao Foundation and Physiques, as long as they didn't achieve Embodiment in a Primal Law or didn't possess True God level cultivation, Omnislayer only needed to graze them, and they would perish on the spot!

Better, Omnislayer could release chthonian waves that would inflict the same effect, and drain the abilities of those it slew. A pity that this was nothing but an avatar. Otherwise, Konrad's strength would have risen to another level!

But this still was but a drop in the bucket when compared to the vast arsenal of abnormal abilities he currently possessed.

And with her mother's defeat, Ilkaalt could do nothing besides staring slack-jawed at Konrad's oppressive form.

"In less than one-hundred moves…mother's Demigod-Avatar…defeated…

Doomed…I am doomed…"

Ilkaalt stammered while Konrad dispelled Omnislayer and gracefully dropped onto the ground.

"Perfect Resurrection."

With a wave of Konrad's hand, waves of black and icy blue chthonian energies surged and dived into the fallen ant queens and elders' bodies. Meanwhile, the seventh queen whose body had burst into blood and gore reformed, and alongside her sisters and subordinates, rose from the ground.

In slow, but orderly fashion, the four ant queens and thirty ant elders stepped toward Konrad and in a resounding thud, dropped on their knees!

"Greetings, Lord!"

They saluted with their foreheads plastered on the ground. Seeing this, although she'd seen many astounding things in her life, Ilkaalt despaired and bordered a mental breakdown.

"Their souls were erased…yet they are back with spiritual consciousness? No…they don't have souls!"

She realized in fright. The living couldn't exist without a soul. And the reason why the typical undead persistently decayed and lacked intelligence was the exact lack of a soul. However, she could see that those undead faced no such hurdle. But how could one destroy…what didn't possess a soul?

Again, Konrad waved his hand, causing the thirty ant elders to burst into blood and gore before merging in a chthonian whirlwind. In less than ten seconds, the whirlwind dispersed, leaving behind six zenith ants whose features mixed the fallen ant elders.

Now, only ten undead stood.

"Congratulations. You shall become the first members of my Chthonian Immortal Legion. Though, I will later have to make additional transformations to make you fit all the criteria."

Konrad explained, not for his new subordinates, but for Ilkaalt to hear. Indeed, to make them understand his will, he only needed a thought. However, unbeknown to her, Ilkaalt had already turned into a prime chess piece in the destruction of the zenith ants.

"Serving you, Lord, is our glory!"

They replied, with their foreheads still laid on the cold ground.

With a step, Konrad appeared before Ilkaalt and towered above her with his dreadful stature swathed in tyrannical chthonian forces.

"It appears mommy dearest's avatar wasn't up to the task. What now? I believe that better than me, you should know her true body will not leave the World Tree. Her lifespan has reached 129,600 years.

This is the critical juncture for her to cross her ordeal and become a One-Tribulation Demigod.

At that time, if successful, she will obtain True God level cultivation. And to be successful, she needs to rely on the World Tree, her highest shield, and trump card. Of course, she won't desert it for a willful waste of a daughter."

Konrad's sharp and insulting analysis forced Ilkaalt to lower her head in dismay. However, she realized she couldn't. Those icy-blue eyes of his held her in his thrall, and regardless of the rollercoaster of emotions sweeping her chest, she couldn't look away.

"W-what do you want from me?"

Ilkaalt struggled to say while Konrad folded his arms beneath his chest. The irony of feeling like an ant was only surpassed by the maddening frustration the uncertainty of her fate stuffed her with.

"Wrong. This isn't about what I want from you, but what you want from me. Allow me to show you…how you perish."

Konrad replied and placed his right hand on Ilkaalt's forehead. Instantaneously, a black sigil shaped like two crossed scythes within a circle appeared on his forehead and released a black ray that dived into Ilkaalt's.

Instantaneously, the scene before her eyes changed as she leaped thirty years into the future to witness the startling event of her own demise. As she perished, stabbing pain pricked her chest and smothered her soul.

Once, twice, thrice…under Konrad's manipulations, Ilkaalt endured her future death an incalculable amount of times. By the time she returned to the real world, her eyes were full of warm tears, and the event perfectly imprinted within her mind.

"What's wrong? Not many have the privilege of knowing the time and manner of their future death. But you do. Why then, do you weep?"

Konrad inquired while lowering his face toward Ilkaalt, whose silent tears trickled down.

"I…I don't want to die. No…I'm destined to leave this world, become a Goddess…and live for eternity! My life is barely starting! I don't want to die! Not like this! I am not willing!"

She roared with her abundant tears dropping at a faster pace. And as her words echoed, Konrad's face changed to a distraught look.

"But what can we do? It's your Final Death. Throughout the Three Realms, no one can change that…"

He began in a sympathetic tone. But then, his face went from distraught to beaming.

"…Oh wait, I can. I have the right to change the date and manner of your Final Death. I can even give you a Blank Slate to leave your future entirely up to you. Or make you immortal if I so wish.

Why didn't I think of this?"

Konrad wondered and tapped his head while keeping his bright smile unchanged.

Hearing this, Ilkaalt's eyes shone with hopefulness, and she grabbed Konrad's thigh in glaring desperation.

"Please save me! I beg you! I will do anything for you! As long as you change my fate, you can do anything you want with me!"

Ilkaalt hysterically pleaded while tugging on Konrad's thigh which she kept pressed against her massive rack. And Else, who observed this scene in silence, couldn't help but wonder what she saw. But seeing her in such dismay seemed to only make Konrad's smile brighter.

"But…I don't want to. You are not making a convincing case. If you want my help, you have to try harder. Who knows, if you move me, I very well might give you a chance."

Konrad replied, causing Ilkaalt's eyes to gleam with hope.

However, Else disagreed. The more she observed the scene, the less she doubted that regardless of what Konrad held in store for her, Ilkaalt faced no good end.

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