Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 355

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 355 The Flaw That Makes All The Difference

Meanwhile, it was time to create the prototypes, and as Konrad crossed the void to land above the mountain range, Selene's voice still echoed.

"There are two things I still don't get.

One: What makes you think the Serkar, because we know it's them we're talking about when we say Infernal Cult, can shoulder the Zenith Ants' assault?

Two: What do you hope to accomplish by treating that Ilkaalt girl that way?"

As a one million years old existence, although she bore the appearance of a thirteen years old teen, in Selene's eyes, Ilkaalt was indeed no more than a girl. And having followed Konrad across all those years, it was indeed her first time seeing him inflict such abuse on a woman. Even the inquisitresses in the past didn't shoulder such mistreatment.

"Oh her? She's just a chess piece I'm moving toward a certain direction. If I directly take control of her mind, that will not escape her mother. Therefore, we must induce her into serving our plans on her own free will.

Of course, driven by rage, hatred, and resentment, she will not realize she's doing so."

Konrad replied with a cold indifference that took Selene aback.

"You're not planning to add her to your harem?"

She finally asked, for indeed, Ilkaalt's treatment looked nothing like the women Konrad prepared for his harem.


Though that single word served as all the reply Selene required, she still couldn't wrap her head around Konrad's reasoning.

"I'm getting ever more confused. I dare say that no one knows you better than I do, and as far as women are concerned, there is virtually nothing you cannot tolerate. No matter how evil, how despicable, how rash, proud, playful, or willful, you can accommodate them all. I dare not say that you've taken worse than Ilkaalt, but just as bad, there is more than one.

Why the exception?"

Selene pursued.

"Indeed, to me, a woman's nature has never been much of an issue, but that's primarily because I can rewire them at will. However, women I need to rewire will never hold too great a position in my harem.

But that's not the root of the problem. Like you said, good or evil matters not to me, as long as I want them, I will take them. But there is one unequivocal condition:


Konrad replied while staring at Else and Astarte from above the mountain range.

"The low, the despicable, the scheming, and the cruel; they can have all the flaws in the multiverse, but still, I dare take them all. All, on the condition that they possess this one characteristic: A dauntless heart.

Before danger, do not flinch.

Before adversity, do not waver. If the situation is hopeless, fight and con your way into salvation, but do not surrender to dread.

Having received the blessings of the World Tree and the tutelage of her mother from infancy, Ilkaalt's cultivation talent is extremely high, and her foundation impeccable. Her beauty is also top-notch. To say that she didn't kindle my interest would be a lie.

However, when faced with her distant death, did you see how easily she collapsed and surrendered to fright? She can do anything to survive. That is not inherently wrong. But she has no willpower. Her Dao Heart is as feeble as a straw. Anyone can blow it.

And without willpower, how can there be loyalty? In my times of feebleness, if Ilkaalt wielded the position of Divine Consort and stood here instead of Else. Tell me, what would now be my fate?

When I take a woman into my harem, I make a silent of shielding her for an eternity. All of them enjoy glory, splendor, wealth, and rank, and do not doubt I will topple worlds and slay deities for their sake. But I also have no suspicion that in the face of adversity, they can, in a heartbeat, lay down their lives for me.

Ilkaalt is not of that wood, she doesn't have the qualifications to bear the title of Valkyrie, and I've long-since gotten bored of rewiring women. Especially those that aren't worth the trouble.

Across those years, how many offered themselves to me?

There is nothing I haven't seen or tasted, and in the future, countless devas, spirits, fiends, and demonesses will join our ranks. One more, one less, makes no difference. On the contrary, if I can use her to build the foundation of my Transcendence, we might as well.

Though, if she can sublimate her heart, I don't mind altering her fate."

Now aware of Konrad's thought, Selene didn't investigate further and returned to silence.

In the meantime, within the Blood Mountain Range, as instructed by Konrad, Zamira had the Northern Khan dispatch a ten million man strong army that now stood trapped by Else's illusions. Across four days, those soldiers gathered from all the clans and tribes, desperately sought the means to break the spell, but to no avail.

With a step, Konrad vanished and landed by Else's side. And seeing him appear, both she and Astarte interrupted their chess game. But while Astarte rose from her seat, Else remained still on hers, and merely shifted her gaze toward him.

"From your expression, I take it that your new scheme went without a hitch."

She inferred with a smile.

"Naturally. That aside, you did very well. I'm sure keeping ten million men entrapped in illusions for four days wasn't simple. "

"Thanks to the previous event, my Seer's Vision is about to break through to the third layer, and I'm starting to grasp more mysteries of Fate and Truth. It wasn't that difficult."

Seer's Vision was built on the Laws of Fate and Truth. Therefore, those that cultivated it to the pinnacle could reach a high level in those. However, Unlike the Blossoming Death Art, it didn't have a method to achieve Embodiment.

Even Wielding would not come before the Fourth Layer. For that reason, it ranked fourth.

"Astarte, you need to stop being this uptight. You're a Valkyrie, not a legionary, a consort before a soldier. The bystanders might think you're the bullied child of the group."

Else remarked, causing Astarte's cheeks to flush red while she scratched her head in embarrassment.

"Don't listen to her. I like this side of you. In the future, when I rule the Three Realms, you can proudly say that among all my consorts, you spent the most time with me. At that time, see who makes fun of who?"

Konrad chimed in while extending his left arm toward Astarte. With shining enthusiasm, she took it but didn't forget to cast a complacent look toward Else and snort for good measure.


Else uttered, and while her sound of disapproval echoed, Konrad waved his hand, summoning both the Bone Mountain and his prototype body.

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