Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 361

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 361 Ashara's Seal

The eruption of the twelve leading Serkar members' cultivation bases swept aside the wind of dread blowing within the Infernal Cult and hurled it back at the Zenith Ants, whose eyes widened in a stupor.

"None is lower than peak-stage Divine Ascension."

The ten queens realized in astonishment. Although to them, peak-stage Divine Ascension was by no means dreadful, that so many cultivators of that level appeared within the Infernal Cult made no sense whatsoever. If they possessed the ability to cultivate such experts, the Celestial Church would have long-since been destroyed!

And yet…such was the truth that stood before them! And to say nothing of the Zenith Ants, the Infernal Cult itself couldn't comprehend this sudden change!

Following Berken's order, Hejin's lips curved into a wolfish, and bright light erupted from his body! Without a word, he turned into a dazzling beam of light and illuminated the dozens of ant elders before reappearing behind them all!


Of the one-hundred ant elders, nine saw their heads detached from their bodies without any means to resist! And as their heads and bodies tumbled down, their souls rushed toward safety!

Alas, Hejin again turned into flaring light that brushed them all before he reappeared among his kin, and all their souls collapsed!

"High-grade…Mastered…Divine Extreme Light Physique? Damnable!"

An Ant Queen realized in outrage. The Extreme Light Physique may not be among the strongest, but it definitely was one of the most troublesome ones! The sheer speed of Extreme Light Physique owners made them the best tools for guerilla warfare. Even if each of those queen's strength stood above Hejin's, even the top three didn't dare assert the ability to claim his life!

"When my eminent self already wasn't in a good mood. You have the gals to come to our doorsteps to demand what?

Surrender or death? What a joke, in the past, you were lucky enough to preserve your bloodline, but since you won't obediently hide beneath the tree, let's erase it once and for all! But who knows, if the melody of your pleading is entertaining enough, I might keep you as cum-drainers to vent my frustration!"

Hejin exclaimed, causing all except Gulistan and Berken to burst into laughter.


The Ant Queens roared, and without further delay, assembled their Divine Legion in a battle-formation before shooting toward the twelve Serkar leaders! Meanwhile, the one-million Saint-level demon ants gathered a step below and channeled their holy forces in combined ranged-strikes aimed at the twelve Serkar.

Multitudes of massive rocks and boulders rose to slam into the Serkars.

Gulistan stretched out her hand, causing a golden force field to appear and repel all those strikes. In tandem, Hejin and the nine other Serkar elders shot toward the ant queens, elders, and the thousands of Zenith Ant Sages they led while Gulistan and Berken remained behind.

The top three queens detached themselves from the group to appear before the father-daughter pair and directly tackle them. The reason was simple. Of the twelve Serkar kinsmen, only Gulistan and Berken reached Demigod-level!

As for how they did it, it was fairly simple. When they offered one billion souls to the Demon Kings and brought their merit reserves to new extremes, Berken and Gulistan reasoned that instead of using it to seek foreign help or spreading out thin across the Infernal Cult's top houses, they should pick a select group of the most outstanding Serkar scions to receive the Demon Kings' core blessings.

The current twelve were the most outstanding of the senior generation, with sky-high innate talent only shackled by the Mortal World's lack of resources. Upon receiving the Demon Kings' boons, their foundations and cultivation improved by leaps and bounds.

In the past, although headed by the Torul, the Infernal Cult was concurrently led by Torul, Orrag, and Serkar while the soul and serpent fiends stood not too far behind. Therefore, such a move was impossible. But now that the Serkar lorded over all, none could stop them.

But though surprised by their foes' cultivation levels, the Ant Queens feared little, after all, with life essence and their demonic blood, how could the golden-blooded Serkar compare? Before titans, the Ant Queens wouldn't have such confidence.

But titans they were not, and therefore, house Serkar was doomed to destruction!

Emerald light erupted from the top three queens as they released the full-might of their life essence, not holding anything back.

Meanwhile, the seven queens facing Hejin's squad did the same, and not only used life essence to empower themselves, but to strengthen the ant elders at their command.

Yet, the Serkars weren't startled. Knowing that the Zenith Ants had been draining the World Tree of its vitality, they'd already expected such a result.


In a multicolor light festival, the battle erupted, with spells, laws, skills, and physique abilities fusing from one camp to another. But it didn't take three breaths before Hejin's squad found itself reeling back, unable to shoulder the combined might of queens and elders!

"Weren't you eager to hear us plead? Where did that confidence come from? How laughable!"

The fifteenth queen scoffed before slamming her Nihility Flail into Hejin's side and sending him tumbling down!

His blood gushed forth, but still, he remained undisturbed! And as he fell, the golden light of his lineage erupted to trigger his self-regeneration abilities. But the queens gave him no such time, and three immediately dropped, to surround him from all sides!

But as they did, Hejin's lips flashed a wolfish grin.

"As a man of culture, I planned to take my time with you, ladies. But since you can't appreciate my good intentions, die!

Blood Burning!"

Hejin bellowed, and in the middle of his forehead, a bright red sigil appeared.

"Ashara's seal…"

The fifteenth queen realized, far too late. Massive golden light erupted from Hejin's body while his body inflated to expand into a nine-hundred meters tall golden giant!

Hejin struck, slamming his two massive fists right into the three queens in a double punch!


Slammed by the irresistible move, the three queens flew backward, shooting across the sky like meteors before slamming into the ground hundreds of miles below and cratering with their fate unknown!

The same bright red sigil flared on the nine other Serkar elders' foreheads before they triggered their lineage's Blood Burning and slammed the four queens they faced left and right! From the moment the Serkars' golden-bloodline was ignited, the Zenith Ants no longer had room for maneuver!

In a flash, the situation was reversed, with Hejin's running amok within the Zenith Ants' ranks!

Witnessing this, the top three queens facing Berken and Gulistan stopped dead in their tracks, unable to believe their eyes.

"How…how could this be? How could Ashara grant them all his Blood Seal?"

The First Queen wondered in fright. But as she floundered mid-battle, a voice resounded within her mind…

"Getting distracted while facing me? Oh, my poor self-esteem…"

*Sniff* *Sniff*

…and the shadow of a foot dropped onto her face, ruthlessly trampling it and sending her tumbling like a dropping missile! Naturally, that foot belonged to Gulistan, who alone faced the three top queens while Berken stood still with his hands crossed beneath his back and oversaw the battlefield with cold indifference.

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