Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 364

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 364 Sneaking Into The House

"Bring Helbin to me."

Konrad ordered, and the Hidden Moon Pavilion Knights he'd brought back to life appeared in a dark whirlwind with Helbin standing between them. Naturally, while Konrad toiled within the Blood Mountain Range, Zamira didn't forget to "educate" Helbin to her new harem member role. That plus the irreversible damage left by the golden rod ensured she had turned into an obedient servant.

As for her mother's fate, with the level of affection between them, she cared enough to not burst into laughter.

Upon landing in the room, her eyes immediately locked on Konrad, who stood with his left hand on his cat, and his dreadful eyes still locked on the ninth elder. The sclera then returned to white, and the chthonian energies dispersed before Konrad shifted his attention toward Helbin, who immediately dropped on her knees.

"Greetings m-…"

She began, but before she could reach the ground or finish her words, Konrad appeared and lifted her up. And seeing how effortlessly he used his index to raise her by the chin, Helbin was silently startled.

Although she now knew his previous mortal appearance to be nothing more than a façade, clearly, the true depth of his abilities stood leagues above all her expectations.

"You can call me cousin. I assume Zamira enlightened you on your true identity?"

Konrad inquired in such a melodious, soothing tone that all Helbin's fears and apprehension vanished, and in the instant her eyes returned on his, she no longer felt as if she dealt with the devil, but with the embodiment of angelism.


She replied with her cheeks flushed in a blazing red.

"Do you have any reluctance?"

Konrad inquired in that same tone and gaze that filled Helbin's abdomen with butterflies.

"Yes. Al-although he…doesn't dare claim me as his daughter…Hejin Serkar always has…treated me the best."

Helbin replied, unable to utter a lie before Konrad's gaze.

"It's fine. We won't make things too difficult for him. After all, he's my uncle. On the contrary, by the time we're done, I guarantee he won't dare not acknowledge you. Are you satisfied?"

"As long as…you're pleased."

"Good girl."

With the end of their exchange, Konrad gave a light tap to Helbin's cheek and walked past her.

"Then, my friends, it's time to go home."

Konrad declared while his appearance underwent drastic changes, going from the matchlessly handsome Profane Prince to Helbin's fallen prince consort, Xabur. Naturally, the real Xabur now lay as a sack of bones within Konrad's pile of necromantic ingredients.

"Ninth Elder, lead the way."

Konrad ordered, and without delay, the ninth elder waved his hand, causing a golden whirlwind to take Konrad, Cat-Else, and Helbin alongside him to reappear before the Blood Barrier and step into the Infernal Cult.

Meanwhile, Konrad exchanged silent messages with Krann.


"Master, are you serious?"

Krann asked in a stupor upon hearing what Konrad requested of him.

"Yes. Although the Serkars are good, the bulk of their strength is concentrated within the thirteen top experts. Once I make my move, those people won't be able to freely battle the Zenith Ant Armies. Moreover, they can neutralize the top level, but when the Zenith Ants dispatch their Saint-level troops to assail the secular world, the Infernal Cult won't be able to do anything.

The people must perish, but it can't be too fast. We need people to balance the clash. Yvonne will do her part from within the Hidden Forest. In times, you may also have to get involved. But for now, he is the best candidate. And I have no doubt he will comply."

Konrad replied, and Krann nodded in approval.

"Very well, I will depart at once."

With that said, their communication ended, and Krann vanished in a jade haze, leaving the Jade Capital to appear before the Celestial Church!


With the ninth elder leading the way, Helbin, Konrad, and Else crossed the Infernal Cult's entrance to reach the Serkar Domain, which alone appeared larger than any of Earth's continents. Naturally, such a vast domain was divided into a variety of echelons. The three subdivisions were the Outer Domain, the Inner Domain, and finally, the Core Zone.

Naturally, the likes of Gulistan lived in the Core Zone. With a single step, the ninth elder crossed the tremendous distance to bring them all within the Core Zone's Ancestral Hall, where Gulistan and Hejin currently stood.

Serkar guards stood before the gate, and Konrad wasn't startled to see that within House Serkar's Core Zone, Crossed Tribulation Saints served as gatekeepers.

"Greetings, ninth elder. Lady Gulistan and Lord Hejin have been waiting for you."

The guards said in tandem upon seeing the ninth elder appear before them.

Ignoring them, the ninth elder took Helbin to step into the Ancestral Hall, leaving Konrad behind.

Of course, this all was part of the script.

Following a brief moment, the ninth elder's authoritative voice echoed.

"Boy, you can step in!"

Konrad then walked past the gatekeepers who never once spared him a glance.

With a smile, he walked past the gates, but as soon as he entered the hall, the smile vanished, replaced by an expression of awe and deference.

Within the hall, the ninth elder and Helbin bowed toward Gulistan and Hejin.

Konrad stopped behind them, and with his hands clasped, bowed in greetings.

"Greetings, lady Gulistan, greetings lord Hejin."

While his salutations echoed, Gulistan and Hejin glanced toward him. But when they saw the inexistent cultivation and silver bloodline, that bit of attention was removed, and their gazes shifted back onto the ninth elder.

"Well, you better have a good explanation for failing to get back in time to face the enemy."

Gulistan declared in a calm but bone-chilling tone.

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