Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 372 1

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 372 You're Not Getting Enough Cock Part 1 R 18

"But it's fine. Since I'm now here, I will help you."

Konrad affirmed with the righteous and selfless tone of a good Samaritan. Without further ado, he waved his hands, causing massive chthonian energies to erupt and suppress Gulistan where she stood. At the same time, desire flames erupted from his body to infiltrate hers and devour all her mental barriers, rage and rancor, to replace those negative emotions with pure lust.

"Des-despicable deviant!"

Gulistan roared while her cheeks flushed red, and she struggled to remain standing. With her cultivation base and foundation, even a late-stage Minor God of the Incubus Race wouldn't be able to bring her down, unless of course, said demon's bloodline reached Lust Embodiment level.

But even then, she should be able to struggle for some time!

Alas, Konrad's chthonian energies invalidated her soul power and enfeebled her cultivation, thereby making her unable to contend with him. And now, no amount of teeth-gritting and hand clenching could prevent her from succumbing to the feral lust flaming within her. In the blink of an eye, the rage twisting Gulistan's face vanished, replaced by a crimson mixture of coquettish and indignant look.


Unable to endure more, she dropped on her knees and clenched her thighs to hide the moisture now trickling down, in vain, of course.

"I can smell it, you know."

Konrad reminded, causing a tidal wave of shame to crash onto Gulistan.

"We must all have limits and a bottom line. At the end of the day, I am your mother. Do you really dare go against all the natural order and cross that step?"

Gulistan questioned, in a desperate attempt to appeal to Konrad's suppressed conscience…another futile attempt.

"When beauties are concerned, I have neither limits nor boundaries. And mother, I'm forced to admit that you're a riveting, one in a million beauty, that rouses the motherfucker in me. Today, I must prove all the wronged souls of the universe right, by claiming my destined title!"

Konrad chortled while taking leisurely steps toward the quivering Gulistan, and then realized he'd gotten carried away.

"Oops. Wait no, I'm doing this for you. As your son, it's my duty to help you let go of that traumatic experience and return to being the playful but adorable woman of the past. I swear this is not for my pleasure. I'm forced by the circumstances, and am doing this solely for you!"

Konrad pledged with his hand raised for all to see, causing Gulistan to scream the word so many before her did:


The exclamation would have alarmed the entire Serkar Domain were it not for Konrad blocking the sound's spreading scope.

"Without shame, no one can harm you. Without shame, you can be the best you. Without shame, you are free and unfettered. If you were remotely as shameless as I am, you wouldn't have spent twenty-eight years brooding over a man that probably only remembers you through me.

How sorrowful is that? Mother, you've disappointed me. I have no other choice but to make a better Gulistan out of you."

Konrad declared while extending his hand toward the trembling Gulistan and taking her right palm into his. With a yank, he pulled her into his arms and used his left knee to spread her legs apart while keeping one hand wrapped around her slim waist.

For a moment, his eyes peered into hers. A moment after which he leaned in, pushing his lips against hers in an ardent, overbearing kiss that crushed those tiny bits of lingering resistance.

In the instant their lips collided, Gulistan felt the desire flames within her burning harder, while from Konrad's lips, the breath of passion escaped to assail her in a frontward assault. With one last-ditch effort, she recoiled. But the arm holding her slender waist prevented any escape attempt. Thus, she fell to his complete mercy.

And as desire smothered her from front, back, and inside, the realization that she went from a Demigod to an entirely defenseless mortal woman dawned on her.

Never did she expect that the second man to make her feel such helplessness would be Konrad out of all people!


Gulistan gasped for breath as Konrad's lascivious tongue and overbearing lips left her. Still, his hands held her in their firm grasp. Through the layer of burgundy fabrics, her breasts pressed his chest, her erratic breath brushed his face, and her cock-craving cunt dripped endless juice onto his knee.

"Also, while I must agree with many of the things you said, you are wrong about one thing. The world bending to me is a necessity, not a pursuit.

Eternity is an absurdly long time. I cannot live for power, wars and schemes, no. How dull would that be? Today I build the foundation that will allow me to live with and for beauties throughout eternity, with no one able to hinder my enjoyment.

Moreover, to be fair, I don't like seeing the male half of the world bend. What good is that? Men are ugly and uninteresting. I tolerate and respect the capable ones but would much rather not have to deal with the rest…unless I'm cucking them, of course. What is Life, if not a Sea of Beauties? Oh, I'm feeling poetic…"

Konrad chortled while lowering his hands on Gulistan's ass cheeks and squeezing them within his large palms as he rubbed her dripping cunt with his knee. From that knee, minor vibration waves arose.


A small moan escaped Gulistan's mouth before she bit her lips to suppress any further expression of her body's betrayal. Alas, that move soon proved futile for as soon as Konrad's hands and knees started toying with her body, Gulistan could not suppress her lips and panted in his grasp.


Her moans grew louder by the second, and her pleasure surpassed only by the silent frustration in her racing heart.

Indeed, for even as he pinched her nipples, nibbled her neck and squeezed her ass, Konrad didn't lower her burgundy dress, forcing her to soil it with the juice gushing from between her inner thighs.

But as her moans grew increasingly louder, Konrad silenced her with another kiss. And this time, Gulistan failed to muster the strength to resist the snaking of his tongue within her mouth. Worse, before her mind realized it, she found herself kissing him back, and coiling her tongue around his while pressing herself harder against his body.

Beneath his waist, Konrad's scalding rod rose to attention and pushed against Gulistan's thigh as their barbaric kissing carried on.

"Ah, screw this. If you can't escape, make the most of it. If I Gulistan am destined to be the mother of a motherfucker, I might as well fuck him well!"

Gulistan inwardly exclaimed, before running her left hand across Konrad's scalding rod. Once a clear picture of the massive length and girth appeared in her mind, Gulistan grabbed Konrad's cock to give it a few pumps while he spun and brought her increasingly closer to the bed.

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