Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 380

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 380 Asharas Retribution

But little did Ashara expect that even before his outburst of anger, Berken remained staunch and inflexible.

"Your Infernal Majesty, I dare not offend you. But I will not sell myself short, either. Better than anyone, you understand that the value of those items is leagues above what I requested. If you won't make the trade, I'm sure others will.

Lord Urzul may not have any interest in a Nether Law Seed, but a Death Seed, that's another story. To say nothing of Lord Talroth and Lord Dolgron. I'm sure one of them will see the reason in my price. Apologies if I offended you.

I shall take my leave."

Berken directly replied, to Ashara's stupor. Since when did mortals develop such backbones before their sovereign rulers? Or is it that having reached Demigod level filled Berken with a soaring wave of pride?

But little did he know that his "appraisal" of the human race had already infuriated Berken no end. Even without Konrad's control, he wouldn't give him any face! Alarmed by the impending loss of a golden opportunity, Ashara promptly changed his tune.

"This King understands your plight and will prepare the requested items. One moment."

Ashara replied, then spread his God-Sense to destroy the 124 needed Gods before bringing their bodies back.

"This King has collected what you require. Let's complete a Mutual Obligation contract."

Ashara offered, and Konrad was forced to admit that he was impressed. In less than a breath of time, Ashara slew one hundred Minor Gods and twenty-four True Gods, then brought them to his side, all without a sound. The might of a Legendary God was indeed beyond measure.

"As you command, your majesty."

Berken acquiesced and the two completed the contract, then exchanged the items.  In an explosion of blood-colored light, a Blood Tablet and 124 God-Corpses appeared within the Merit Hall while the seeds vanished from Berken's hands to land into Ashara's.

"The deal is complete. Farewell."

Ashara declared after a brief glance at the seeds. Clearly, he was in a hurry to study and refine them! But as Ashara's figure vanished from sight, Konrad's lips curled into a smile.

"What a pity. If I knew he would cave in so quickly, I would have been greedier."

He muttered while restoring his true appearance.

"A pity, indeed. Because from now on, we can never deal with him again."

Gulistan chimed in with an approving nod. To deceive an Infernal King; throughout the Three Realms, who dared commit such a deed? Konrad really knew no boundaries. Now, the more she looked at him, the more pleasing to the eyes he seemed!

Konrad stretched out his right hand, causing the Blood Refining Tablet to fly toward him. Meanwhile, the one-hundred Minor God and twenty-four True God corpses floated in orderly fashion within the Merit Hall.

"A seven stars God Artifact."

Selene appraised within Konrad's mind. God-Artifacts and Physiques were all ranked in star level. From one star to nine stars. However, throughout the Three Realms, there only were a scant few artifacts at the eight stars level. And all lay in the hands of the Primogens. As for nine stars God Artifacts, the God Executing Immortal Sword was the only recorded one.

Konrad's Tower was itself a four stars God-Artifact. As for the Incomplete Painting, it was impossible to figure out. However, for obvious reasons, Selene hypothesized its rank should be sky-high.

If this Blood Tablet played the tiniest offensive or defensive role, Konrad would never request one of such a rank. Fortunately, it didn't. Its only purpose lay in the synthesis of bloodlines.

"Gather all the golden-blooded members of house Serkar within this hall."

Konrad ordered, and immediately, Berken spread a mental message to the entirety of the Core Zone, ordering all the golden-blooded scions to gather within the Merit Hall.


Meanwhile, within the Infernal Realm's eastern domain, the Eastern King of Hell, Ashara, sat on top of his Blood Throne with his crimson eyes locked on the two seeds within his palm.

"Past today, even without Blood Burning, I can suppress Dolgron. In the future, there is hope to vanquish the Overlord and dominate all within the Three Realms!"

Ashara inwardly jubilated. Soon, very soon his grand aspiration, the hope of billions of years, would turn into reality! This…was his day of glory! Without hesitation, he approached the two seeds to his lips. But as they neared…


…they vanished in a popping sound!

Ashara's eyes widened in disbelief, and as he stared at the middle of his right palm with unprecedented intensity, they almost popped out of their socket!

"How…how could this be?"

A trembling Ashara wondered in an inconsolable mixture of rage and stupor.

"Hahaha! What a joke!"

Ashara burst into a peal of chilling laughter.

Duped, he'd been duped! The Eastern King of Hell, a mighty Legendary God and Law Embodiment, duped by trivial mortals! If that news ever spread, he would become the laughingstock of the Three Realms!

"I see. The seeds had an owner. There is a Death and Nether Wielding cultivator within the Ancient Crystal World. But how could it be? Even if the appearance of a Death Zone did produce such seeds, it's not what a mortal can refine.

Who is the target? What is their cultivation level? What is their origin? Be that as it may, one able to exist within a mortal world for long cannot possess high cultivation."

Ashara reasoned while standing from his throne. With a wave of his hand, blood fog erupted and coalesced in a mirror-like shape. Within that mirror, the figure of a handsome, crimson-eyed youth with sixty-percent resemblance to Ashara appeared.

"Greetings, royal grandfather. What may I do for you?"

The youth asked with a polite bow.

"Anharya, how are your cultivation progresses?"

Ashara inquired.

"I have long-since reached the limits of the Divine Road and can breakthrough at any time. But I've been suppressing my cultivation to strengthen my Dao Law and have one last battle with the First Infernal Star at the Sage-level."

The youth replied, pulling an approving nod from Ashara.

"Good. You've cultivated for one-hundred years and have not only achieved Wielding in two laws, but also combined them in a Dao Law. You truly have not let down my expectations. I have a task for you. Levy the first and second legion of lord Niklas and descend on the Ancient Crystal World. I will open the gate for you."

Dispatching men to the Mortal Realm, even non-deities, was no mean feat. Among the mighty of Hell, not many could achieve it. The Primogens were of course the exception.    

But hearing this, Anharya was perplexed. Why would his grandfather take the pains to dispatch armies to the Mortal Realm? Although Lord Niklas was just a True God, and the first legion of a demon lord always was the weakest, that still was a True God's legion.

Across the five thousand individuals that comprised it, not one would be below Divine Ascension. As for the second one, that would be five thousand peak Divine Ascension experts.

"I will naturally obey royal grandfather's orders. But may I know why?"

Anharya asked.

"Within that world hides an individual able to Dual Wield Nether and Death. I want him alive or dead. His strength is unknown, but I wager it at least reaches True God level. You alone may not be able to contend with him. Therefore, you need legions to assist you. As soon as you step into that world, break through Demigod level.

When you return to the Infernal Realm, you can embrace true godhood. I have also dispatched a mental message to your father to have him provide you with five hundred demon nobles on the verge of breaking through godhood. Just like you, they will break through in the Ancient Crystal World. Of course, artifacts and pills will be supplied to strengthen your army."

Ashara explained in a calm, inexpressive tone.

"Also, that world's Infernal Cult now possesses my Blood Refining Tablet. Capture the expert, recover the tablet, and extinguish all lives within the Ancient Crystal World! Grandfather will reward you."

Anharya needn't hear more, and immediately bowed in agreement.

"As you command, royal grandfather!"

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