Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 385

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 385 Two Extremes

"The ignominy of humanity truly knows no end. How dare you mortal ants disrespect my esteemed, royal grandfather? Since you're unable to grasp the boundaries not to cross, then I Lord Anharya, the second Infernal Star, must use your blood to remind the world of the price one incurs in offending an Infernal King!"

Anharya roared while his cultivation base erupted, and directly reached the limits of the first Demigod level! With his background, talent and accumulations, for Anharya to become a Minor God in one-hundred years was no surprise. In fact, he could have done it in less. But for the sake of strengthening his Dao Foundation, perfect his laws and abilities, he suppressed himself.

Now, those accumulations erupted alongside the boons he received from his grandfather, to let him reach the limits of the Minor God level. Behind him, the five-hundred vampire nobles, or pisaca as they were referred to in hell, stabilized their breakthrough, and let their God-Force flare!

God-Force bloated the sky, spreading as far as the eyes could see and filling the Ancient Crystal World with a never before seen concentration of godly might. At that time, Else and Verena trembled to endure the toll the new entrants wrought. And were it not for Konrad's soul supporting them, they would have undoubtedly collapsed in a feast of blood and gore.

Meanwhile, the Infernal Cultists were startled to see overflowing demonic energies of godly proportions lock on them, and the barrier bestowed by Ashara himself erased in an instant. Clearly, the Blood Lord had dispatched demonic legions to torch the cult in its entirety!


How did they manage to so gruesomely offend an Infernal King? Who was that bold?

A misunderstanding, it had to be a misunderstanding!

Yet, it was merely the beginning, because as Anharya's roar thundered within the Ancient Crystal World, before he could barrel into the astonished Infernal Cult, the vampire and blood fiend army he led stopped dead in their tracks!

From within the starry-sky, sacred, celestial power unfurled, bringing alongside it the descent of heavenly hosts, radiant armies swirling in soothing, awing and mesmerizing energies that graced the world with a moment of peace and stillness.

All eyes rose to meet that new force whose might didn't lose out to the blood armies in the slightest!

Aakash and Nehal's lips curved into broad grins, and even the impassible Dasra flashed a faint smile.

Three distinct armies composed the Celestial Host. The first wore awe-inspiring golden armor, the second, faint magenta divine steel, while the third remained in simple garbs!

But it was on those monk-looking, bald experts that all eyes locked, for all recognized them as belonging…to the Warden's house!

And seeing the one at the helm, that short, slender, and pretty monk, Anharya's eyes widened in disbelief!

"The number one beneath the godhood of the Warden's House. The Warden's strongest spiritual descendant, Mishri. What travesty is this?"

Anharya wondered in a stupor. Although the people of the Warden's House didn't fight for fame and glory, none could afford to underestimate them. The reason was simple. At the same bloodline level, the Brahma of the Warden, and the Archdemons of the Overlord were always a step above their deva and demon peers. Although the gap was marginal, a gap it still was.

Moreover, brahmas had a peculiar ability. They were all born with two extreme personalities. The first represented their pursuit of peace, enlightenment, and perpetual service to Heaven's Will while the second represented their nature as Heaven's Sword!

Naturally, the second one always was the most destructive and once unleashed, those bearing the slightest taint of demonism became the targets of their frenzied assault! Brahmas wholly disliked that part of themselves and saw it as a necessary evil. Therefore, they only resorted to it in extreme circumstances such as large scale wars.

Worse, the Warden was a master refiner and bestowed unique artifacts to his most outstanding spiritual children and descendants once they stepped into godhood.

As Anharya's thoughts reached that stage, his eyes that followed Mishri's shifted toward a distant location, and he was shocked to see a muscular Brahma monk battling Zenith Ants! Of course, it wasn't the Ants that astounded him, but that tall, muscular monk whose identity he knew very well!

"Isn't that Dasra, Mishri's elder brother? What the hell is he doing here?"

Anharya wondered in a stupor. Another spiritual descendant of the Warden stood before him, and one of the most promising ones at that! How could he not be alarmed?

In reproduction, brahmas were faintly similar to nature spirit. Regardless of the method used a brahma could only have two children. However, they could reproduce in two ways. The usual sexual intercourse, or spiritual reproduction.

In the first case, they could only choose non-brahmas, and their bloodline would not pass down, thereby producing a pureblood of their partner's lineage. In the second case, they nurtured one of their two natal seeds with a portion of their soul, and let it grow into a new brahma.

It went without saying that the first method was shunned. In fact, throughout those billions of years, the Celestial Founder was one of the scant few results of such a union. Of course, that was due to the Great Primal Ancestor being the lady killer of an era. Even brahma females fell to his tricks.

"Elder brother, why restrain yourself?"

Mishri asked Dasra, wholly ignoring the demonic armies. And hearing this, Dasra's eyes contorted into a frown.

"Your talent isn't inferior to mine, but because of your overly restrained disposition, you fail to unleash your full potential. As a brahma, it is indeed your duty to enlighten all livings things and bring peace in places of strife.

But when evil rears its head and the demonic taint swells, without hesitation and regardless of the cost, you should smite it! That is the righteous path!"

Mishri proclaimed, and as his words echoed, his cultivation shot up, going from the limits of the Divine Road to the peak of the first Demigod level!  

He stretched out his hand, causing an ordinary-looking longsword to appear.

"To welcome you into godhood, our Revered Ancestor bestows upon you a Demon Searing Blade and orders you to wipe out all the stains within this world!"

Mishri bellowed and flung the sword at Dasra! It cleft open space and landed right before him! None could stop it!

With his eyes closed, Dasra stretched out his right hand and grabbed the pommel of his sword. As he lowered it, his eyes opened, and instead of the still look of an immovable mountain, overbearing battle-intent flared within!

And alongside this change, his cultivation shot up.

"I accept Revered Ancestor's decree!"

Dasra bellowed and swung his Demon Searing Blade! Ghastly silver flames erupted to wrap two of the queens he battled, and instantaneously, their demonic bloodlines spiraled out of control, and their strength plummeted!

Another slash followed, and their heads soared into the sky!

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