Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 395 3

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 395 Legacy Of The Six Realms Part 3

On that day, all were startled to see the neglected first prince's cultivation already a step away from godhood. But worse, the power of those laws put the world in fright.

On that day, immortals dared not oppose him, therefore Gods had to stop the rebellion. But they couldn't!

To say nothing of Fledgling Gods, Great Gods and Ancient Gods all were pummeled into the ground, thrashed in a startling clash by Regretless' supreme control of all laws. In the history of all realms, such a scene had never occurred. And as the last Ancient God dropped onto the ground, none dared make another move.

But how could Dragon Warden not see that this was all part of their father's plot. For some reason, he was pushing his first son toward an inextricable abysm! Regretless had to back down!

"Elder brother, stop this lunacy! With the profundity of our bounds, how can you not see that we're forced by the circumstances? This is just a marriage in name! If you back off now, all is still salvageable. But if you persist, no one can save you!"

Dragon Warden roared back. But his words fell on deaf ears.

"I do not care! My woman, no one can touch. Fake or real, I won't allow it! Dragon Warden, I am your senior, your elder brother, the first prince! But why is it that throughout our existence I always must cave in to you? No more!

You can have it all, I do not care, but Peerless' hand can only be mine! If you won't step aside, then roll!"

Regretless snarled and with a wave of his hand, Peerless aside, all were sent crashing in disarray. Dragon Warden thus learned the bitter lesson, that the hand of a woman was all it took to shatter centuries of brotherhood.

But if the previous clash ensured lasting enmity, then the following event doomed all that possibly remained.

Regretless stepped toward Peerless whose eyes finally rose to meet his.

"Peerless, no one can separate us, even if it's imperial father, I won't allow it. As long as you come with me, I promise you, none will interfere with our happiness."

Regretless pledged while extending his hands toward Peerless.

But before he could grasp her shoulders, Peerless' sword rammed into his chest, and his blood gushed forth. Even as he trembled from the blow, Regretless couldn't believe it, but the massive blood drenching his front, back, and the ground below, forced him to accept reality for what it was.


He struggled to say through his clattering teeth while warm tears filled his eyes.

"Regretless, I'm sorry, but I cannot doom my entire clan to destruction for the sake of your selfish pride."

Peerless replied with words that squashed Regretless' bleeding heart.

"H-have…have you ever loved me?"

He struggled to ask once more, and as his tear-drenched face and bloodied lips parted, Peerless trembled too, and thrashed against the sorrow and tears welling up within her. However, it is with cold eyes that she replied:


Regretless collapsed and was sentenced to endure three hundred thunderbolts every day for one thousand years. But he wouldn't have to, because to add insult to injury, Dragon Dark, their youngest brother, took Cloud, Night and Moon captive, and with Celestial Slaughter's blessing, blamed them for Regretless' rebellion!

At the time, they were teenagers.

"Mortals enjoying the resources and luxury of the Empyrean World's Imperial Palace is already a grave enough offense. But not content of indulging in what they shouldn't, they derailed an imperial prince from the righteous path and forced him to betray his blood out of petty greed!

Such worms deserve to be damned! With imperial father's decree, I sentence them to destruction in body and soul through the Immortal Immolating Formation! Any objection?"

Dragon Dark asked the gathered immortals and gods. Of course, none objected, and with Dragon Warden grievously wounded, he could do as he saw fit.

Little did he know that this was all part of Celestial Slaughter's carefully planned ploy to open the door to the Three Hidden Realms. Before Regretless was born, his mother, the sole Tribulation Spirit of the Life Realms sealed his bloodline, because the blood awakening of a Tribulation Spirit would open a direct path to the Hidden Realms.

That, was the sole reason of his birth.

Celestial Slaughter couldn't break the seal. Therefore, he could only push Regretless into damnation and force him to destroy it on his own.

Which he did.

When Celestial Slaughter's secret agents freed Regretless, and he arrived in time to see his sworn siblings burning in the Immortal Immolating Formation, all shackles broke, and his tribulation spirit blood erupted in its full might!

"So long as I breathe, the Empyrean cannot exist! If I don't perish, I pledge to wipe out all traces of this realm from the face of the multiverse!"

This was Regretless' last pledge before he unleashed the dreadful power of a Tribulation Spirit upon the Empyrean. An unprecedented heavenly tribulation dropped on all immortals and deities, harvesting lives like it were nothing!

Dragon Dark didn't escape. At that time, fortunately, or unfortunately, their imperial uncle forcefully broke through, reaching the Primordial God Realm in one step that ensured his destruction.

With his primordial seeds, he saved Regretless, Cloud, Moon and Night, allowing them all to escape the fatality of soul destruction before his brother, Celestial Slaughter, put him to death.

With the road open, and all hindrances out of the way, Celestial Slaughter used his Primordial Force to keep the path open, then led the Empyrean Dragon Race in a peerless war against the Hidden Realms.

That war lasted for thousands of years.

The Tribulation Spirits yielded.

The Dao Spirits bowed.

Although their bloodlines and strength knew no rival besides the Empyrean Dragon Race, when faced with Celestial Slaughter, the master of the Supreme Conqueror Sutra, they couldn't resist!

Only the Nether Realm refused to bend, and endured the destruction wrought by the Empyrean across millennia.

Conscious that the longer the war dragged, the more innocents would face destruction, Dragon Warden sought and tamed the God Executing Immortal Sword, using it to usher the collapse of the Nether Realm.

But one day, an Immortal Blood Spirit youth rose, became the son-in-law of the Undying Blood Monarch, obtained a peerless cultivation method named Three Corpses Refining Incantation, which he used to separate himself in three perfect existences.

The Evil Self, the Neutral Self, and the Good Self. The Evil Self wielded the Immortal Blood Spirit lineage. The Neutral Self obtained a Dao Spirit lineage, and the Good Self snatched back the Tribulation Spirit blood from his original corpse.

For indeed, that youth was Regretless.

The three corpses united in one, and thus, the first nephilim was born, bearing powers defying all lineages in history.

Eager to end the War of the Six Realms by putting down the resisting Nether Realm, Dragon Warden led his armies into their land and challenged all the Nether Monarchs in battle.

Even the indestructible Undying Blood Monarch perished under Dragon Warden's God Executing Immortal Sword, and Regretless inherited his throne. First, he recovered his sworn-siblings; second, he ascended to godhood, directly reaching the Primordial God Realm.

He then led his armies to end the reign of the Empyrean through a bloody carnage that saw the deaths of trillions.

At first, Dragon Warden believed that with his weapon he could stop Regretless.

But all proved fruitless. Even with that sword, he wasn't his match!

Celestial Slaughter was butchered, and on his corpse, Regretless achieved Supremacy!

All worlds of the Empyrean Realm were destroyed one after the other until only the Empyrean World of the great immortal clans remained.

Regretless forced Peerless' brother to betray and kill her before extinguishing the Phoenix Race!

"Regretless, no, Tribulation Demon. Our grudges are deep and irreconcilable. We, the Empyrean Dragons will fight you to the last, but the mortals are innocent. Give them a road to survival."

Dragon Warden requested while the armies of immortals and gods stood at his back. For indeed, in his rampage, Regretless no longer cared for his past views. Mortals, Immortals, and Gods, as long as they belonged to the Empyrean, he would slaughter them all.

"Hahahaha! Preposterous ant, why does This Sovereign need to consider the lives of those insignificant creatures. They are stained by the breath of the Empyrean Realm! This Sovereign only wants one thing, to erase all trace of your kind from the face of The Six Realms!

And for This Sovereign's Will is Supreme, such will be reality!"

Regretless proclaimed before erasing all lives within the Empyrean. He then went on to conquer the Omniverse, break through the Firmament, and trample all the Supremes!

But little did he know, that just like him in the past, Dragon Warden's soul was protected by a Primordial Seed.

That seed maintained a sliver of his existence and allowed him to reincarnate after several millions of years. And with each death, the seed would snatch him back to nurture him for the next incarnation. Thus, Konrad was born, and if at the edge of his impending demise, the Happiness God didn't transmigrate his soul to the Ancient Crystal World, the same process would have repeated.

But Konrad understood what others in his position failed to grasp. He wasn't Dragon Warden. He was Konrad, the Profane Prince, a being of absolute callousness that only wanted one thing:


Therefore, he extricated himself from that Dragon Warden Persona and extracted the Primordial Seed. His eyes opened, and the tribulation clouds dispersed to reveal Regretless.

Their eyes met, and as Konrad's appearance went from Dragon Warden back to Konrad's, Regretless remained fixated on that look. Those golden eyes and hairs, that face, and he flew into a rage!

"You…it's you…how could it be?!


Regretless, snarled. But undisturbed, Konrad stood up, and as his features returned to the irresistible usual, he faced Regretless with indifference.

"So dull and uninteresting, I prefer Profane Prince."

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