Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 399

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 399 Empyrean Inheritance

Meanwhile, the slacked-jawed Selene stood completely dumbfounded beside a self-satisfied Konrad.

"Rancid punk. In the future, I will bring both Peerless and your mother back to life only to plow them beneath your powerless gaze."

Konrad pledged, more for himself than anyone else before shifting his attention toward Selene. Her jaw threatened to drop onto the ground. And who could blame her? Although thanks to the system, she possessed a great understanding of all things within the Three Realms, that was as far as her vision went.

The things that occurred today had gone beyond all she could measure.

"Trying to catch a gnat? Sorry, there aren't any here."

Konrad chortled before the amusing picture Selene now painted. And awoken by the words, she closed her mouth with a blush of shame before regaining her composure.

"What's…your cultivation level?"

She first asked, for indeed, that was one of the primary questions. Though Konrad used the power of the endless sea and his bridge to slam those ludicrous punks back whence they came, that merely was an opportunistic move. His current strength couldn't graze their shoes.

However, his cultivation path had undergone earthshaking changes that made bystanders unable to appraise him.

"My bridge is missing one final step. The step I will complete when I reach the summit of my cultivation. Right now, it only has six realms. I say realms and not ranks because each is a vast pool.

And although there are fewer stages than the Three Realms cultivation path, even my fifth realm is way beyond the Overlord and the Warden's current stage. Of course, the steps are there, but I still must thread the path."

Konrad began.

"The six realms are Heart Devil, Boundless Sea Devil, Grand Devil, Prime Devil, Anti-God and Devil Monarch. I'm currently at the early-stage of the Boundless Sea Devil Realm. With cultivation equal to a peak-stage Nihility God."

Konrad explained and hearing this, Selene's eyes widened in disbelief!

"Ni-hility God? Already? Are you kidding me? How could this be?"

She stammered, unable to accept this reality. From lowest to highest, the Three Realms' God Ranks were:

Minor God, True God, Void God, Nihility God, High God, Cosmic God, Ancestral God, Legendary God, and Overgod! If based on cultivation alone Konrad was already comparable to a peak-stage Nihility God, then didn't that mean that once he laid out all his cards, even High Gods should fear for their lives?

How could his rise be this rapid? What travesty was this?

"There is really no justice in this world. How old are you? How long have you cultivated for? What are we even doing here? I quit. This is not fair!"

Selene sobbed with a heart full of grievances, and unwittingly speaking words that only made Konrad feel more complacent!

"What can I say. With preternatural talent and abilities, this is the least I can do. You don't need to feel so much sorrow. After all, not everyone is qualified to be the Profane Prince."

Konrad replied with a complacent laugh while rubbing his philtrum.

"Of course, the reality is that the Three Realms' cultivation bridge is inadequate. Although it gives simple access to eternal life, when compared to the primordial era's cultivation bridge, it is two steps behind. People like the Overlord were in the hundreds.

Night and Cloud are far beyond the Overgod level."

Konrad pursued. With the past memories fresh within his mind, he now knew what he was dealing with. And his current strength simply was insufficient. In the past, at his strongest, even without the God Executing Immortal Sword, Dragon Warden could pinch the likes of the Overlord and the Warden with two fingers.

Yet, he was obliterated by Regretless without any means to resist. An abysmal gap separated them, and though an opportunistic move allowed him to deal critical damage, that was no long-term plan.

Worse, Night and Regretless were affected, but Cloud, Moon and Blood Nether weren't. If any one of those three decided to take action, his life could quickly take a turn for the worse.

Moon, he didn't fear. But with the enmity standing between Blood Nether and him, disaster could knock at any moment. There was no time to feel elation.

Worse, if that weren't enough, from Night and Regretless' lips he now knew that Celestial Slaughter would return, made even mightier by the Conqueror's Will. And he would return…within the Three Realms!

Now that, was a true disaster.

If nothing else, the might of Celestial Slaughter's Auspicious Clouds alone was a horrendous hurdle. In the past, were it not for Regretless obtaining and overlapping the three highest spirit bloods, he would have never been able to triumph over Celestial Slaughter.

Time was in short supply, and the challenges pilling up in a vertiginous mountain whose clouded peak remained beyond reach.

But even before those hurdles, Konrad remained immovable. His road to Supremacy had begun, and none could thwart it. None, not even them!

Konrad stretched out his right hand, causing the Golden Primordial Seed he kept enclosed within to rise before his eyes.

"Unbeknown to me, you have accompanied and protected my existence for millennia. But it is time we part, and I take from you, my last inheritance."

Konrad declared while Celestial Slaughter's Primordial Seed glittered and quivered in a large eruption of golden light.


In one resounding, popping sound, the seed snapped, revealing a Golden Blood Origin that hanged before Konrad's face. Dragon Warden's safekept Blood Origin.

Why Celestial Slaughter would go to such lengths to preserve his son's existence and lineage was something Konrad couldn't understand. Indeed, just like Regretless mentioned, having mastered the Supreme Conqueror Sutra, Celestial Slaughter possessed no emotions. Only the Conqueror's Will animated him.

But at the moment, it mattered not. The only thing that did was that the Empyrean Dragon Race was one of the four mightiest lineages of all times. The only one able to challenge the Primordial Spirits.

Without hesitation, Konrad absorbed and refined it within his chthonian heart, thereby adding a fifth lineage to the mix.


With the Myriad World Immortal Blood's perfect refining ability, the Empyrean Dragon Blood flawlessly merged with the rest to strengthen the whole. Thus, in a massive eruption of golden energy, Konrad's bloodline strength rose to unrivaled heights!

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