Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 405 2

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 405 Hastened Withering Part 2

Although from second to seventh, direct strength boon wasn't the primary criteria for Ancient Secret Rankings, the fact of the matter was that the higher they ranked, the most devastating the potential they held.

For the Absolute War Sense to rank third, right above Seer's Vision, it naturally possessed unique qualities. Absolute War Sense primarily drained its might from War and Truth Laws. Starting with the third layer, cultivators would automatically reach the Advanced level in War and Beginning in Truth.

But at the fourth, they automatically crossed War Wielding to stand at the doorstep of War Embodiment and if non-demons or non-devas they were, Truth Wielding was theirs too!

Moreover, they could start gaining insight in Life Laws. Alas, as a demoness, even after breaking through the fourth layer, Yvonne didn't escape the curse, and remained stranded like her sisters at the gate of Truth Wielding.

Still, for the purpose of this task, that was more than enough. Yanking her fist free from the sabotaged tree, Yvonne spun to face Nessriane who rose from the ground in a slow, chilling manner. The echo of that high-pitched howl of rancor and indignation died down, leaving a quiet but ever more dreadful Nessriane.

"I suppose it was inevitable. From the moment that man appeared, clinging onto this hope was a futile endeavor. Very well. It's fine. Congratulations to you all."

Nessriane stated while shutting her eyes close. But in that tone, the Jade Trio could sense no compliments.

"I should have given up a long time ago. But it's fine, this all wasn't without gains. I may not be able to achieve Embodiment, but it's not that far off. Meanwhile, you three imbeciles have hastened the Withering and brought it to its end."

Nessriane pursued, and as if to back her words, the World Tree's wailing intensified, turning into a blood-curdling scream that alarmed the world!

Yvonne, Else and Verena, all were startled! Not because of the hastened, but because from the energies lacing that scream, they could feel a plethora of destructive power!

"What a beautiful sonata. I suppose that after being bamboozled for so long, drained and battered like a helpless mongrel, even the World Tree has gotten angry. No, perhaps it goes beyond that. Perhaps it is the Realm Will acting from the shadows. Who knows, who cares? What's certain is that this Withering won't just end with the destruction of cultivation.

The Ancient Crystal World will vanish alongside the Tree. Didn't see that coming, huh? How delightful."

Nessriane chortled and her eyes sprang open to reveal a look of flaring insanity!

"But I will not allow you to enjoy peaceful last moments. I want your agonizing selves to stare helpless at the impending destruction of your world!"

Nessriane snarled, and from her slender body, berserk demonic energies erupted alongside massive life essence and the full might of her laws! Now that she no longer needed to maintain the connection with the World Tree, Nessriane could fight without scruples and unleash her full-strength!

Her right leg swept the air, racing upward in a blurred kick!


In that one move, massive shockwaves erupted to send Verena and Else flying backward!

Blood trailed down their lips, and without hesitation, they summoned their golden armors! At Nessriane's back, Yvonne didn't delay, and donned her six-winged jade armor!

"Oh, the Valkyrie Armors. You think that's enough? Cute. Adorable."

Nessriane scoffed, and before the trio could make a move, she appeared at Else and Verena's back, and with two palm strikes, propelled them toward Yvonne! With a wave of her hand, Yvonne summoned both her Lineage and Valkyrie Weapons, before shooting toward Nessriane in a hellfire comet!

In tandem, Else and Verena regained their footing, and their hands flashed in incantation gestures!

"Ankh of Myriad Eternity!"

"Citadel of Dreams!"

They snarled, unleashing Lineage Weapon and Ancestral Glory alongside the power of their laws to support Yvonne's assault by anchoring Nessriane!

But before those attempts, the Ant Goddess' lips only curved to showcase derision.

Emerald flames covered her fist as she raised it to smash into Yvonne's hellfire comet form in a resounding boom!


Unable to resist, Yvonne flew backward and slammed against the World Tree. Meanwhile, when faced with Nessriane's might, the suppression wrought by Else and Verena collapsed in an instant!

"There is an ancestral saying in the Higher Realms. No matter how gifted, a Minor God cannot defeat a True God. A True God cannot challenge a Void God. The hierarchy of godhood is unbreakable.

Although we're currently Demigods, that truth stands for us all. If you think that because my feeble Minor God level avatar couldn't flatten the Infernal Cult, my True God self is not worth dreading, you're more conceited than I thought.


Nessriane began, while bright emerald flames erupted from her form to morph into a pair of dazzling flame wings.

"…with my Primal Law level, you're not just courting death, but blazingly seizing its thighs!

Incomplete Dao Armament: Everburning Life Wings!"

Nessriane snarled and as those wings expanded, the intensity of her pressure skyrocketed to become a crushing mountain that suppressed all across thousands of miles! Her feet left the ground, and she rose into the sky!

As she did, dozens of emerald light orbs appeared around her with crackling green lightning, ready to fire at the suppressed trio.

"Never…have I suffered such a loss!

Never…have I endured this much indignity!!

If I don't break you into pieces and feast on your hearts, I cannot vent this hatred!!!

So go and die for me!!!!"

Nessriane roared and unleashed dozens of massive emerald beams that fired right into the suppressed ladies.

"Valkyrie Surge!"

They exclaimed in tandem, causing their strength to rise by the combined forces of the others. Alas, it still wasn't enough! The insurmountable gap remained!


The beams hit home, and the three were blasted in various directions to crash with garish burns and large eruptions of blood!

"Pesky endurance, surrender your lives!"

Nessriane barked, and the orbs turning into flaming spears that impaled the three where they lay!

This time, no amount of resistance could alter that fate, and they perished on the spot!

And seeing life leave their bodies, elation filled Nessriane's demonic heart. But when those same bodies burned to ashes that elation turned into a burst of laughter!



Vengeance at l-"

She began, but before she could finish her words, from the three piles of ashes, three riveting figures rose, as pristine as before.

Of course, it was the trio. The only difference was that this time, a black sigil with two glittering scythes marked their foreheads while their bodies swirled in chthonian forces.

"No…no…no!!! It can't be! How could this be?!"

Nessriane snarled in grief and indignation. And hearing this, Yvonne could only shrug in helplessness.

"What can I say? Perks of having a good husband."

She replied, causing Nessriane's internal organs to spiral out of control…


…and she spurted blood!



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