Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 409 2

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 409 Profane Stomp Judgment Part 2

As Higher Realms denizens, those tens of thousands of demons and devas had seen plenty of uncanny scenes. However, the sight of a foot stretching across tens of thousands of miles? This was indeed a first; something their limited vision and cultivation couldn't approach.

At the forefront of the armies, Anharya, Dasra, Mishri, Aakash, Nehal, and other prominent deva and demon scions stood in awe. Lifted by the foreign force, The Valkyrie vanished from their vicinity, leaving them alone to withstand the foot's impact.

"Out of the Ancient Crystal World!"

All leaders roared in unison but were startled to realize that the force rippling from that foot locked them all where they stood, and prevented the tiniest move! Aakash's eyes were full of tears.

"Over, it's over. Mother, your son was greedy and unfilial. I should have never accepted this duty!"

He sobbed, for from that foot, the might and pressure he felt already rivaled that of his father! And who was his father? A High God! Although among Surya's children he didn't rank at the top, a High God he still was!

And to say nothing of him, the entirety of the troops were lost in chaotic dread! Escape, they couldn't. Block, they couldn't. Struggle, they couldn't! They could only stare slacked-jawed, with eyes wide open, and curse all their ancestors for falling into this spot!

Nehal sighed and lowered her face. Dasra shook his head. Mishri trembled, and cold sweat filled Anharya's forehead!

The slow vindictive foot landed, smashing all demons and devas without exception!


A resounding bang that echoed in all corners of the Ancient Crystal Word, thundered within the sky! And with that one move, the tens of thousands of demons and devas armies flew toward the ground like meteors and cratered in Barbarian Soil!


Dust and debris soared, billowing toward the clouded heavens! And as it dispersed, the unblemished corpses of the legions of demons and devas remained, without the tiniest bit of external damage! However, besides Aakash, Dasra, Mishri, Nehal, and Anharya, all had perished in body and soul!

The foot vanished, returning peace to the vast sky as if all was but an illusion. But the sight of those legions of perfect corpses remained as a garish reminder of the event!

Anharya's eyes went bloodshot, and he bit his lips to blood! An army of ten thousand demons and fiends, five-hundred demon nobles, all squashed under his leadership in a single move! All, within a mortal world! In the future, how could he face his peers? How could he face his royal grandfather and answer for such appalling failure?

Disgraced! Completely and utterly disgraced!

"Who was it? What High God dared interfere with the affairs of the Blood Lord? Who summoned you?!"

Anharya snarled, thinking that this was nothing more than a temporary summon through the use of the merit steles. Even with the words that still echoed within his ears, he couldn't believe that the so-called Profane Prince, a Mortal Realm cultivator, possessed the strength to deliver this blow!

Surely, it had to be a Higher Realm force. However, the deva leaders were more lucid. First, let's not even mention how neither religious forces possessed enough merit to request such an intervention that defied all Realm Rules. Even if they did, no higher force would have accepted the deal.

Moreover, they were alive! Clearly, the perpetrator wished to toy with them before delivering the final blow, and therefore controlled his strength. Seeing this point, Dasra, Aakash, and Nehal could only think of one person, and the thought dumbfounded them.

"It can't possibly be. How long has it been? Even if his talent goes against heaven's will, in a mortal world, how can he possibly reach such strength?"

They wondered in a stupor. And as if to answer them all, a figure high of 1.9 meters appeared within the barbarian sky. If the golden imperial robes and crown didn't tell enough about that figure's identity, then those looks that stood without equal in the past, present and future, undoubtedly did.

The Valkyrie lay within that figure's embrace with her head nuzzling against his shoulder. In a flash, she'd gone from a feral amazon to an adorable, care-seeking consort.

The figure's lips curved into a grin, and his icy-blue eyes nailed the five survivors from above.

"Hehe, while I lay in hibernation, you actually dared battle my consorts. But worse, not content on engaging them, you had the gals to wound them? Don't you know that when fighting my women, it is your duty to endure injuries and abuse? How bold, how conceited!"

Konrad, the Profane Prince, proclaimed while his consort sobbed on his shoulder like a wronged puppy.

*Sniff* *Sniff* *Sniff*

And seeing this, the surviving five almost spurted blood. Across those decades of warfare, who'd injured who? If it weren't for them abandoning dignity to combine the strength of their formations and artifacts, how could they possibly injure her?! Those people's shamelessness truly knew no bounds!

But knowing that no room for escape remained, the five rose to the sky and like a single squad, faced the enemy! Still, only Anharya with his deficient intel failed to assess the threat Konrad represented.

As far as he was concerned, the previous move was a one-time trick without follow-up! But feeling the chthonian energies rippling from Konrad's form, he quickly identified him as his royal grandfather's target!

"Bold and conceited mortal peon! How dare you speak with such hubris before my esteemed self? Today, regardless of your origin, I must teach you a lesson!"

Anharya snarled with veins pulsing on his grimacing face.

"Oh? What courage! Admirable, admirable. Alright, I will give you a chance. If you can endure a slap, I will spare your lives."

Konrad answered with a mild chuckle.

And as he heard those demeaning words coming from the representative of those he despised, Anharya only felt more incensed. Without delay, he released the full might of his Blood Burning!

Blood-red light snaked around his form while three, two-star God-Artifacts appeared at his side, hovering while he held his lineage weapon within his right hand.

Thus armed, he flew at Konrad! Mishri and Dasra followed beside him, all unleashing the full might of their laws, bloodlines, physiques, artifacts, and cultivation in their mightiest strikes!

While holding the Valkyrie in his left hand, Konrad waved his right palm in a casual slap!


Before that slap, all strikes collapsed, and Anharya found his head detached from his neck in a garish eruption of blood!

As it tumbled toward the ground, that head swirled in the air and didn't fail to drench his partners of misfortune red! And even as he perished with that red palm print on his cheek, Anharya couldn't believe that a single slap ended his glorious life and snapped his future!

But he wouldn't be lonely in the afterlife for long!


Another slap followed, and Mishri found himself backhanded across the cheek! In the same pattern, the strike wrenched his head from his neck, and his blood erupted! Thus ended the Warden's most promising spiritual descendant!


Dasra had no time to mourn his brother for the merciful Konrad sent him to join his sibling with the third slap! In his case, instead of leaving the neck, his head spun on 360 degrees, painting the wretched picture of a distorted corpse as the spark of his life ended!

The three corpses followed the heads and tumbled onto the ground, leaving only Aakash and Nehal to remain standing!

In that instant, the barbarians awoke from their stupor, dropped on their knees and proclaimed in tandem:

"The Profane Prince is invincible! All hail the Profane Prince!"

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