Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 415

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 415 Two Choices

At the Omniverse's scale, Bloodlines were only divided in three categories. The same categories as Cultivation Bridges: Flawed, Perfect and Firmament.

Bloodlines stemming from Realm Wills were by default Flawed. Of course, a towering hierarchy existed, with those at the top incomparably mightier than those at the bottom. The Three Realms' Race Primogens could be considered the summit of Flawed Bloodlines.

Unlike Flawed Bloodlines, Perfect Bloodlines didn't stem from Realm Wills and usually appeared alongside them to become rulers of the concerned Realms. This was the case of the Empyrean Dragons, the Dao, Tribulation, and Immortal Blood Spirits of the Six Realms. But through natural mutation, Life or Death law manipulations, Perfect Bloodlines could also appear.

Nephilims were one such case. The Chthonian Immortals another. Perfect Bloodlines stood beyond the control of the Realm Wills. Therefore, they either were the closest allies or the worst enemies. Clearly, the Three Realms' Wills didn't take kindly to their appearance. Hence, Heaven and Hell's Will hunted Nephilims.

But while the Mortal Realm's Will didn't pay them close attention, that didn't mean it stood without bias. As long as the bloodline didn't alter its laws, all was acceptable. But in this case, its laws weren't just altered, but flattened no end! Under the leadership of the abominable creature named Konrad, the Ancient Crystal World fell into damnation, twisted to the point one even dared snatch the World Tree's position in the natural order!

What was this? Insurrection! And with Konrad's words and deeds still ringing in its roused consciousness, the Mortal Realm Will chose the path it rejected in the past:

The creation of an emissary!

While Yvonne's transformation ended and the Underworld flooded the Ancient Crystal World, at the epicenter of the Mortal Realm, golden light gathered to morph into a humanoid shape. Unaware of that process, Konrad sat crossed legged within the Ancient Crystal World's sky and used his repeated transformation of death into life to understand the root of the latter.

Emerald light burst from his form, and a palm-sized Unalome Lotus appeared before him, then expanded into a ten meters tall flower. A Dao Armament, symbol of Life Embodiment. The Unalome Lotus shrank back to its original size and vanished within Konrad's forehead to become a new tattoo.

Light beams flew from Konrad's forehead to merge with Else, Verena and The Valkyrie, changing the roots of their bloodlines, and cutting their connections to the Realm Wills. Instantaneously, the barriers preventing the Jade Consorts from achieving Wielding in Truth and Fate shattered, and they broke through!

Without delay, they sat crossed-legged and closed their eyes to digest the gains. The Tree and coiling serpent turned into emerald light and morphed into the shape of a bare beauty with calf-length, jet-black hairs and shimmering, emerald hues.

Yvonne's new body.

And with a wave of her hand, her imperial gown returned, standing as a perfect match for Konrad's. With a step, she crossed space to land before him, and his eyes opened to lock on her smiling face.

"Love, for your sake, I just ruined the Three Realms' reincarnation cycle. This is no laughing matter. Serious consequences await. How are you going to repay me?"  

Konrad inquired with a mischievous smirk. And hearing this, Yvonne pressed her right index against her chin while her eyes narrowed in a false pondering look. They then brightened in enlightenment!

"I know!"

She exclaimed with a clap as Konrad rose to enlace her waist.

"How about 666 nights of unending debauchery? No time manipulations allowed."

Yvonne offered in a tone mixing seriousness and playfulness and stressed every word her gesturing right index that moved to and fro.

"666 nights of debauchery? What a divine picture! I don't think we ever went that far before. I like."

Konrad replied with a glee-laced tone while Yvonne's chest pressed his.

"But aren't you worried of turning me into a self-indulgent ruler?"

Konrad pursued and leaned in. Without warning, Yvonne bit and nibbled his lower lip and in between two nips replied:

"You already are. I'm sure Krann will be delighted to handle all the matters you should and allow you to enjoy your well-deserved, hedonistic vacation."

Yvonne countered, pulling an approving nod from Konrad.


Konrad complied, but before he could speak further, at the gate of the Ancient Crystal World, thousands of light orbs gathered and coalesced into the figure of a ten years old bald boy dressed in a simple white robe and brown sandals.

The boys' closed eyes opened, revealing a world of glittering stars and dazzling light. Though he had yet to act, a simple release of the boy's breath made the Ancient Crystal World waver. And as his cultivation erupted, all things within the Mortal Realm shivered.

And as he sensed the force, Konrad's smile went from mild to devilish.

"Beloved, a small matter requires my intervention. In the meantime, as the wife, please handle the domestic affairs."  

Konrad uttered before vanishing in icy-blue haze.


Yvonne whispered and waved her hand, causing emerald rain to pour from the barbarian half of the Ancient Crystal World's sky. As it dropped, piles of buried or exposed corpses collapsed in emerald light particles. As if guided by a single will, the light particles gathered within the Hidden Forest, at the spot the World Tree used to stand in, then merged in a light maelstrom.

Unlike Konrad, Yvonne couldn't return the dead to the lives they used to have. However, she could give them brand-new existences independent of the past. The billions of fallen creatures that didn't hold faith in the Profane Prince would all emerge from this maelstrom as fresh mortals united in the belief of his Profane Highness.

Among the recent dead, Yvonne only made one exception:


Even if Konrad didn't say it, she already knew what he had in store for her. That one, she needn't touch.

Meanwhile, Konrad appeared beyond the Ancient Crystal World, standing in outer space before the ordinary-looking boy whose eyes rose to lock on his.

"Chthonian Primogen, you twisted a Mortal World and perverted its laws to seize absolute ownership of it. That was already afront enough. But if it stopped there, perhaps the Realm Will would have endured the slight.

However, not content of the perversion, you destroyed the gate between the Underworld and the Mortal Realm, and used your Death Transcendence to flood the Ancient Crystal World with the Chthonian. Now, zillions of souls will start flooding the Ancient Crystal World and undoubtedly turn it into a Chthonian World. Not long afterward, the Underworld's pressure will assail the sparks of the living.

And if things go unchecked, this galaxy will follow, and then this universe, the entirety of the Mortal Realm will be submerged by the Underworld. Because of you, souls can no longer reincarnate. Because of you, life's growth will dwindle at an astonishing rate.

You must know that only 1 out of 100,000 souls stem from Nothingness. The rest emerges from the reincarnation cycle. With it destroyed the birth rate of all existences in the Three Realms will become 100,000 times lower. To say nothing of the errant souls that will undoubtedly turn into Ravenous Ghosts and the impact of chthonian forces on the living!

What you're doing is no different from obliterating the Mortal Realm, no, the Three Realms' future.


The Realm Will won't stand for it. You have two choices. Mend the rift and accept punishment, or I shall suppress the catastrophe to the Ancient Crystal World and keep you trapped within for all eternity."

In a mental message, the Mortal Realm's Law Enforcer declared in a steadfast tone leaving no room for compromise.    

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