Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 420

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 420 Another Day Another Victory R 18

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

While the Firmament's rulers settled on his fate and his armies emptied worlds of sentient lives, Konrad enjoyed the delights of domination. As he sat in a throne-shaped chair, with the kneeling Gulistan gulping his erect rod with rowdy slurping sounds, Konrad's eyes remained glued on the riveting, half-naked woman dressed only in a black leather harness.

That woman, Yvonne, had both her hands tied beneath her back, her lips sealed by a harness ball gag, and her plump rump wiggling as she lied bent like a tail-wagging pet on the bedsheets.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

That sight alone brought Konrad to the edge. And with a broad grin, he pressed Gulistan harder on his shaft, making take it all the way down her close-fitting throat while her skilled hands ran across his thighs, balls, and chest.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

The slurping sounds' pace shot up, with Konrad's veiny shaft pulsing within Gulistan's full lips and feeling its impending release, Gulistan trapped it between her voluptuous breasts to squeeze it on two fronts. With one last attack, she lowered herself to the hilt and welcomed Konrad's erupting spunk. The snow-white fluid gushed down Gulistan's throat, and she welcomed it all in silent delight.

In a slow retreat, Gulistan slid up Konrad's shaft, but even as her lips left the tip, not the tiniest drop of spunk leaked.


But as if intent on proving it, Gulistan opened her mouth wide, letting her tongue stick out while her sultry eyes pulled Konrad away from his wagging empress. With a complimentary glance and smile, Konrad pressed lifted Gulistan's chin, then pressed his index against her red lips.

With her eyes still teasing him, she suckled the tip. For a moment, Konrad allowed it. But without warning, he yanked his index free of Gulistan's suckling and pushed her forehead in an outwardly light tap that sent her flying onto the bed.

Unlike Yvonne, Gulistan lay in a torn dress. But by the time she landed beside the empress, the same leather harness and gag appeared to cover her. Interlace bed restraints surged, binding both Yvonne and her mother-in-law onto the mattress, and keeping the former bent on her knees while the later lay with her legs spread wide.

Unwilling to let such a tantalizing picture go to waste, Konrad stood up, sauntering toward his trapped prizes with a predatory glint shining within his icy eyes. As if pushed by eerie forces, Konrad's back-length hairs fluttered by his side. And by the time he reached the bed, they twisted like snow-white tendrils.


Muffled by their gags, and wholly suppressed by Konrad's exceptional bindings both Yvonne and Gulistan huffed in enticing annoyance. In response, Konrad stretched out his bare hands. Another pair of arms grew from his sides, and two palms fell around Yvonne's supple ass cheeks while the remaining two landed on Gulistan's. Without a word, Konrad copped a feel and spread their cheeks while leather-padded blindfolds appeared to blind them both.

Pulling back his hands, Konrad straightened his back, watching with a smile as the two's lower lips moistened while their bodies tensed in the apprehension of the unknown.

Foregoing the use of spanking paddles, Konrad rubbed his palms against one another, producing a friction sound that didn't escape the two's acute hearing.


One smacking sound echoed as two of Konrad's hands greeted the bound ladies' butt cheeks with resounding slaps.


They huffed in muffled moans. But in those slaps, Konrad released vibration waves that coursed through the trapped duo's voluptuous bodies. And to say nothing of Yvonne who'd never experienced it beforehand, when those vibrations assailed her, even Gulistan spasmed on her back with her eyes rolling back!

Yvonne was no better off. But even as the two quivered and their juices abounded, the spanking continued.

*Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!*

In a succession of perfectly synched spanking sounds, Konrad's four hands rained on the ladies' ass cheeks, marking them with flaming red handprints that sank increasingly deeper into their flesh while vibration waves sent their minds into chaos.


Their muffled moans escaped the confines of the silencing gags to echo within the room while their asses and tits bounced no end. It wouldn't be long before the two fell to the first orgasm, then the second, and the third. And by the time Konrad pulled back his reddened hands, they'd lost count of how much they came.

If not for the interlace restraints holding them in suspension, the two would have collapsed on the bed. Still, Konrad didn't spare them. With two hands, he grabbed Yvonne's waist, aligning her drenched cunt with his scalding shaft while the last two gripped her erect nipples. Though blindfolded, the brush of Konrad's shaft against her drenched lower lips painted a vivid enough picture in Yvonne's mind, but though she wished to rub her rump against his meat-rod, she didn't dare.

After all, this was punishment. And as the pet, obedience was a must!

Thus, she trembled with aching needs while Konrad teased her front and back. Satisfied by the submissive display, Konrad pushed his meat-rod against Yvonne's fold, impaling himself to the hilt with one direct thrust into this gripping snatch he knew and loved so much.



Konrad gasped in glee while another muffled whimper battled Yvonne's gag. Meanwhile, poor Gulistan's spread legs trembled with need. Not forsaking her, Konrad extending his second, left hand toward her snatch, to finger her as he plowed Yvonne. Just like his hand before, as it lodged within the suppress empress' tunnel, the scalding rod released debilitating vibration waves. But worse, golden and blue light erupted to further boggle Yvonne's crumbling mind.

And if that weren't enough, emerald and black light from the Light and Death Revolution Creed burst from all their bodies to bring the barbaric pleasure to unprecedented heights!

Konrad first wandered Yvonne's cunt with slow, taunting moves, before sliding to the entrance and slamming right back to the cervix. Her head rolled back, her back arched, her breasts bounced, and the pounding began!

*Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!*

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

*Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!*

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

While Konrad's unrivaled rod rammed Yvonne's gripping fold, his masterful fingers oppressed Gulistan with relentless orgasms that only lost to Yvonne's by a narrow margin. And after unloading in his empress' cunt, Konrad switched to his new dowager, going back and forth between the two and their holes until both received ten loads in cunt and rear.

Only then, did he show mercy and let go of them.

And seeing the two formidable women lying with demented contentment on the bed, Konrad stroked his chin with a complacent smile.

Another day, another victory!

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