Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 421

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 421 The Celebration Begins

Meanwhile, emerald and black light swirled around both Yvonne and Gulistan, fueling their bodies with vast waves of devil force, while their hearts turned into Devil Hearts. Though the Devil Road wasn't and didn't affect bloodlines, it was a system of its own. The Devil Road built its foundation on the heart, transforming it into a Devil Variation of what it previously was. The completion of this process that Konrad dubbed Devil Conversion was the unavoidable step to reach the Heart Devil Realm.

And among other things, Heart Devils could control the fear, longing, dreams, desires, and demons within a cultivators' heart. On the Three Realms' scale, even an early-stage Void God should thread carefully before an early-stage Heart Devil's abilities. Moreover, Konrad didn't doubt that in terms of same-level battle power, devils were unrivaled within the Omniverse.

And as Yvonne and Gulistan reached the early-stage Heart Devil Realm, on cultivation alone, they already rivaled peak-stage True Gods. Of course, such startling abilities didn't come without a cost. Devils all should possess rock-solid Dao Hearts. Without it, even with Konrad's guidance, they could never go far on the Devil Road.

Leaving the two to digest their gains, Konrad donned a black robe embroidered with a nine-headed icy-blue dragon and vanished in a billowing haze to reappear within his private cultivation chambers of the Empyrean Tower's Concealed Paradise.

There, he waved his hand, causing his previous body to appear before him. And as he lowered his eyes on the pale corpse, even Konrad was forced to admit that there was little to do with it. In terms of strength, it would never again be a boon. Even all those Three Realms Physiques combined, couldn't kindle his interest. Only the Three Forbidden Physiques were the exception.

But Konrad already retrieved the Might Reversal Physique from his armor, absorbed the curse, and integrated it with his body to transform and upgrade it into a Boundless Sea Devil Physique. Once he obtained the remaining two Forbidden Physiques, throughout the Three Realms, no Physique could again catch his eyes. As for the cultivation?


Was that even a question? But recalling how much he struggled to build this impeccable foundation, Konrad truly had a hard time to accept seeing it all turn into nothing. Meridians, Avatar, Star Quantity, all those no longer served any purpose.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes and folded his arms beneath his chest.

"The gains more than make up for the losses. A man of high aspirations cannot dwell on trifles."

Konrad stated, and stretched out his hand, causing the corpse to burst into light particles and morph into two distinct spheres. One possessed his cultivation foundation, the other, his physiques. Although he currently had no use for them, that didn't mean they couldn't be of use in the future.

With another wave of his sleeves, Konrad channeled his Nascent Infiniteness Insight to start the production of new, superior Valkyrie Armors through his System. The production of the five-thousand units carried on for three full days. Of course, three days in the Tower only equaled two hours outside. When the last armor landed before him, a sweat-drenched Konrad collapsed on the floor.

Systems were similar to computers in that they received a request, processed it, and returned an output. Nephilim souls were convenient processors to make them run without a hitch. Without one to power them, the creator would have to tap in his own Infiniteness Reserves. And for Konrad who only stood at Nascent Insight, it still was quite taxing.

In a thud, Konrad sat crossed-legged to restore his strength. Five minutes of revolving his Life and Death Revolution Creed, was all it took to return to the peak. Without delay, Konrad stood up and delivered the Valkyrie armors to those requiring them. Of course, he did not forget to offer shags as he went, thereby leaving trails of copious spunk within the consorts' quarters.

Within the Tower, a whole month passed before Konrad finished his grand tour of the five thousand Valkyries' quarters. Across that month, each hour saw six or seven Valkyries plowed by Konrad's ravenous rod. And as the tour ended, recalling his mortal days within the Barbarian Continent, Konrad thanked all the malevolence in the Omniverse for leaving that mortal past far behind.

Mortals truly were sorrowful existences. Even with the will, none could ever enjoy the delights he could! For an instant, Konrad considered banning mortality, and making all living things across the Ancient Crystal World immortal…but then advised against it.

Meanwhile, Daphne and Gulistan's preparations carried on. And although she'd relinquished the duty to more capable hands, Gulistan still oversaw the progress. To accomplish Konrad's will in twenty-four hours naturally wasn't feasible. Therefore, the Genius Daphne prepared the miscellaneous things the celebration required within the Tower, then brought them to the outside!

Thus, she effectively used one month to complete the one-day task. Better, even before she got to work, she had the audacity to send letters throughout the Ancient Crystal World, conveying all government officials, army leaders, wealthy merchants, priests, and nobles to attend the grand celebration!

Naturally, none dared refuse. To say nothing of twenty-four hours. Even if it were three, they would have rushed from all corners of the world to attend the event and bask in the glory of the August Jade Emperor, mortal avatar of their God, the Profane Prince of Domination!

And although Daphne restricted the invitations to Semi-Saints and above, tens of thousands answered the call and swathed the Jade Capital with flying chariots, hundred meters wide carpets, and all the most luxurious transportation artifacts at their disposal. But as soon as they reached the capital, all lowered their transportation devices onto the ground to cross the streets as the law demanded.

They didn't forget to stop before the Profane Prince's central statue and give nine kowtows. No matter how excessive, none dared challenge the law. Across, the Ancient Crystal World, inviolable was the Profane Prince's will. The Jade Dynasty's secular forces led the guests into the Imperial Jade Palace. Stretching across sixty miles with tens of thousands of building complexes, the Imperial Jade Palace stood as a massive city of its own, awing all nonresidents glancing at its splendor for the first time.

Even at the palace's gates, the guests could see the Emperor's August Jade Palace towering in resplendent golden jade light like a mountain hailing straight from the heavens. Any random corner screamed opulence and might, making those guests aware of the insignificance of their means.

The celebration stood in open ground, and Daphne devoted it three hundred acres of palace land where all guests and their wives, depending on cultivation and status, possessed seats. No guest came single, most appearing with their wives and immediate relatives, while some also brought other kin. Cultivation and status determined the quotas, and they squeezed them in a silent competition of standing.

Daphne counted on that. Since the abolition of hereditary land ownership, wealth, cultivation and privileges had turned into the only way for the upper class to compete. But even as the legions of men and women took their seats and exchanged false pleasantries, they didn't forget to glance toward the highest row where the emperor and his primary consorts' empty chairs lay.

Soon, that body composed of the world's most influential existences would appear. And if not for the three miles long blood-wine pool cutting the banquet ground in half, that thought would have occupied all their minds.

Alas, that pool stood with billowing red smoke permeating the atmosphere in the ensnaring scent of mind-boggling beverages. Before that scent, even Saints couldn't maintain their composure.

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