Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 426

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 426 One Thousand Folds R 18

Before Konrad's praise, Gulistan and Daphne exchanged a glance of impish complicity. Thanks to this one month of time spent within the Tower, devising and organizing this event of depravity, the two discovered many common points in one another. Daphne quickly became Gulistan's favorite.

In tandem, they clapped, causing the pink smoke and flames to burn with ten thousand times the intensity, and fill the atmosphere on their floor with mind-boggling aphrodisiacs and euphoria even God-level existences couldn't resist.

All members of Konrad's harem felt their bodies both relaxing and heating up, while their minds rose to higher states of bliss. If before, the seven victors still managed to endure, when the intensity reached this crushing level, they lost their minds, and pounced onto Konrad like feral beasts of lust!

Undisturbed, Konrad stretched out his hands, welcoming them all in his profane embrace with his lips curved into a fiendish smile. Meanwhile, his consorts tore their dresses and undergarments to play with their breasts and dripping cunts.


Increasingly bolder moans filled the air as the seven ladies sandwiched their master. To ensure all would get a piece, Konrad first grew a second shaft, then expanded his rods to a shocking thirty-three centimeters. Frenzy with soul-consuming lust, the ladies didn't care for such an eldritch scene on dropped on the focus of their needs.

Three attacked the rod on the right, while three others swathed the one on the left. Each group focused on tip, under, and side. The seventh was bolder and leaped across them all to tie her legs around Konrad's waist and force her lips onto his in a feral kiss that would have shoved any other onto the ground.

Konrad, however, stood firm. His hands wrapped around the beauty's waist while his tongue wormed into hers with greater passion than even her frenzied state could produce. His scents assailed them all, magnifying their craving no end.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

The two beauties attacking the tips stretched out their lips to impossible ends, and gobbled Konrad's rods, going up and down with more greed than technique, and letting their base desires lead them through the day. At the same time, two others lay beneath the rod, licking them from underneath, while the last two slurped the sides.

Konrad wormed his hands into the strappy panties of the one tying his waist to cope a good feel and squeeze those soft buttocks of hers. He then spread open the cheeks, and used her own juice as lubricant to push his fingers into her butthole, and explore it while she moaned in delight.

"Oooh…your majesty…yes…YEEESS!"

The lady groaned while Konrad pushed a second finger in, expanding her hole before attacking her cunt while seizing and sucking her bouncing breasts between his lips. Unable to endure attack on so many fronts, and vibrating under Konrad's fingers' exploration, the lady collapsed in a ringing orgasm, drenching her fellow victors with fountains of love juice.

With a backstep, Konrad pulled his rods out of the greedy ladies grasp and seeing how they fingered themselves in desperation, his smile grew broader. Meanwhile, thousands of bound and suppressed ladies thrashed within their straps like starving Monstrous Beasts eager to devour prime prey!

Alas, they could only watch with scalding desires and drenched thighs.

Konrad waved his hand, causing the seven ladies to spin and fall on their knees, their butts sticking out with their crotchless panties giving direct assess to their cunts. Stepping toward them, Konrad first seized two and rammed his rods into their folds, with his balls kissing their butt cheeks in one *pah* sound.


They directly came, but Konrad cared not, and stretched his hands toward two other waiting butts which he groped and played while pounding the two on his shafts with mind-boggling hammering. 

Before his golden, blue lights and vibration powers, those two feeble women couldn't meet the challenge and came with every five thrusts. With each, their already inhuman sensitivity rose; but Konrad would naturally not leave them until he filled their cunts with liters of seed! In any case, with the way their tunnels gripped and sucked his shaft, retreating wasn't an option!




Konrad hammered at the ladies' cunts without restraint and filled them both with large gushes of spunk even as the repeated kissing of his balls marked their backside. Pulling out the two, he grabbed two others and filled them both with the meat-lance they so craved, hammering them into successions of orgasms before emptying his cum within them, and moving on to two others.

But when he reached the seventh, Konrad couldn't help but chortle.

"Congratulations. You get two for the price of one."

Konrad jested before aligning his rods with the beauty's cunt and butthole, then invading them with his impossible length that bulged her stomach even as he rammed her holes.




"Aaaahh….ohhhh….ohhh….your majesty, please hammer your dissolute servant! Plow me! Oh…yeesss! Yeeesssss!"

She growled pinned on her back, gripping and clawing at Konrad's arms while he piledrove her from above in the mating press, and filled her body with jolts of electrifying vibrations and numbing warmth.


Konrad grunted before dumping his loads within the seventh's cunt and rear. But this merely was the beginning. With a wave of his hand, his new Harem Throne appeared, and he sat within then beckoned toward the suppressed 951. Instantaneously, their suppression vanished, and with no need for guidance, they hurled themselves at him!

Two would beat the others in speed, and impale themselves on Konrad's shafts to slam their cushy rears on his engorged meat-rods like the cock-starved individuals they were.





But even as they climaxed and drenched his regal throne in base juice, they didn't stop, hammering themselves harder and faster on the divine lances until their bellies swelled with their master's seeds! Only then did they collapse, and with a leftward sweep of his hand, Konrad sent them to lie on the side, and welcomed the next competitors!




"Your majesty…your majesty! Ohhhhhh!"

Ladies groaned as their snatches clenched around Konrad's cock and milked it of all its worth. In that fashion, all replaced one another on Konrad's rods for frantic mating and cum draining!

And as the last of the 958 ladies fell with her belly bulged by liters of seed, Nessriane, who bore witness to this more than two weeks long scene from above, shivered in fright!

Alas, as she felt the moistening liquid trailing her inner thighs, Nessriane was forced to admit, that fright…was secondary!

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