Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 429

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 429 Picking Up A Brother On The Road

Before the God-level legions of the Profane Prince, Mortal Worlds, even those Cultivation Worlds, stood absolutely no chance and collapsed in mere seconds. As Konrad requested, instead of the usual erasing menu, Wolfgang had the earthlings taken trapped in space treasures for relocation in the Ancient Crystal World.

The Chthonian Realm's pacification was going without a hitch, with those scant few worlds already worshipping Konrad spared from harm. But little did Wolfgang expect that he would ultimately reach worthy foes! Or more precisely, one worthy foe!

As they reached their next target, the legions dived into the new world's atmosphere, but were startled to see a potent force-field shovel them all back into space! Instantaneously, Wolfgang realized they'd met a formidable foe. Or rather, someone possessing the "Home Game" advantage:

A World God!

And indeed, by the time the legions regained their balance, the 1.9 meters tall figure of a black-haired man appeared before them all. Dressed in golden armor with a fluttering cape at his back, that man nailed them all with a blazing, overbearing gaze.

"Preposterous foreigners, how dare you invade the world of This Prince?!"

The armored World God snarled in a booming amalgam of fury. And as his words echoed, he was pleased to see the tens of thousands of invaders gawk in disbelief. Indeed, once that man appeared, even Wolfgang couldn't prevent himself from staring slack-jawed.

But this had nothing to do with the man's strength. Rather, the problem lay in his looks!

"Do such coincidences really…exist?"

Wolfgang openly wondered. He, better than the rest, could relate to this man's appearance because, besides the facial features, the jet-black hairs and purple eyes perfectly matched that of his boss! Indeed, that man bore at least sixty percent of similarities to Konrad's previous incubus looks.

Moreover, the unconcealed demonic energies rippling from his form clearly identified him as demonkind. If not for the thought striking him as absurd, Wolfgang would have really believed that this man was one of Konrad's siblings.

"What? Quivering before This Prince's might? Regretting your impudence? I'm afraid that it's far too late. Now, even if you grovel and offer wives, daughters, and mothers, This Prince won't spare you!"

The domineering World God bellowed, confident that his appearance filled those foreign invaders with unending waves of awe! And the combination between those words and the energy signature he deciphered, further assured Wolfgang of this man's lineage, and he felt trapped in a dilemma.

The legions felt the same, and the man's complacence burgeoned. With his hands on his waist and his chest puffing out, he let his lips curve into a broad smile while condescendingly raising his chin.

"But perhaps This Prince can spare your soul. Tell This Prince where you hail from, and what is your purpose in This Prince's world. If this prince is not too irrita-…"

He began, but before he could finish his words…


…An irresistible fist crashed into his face, and as his bones cracked beneath the impact, he flew backward with overflowing blood loss!

"For the love of all that is profane, will you shut up? I was merely trying to figure out if I should kill or capture you. But considering how stupid you sound, even if you truly are relatives, my boss will never acknowledge you. We might as well dispose of you to remove this stain."

Wolfgang retorted while his Devil Force unfurled, revealing the early-stage Heart Devil cultivation base Konrad's legionaries now boasted. And though he couldn't judge either their cultivation or the origin of their force, that World God, Konrad's mortal half-brother, could still clearly see that this strength already crossed late-stage True God altitude!

The legionaries' Devil Forces erupted, with none losing out to Wolfgang's. Of course, while due to Konrad's blessings, all currently stood at the early-stage of the Heart Devil Realm, in the future, a hierarchy would appear, with some leaving others far behind.

Not that it currently mattered. As he stopped his abrupt fall and swept those tens of thousands of legionaries with his purple hues, Konrad's half-brother, the only one of the two mortal half-siblings still standing in the Mortal Realm, felt cold sweat drench his forehead.

If anyone of those legionaries possessed such strength, with his early-stage Minor God cultivation base, unless he holed himself up in his world, he would never survive the confrontation!

This was completely ludicrous. The Infernal and Celestial Realm combined only had roughly 30,000 True Gods. How could so many characters of that level appear on one battlefront? First, the Underworld's Gate shattered, allowing darkness, souls and all manners of chthonian forces to flood the Mortal Realm. Now, armies fueled by incomprehensible energies appeared with clearly nefarious intent.

It didn't take a genius to realize that the two were connected. But who possessed the ability to unleash such calamitous events on an entire Realm?

"Your brother."

Wolfgang replied to the confused man's unspoken question. And before he could understand why such sorcery occurred, all the complacence, overbearingness, lust, negativity and apprehensions within his heart became tools Wolfgang turned against him. Rooting himself in the half-brother's Heart Demon, Wolfgang overrode his will, and turned him into his puppet!

His eyes became a blank white, and he stood there dazed with his hands falling limply to his side.

"Fool, if you stayed quietly within your world, even with the Chthonian Realm's backing, assaulting you would have been no simple task. How could you be so conceited as to leave your mightiest stronghold with no clear understanding of the enemy?"

Wolfgang shook his head in disappointment. As far as he was concerned, this man was a rancid failure whose name needed not be mentioned. Talroth's blood and the support of his world's Infernal Cult were the only reasons why he managed to become the World God.

But unlike Konrad, he started with Half-Lust-Embodiment blood, pristine conditions, and had been cultivating for more than 250 years. This result truly was unsatisfactory.

"Oh well, at least I have my first Devil Puppet."

Wolfgang consoled himself before waving his hand and releasing dark-purple rays that obliterated all sentient lives and cultivators within that world, leaving them to await Konrad's transformation.

"His majesty's celebration will soon come to an end. We must accelerate the pace and clean the Chthonian Realm before that!"

Wolfgang exclaimed while turning to face the legionaries.  

"Yes, State Pillar!"

Those of lower status bowed in approval, and with the new puppet prince joining their ranks, all turned into dark-purple meteors to shoot toward the remaining worlds!

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