Profane Prince Of Domination Book 4 Chapter 447

Volume 4: The Last God Of War Chapter 447 Demons And Devas Unite

Of course, besides the horrendous gap between every level of the Legendary God Rank, another reason for the Divine Flame Lord's inability to contend with Talroth was the gap in Laws. As a Light Embodiment, even at the same cultivation level, Talroth would forever remain leagues above the Divine Flame Lord who merely was a Fire Embodiment.

And even that was a machination of the Realm Wills which since their creation, geared the Primogens toward certain paths. With that one move, Talroth gave irresistible validation to his words, and brought both the willing and the unwilling to his side.

"Agni, please restrain yourself. As for you, Talroth, though you've spoken many truths and raised salient points, there is no need to act in such an overbearing fashion. We may no longer have the Great Primal Ancestor, but around this table, those able to contend with you are more than one."

Bhumi, the Divine Earth Lady and Yaksha Primogen mediated. Her words forced a grumble of dissatisfaction out of Agni's mouth, but he made no further comment. Talroth, however, only went on.

"Thanks for reminding me, beautiful. I'd almost forgotten. True, you Devas no longer have Sakra, but we still have Dolgron. Therefore, we're no longer truly equal. Impressive, I must say, that you worked so hard to cut off your strongest leg just for the sake of slaughtering babies and pleasing the Realm Wills.

Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to hold onto the Dual Cultivation King title with such ease. You have my thanks."

Talroth countered with a polite bow, and this time, from the Cardinal Lords to the Divine Lords, there wasn't one able to maintain a straight face. Surya, more than the others, glowered with blazing rage, and it seemed battle could break out at any time. The Great Primal Ancestor, Lord Sakra, was to the Devas what Dolgron was to the Demons. The number one Primogen, and sole peak-stage Legendary God. 

In fact, with his Truth Wielding and Sun Embodiment, he was a step above the Asura Primogen, Dolgron. But following his daughter's and Marduk's breach, and the birth of the nephilim twins, only his self-destruction as an apology to Heaven and Hell's Will managed to quell the disturbance.

Although Surya inherited his cultivation, laws and Primogen Blood, it was, after all, an inheritance. Unlike his father, he remained stranded at the late-stage of the Legendary God Rank, unable to break through to the peak.

Now, if not for the balance between the Overlord and the Warden, the Celestial Realm would have long since fallen to demonic invasions. This was well known to be a thorn of the Deva Gods, and a taboo subject. However, Talroth addressed the subject with a perverse candor.

Demons carried the imprint of the foul. Thus, none would support the weaker Deva side, and many burst into laughter. Even Dolgron made no pacifying comment. Sakra was his rival of a lifetime. Although following his acquisition of Truth Wielding, Sakra surpassed him, he'd remained his respected foe. To see him perish not from battle but in forced suicide had left a sour taste in the Asura Primogen's mouth.

But though the Devas boiled, Talroth could see his goal of breeding resentment toward the Realm Wills achieved. Therefore, he no longer stirred past wounds.

"Be that as it may, instead of debating actions against what we can't affect, I believe the war with the Titan Domain is a more pressing matter. On this table, me aside, there is not one person that didn't participate in that war and the murder of the Third God of War, Rajan Samal.

Though without their complete inheritances, the Titans shouldn't have been able to breed new Legendary Gods, the fact of the matter remains that we are mortal enemies, and they possess much less restrictions than we do. I wouldn't be surprised if they vastly outnumbered us in Ancestral and half-step Legendary God numbers.

We only need one of them to find the road to the Legendary God Rank, and relocate the God Executing Immortal Sword, for our good days to end in blood and gore. Stopping this is the priority. We must concentrate the strength of all Primogens to obliterate the Titans' defensive formation and exterminate any source of trouble before it rises. That, is the priority."

Talroth stressed, then closed his eyes, making no further remark. Again, he hit the mark. When two centuries ago, the Titan Domain appeared in the Lower Heaven Layer, many Deva Primogens and other leading Gods attempted to crush it. The guiltier they were, the faster they drew the sword.

However, impregnable formations left by the Mortal Realm Will prevented their success. Instead, the Titans sparked guerilla warfare, unleashing destruction on the feeble Lower Heaven before proceeding to the Middle and Higher Heaven. Only when they reached the Celestial World did they meet their equals and were forced to retreat.

But the occasional assault never ceased. Worse, the Titan Domain was now a moving platform, able to shift through the various Layers at all times. It didn't hold a fixed location and could escape at any given time, thereby giving the Devas many headaches. Only by gathering the strength of the two Realms to suppress its movements could they possibly stop it long enough to destroy the formations and end it once and for all.

"The time has come to set our differences aside and unite against our common foes. Henceforth, we shall declare an all-out war to the Titan Domain. Remain alert for the next assault on Heaven. When they next strike, the twenty-four of us shall encircle them to end this scourge once...and for all.

But when faced with the threat of annihilation, even the most restrictive of tyrants must make concessions and strive to empower the state's defenses. I believe that soon, very soon, the Realm Wills will give us a more solid answer."

Dolgron concluded, thereby ending the meeting. But little did he know how right he was. Unlike some Primordial Wills, the Three Realm Wills were Regretless' creations and followed a precise code. Before Konrad's Underworld release, it was fair to say that the Three Realms were but a mockery of the previous Six Realms. A spiteful move from Regretless, and an expendable battleground awaiting Celestial Slaughter's return.

The people of this multiverse were never meant to step into the Overgod Rank or beyond. Only before the threat of extermination could the Realm Wills finally break their shackles.


Meanwhile, Konrad and his party landed in the capital of the Sea Dream Domain, the Sea Dream Capital. Again, the scope defied all understanding. Instead of city, calling it a world would be more accurate. There was no word in Konrad's vocabulary to describe a "capital" of nine-hundred billion individuals. Yet, though his Devil Senses made him able to accurately judge the population's quantity, the streets didn't appear crowded at all.

Marble white walls, houses and towers abounded alongside hundreds of temples that divided the various quarters of the massive capital. Magenta mist always covered the ground, painting an ethereal scene that would have put most ill at ease. However, regardless of cultivation, the pedestrians appeared undisturbed. This was their quotidian.

But even in this sea of people, not one child could be seen. Not a single one. Only adults walked the ground. The culprit for this sorrowful state of things naturally was...Konrad.

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