Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 800

Chapter 800 We Need To Quickly Pick The Marriage Date.

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Alright, mom! Lets eat!

Zhang Manhuas eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at this table of scrumptious food in front of her.

Other than the first three dishes she had cooked, the rest were cooked by Ji Ziming.

Moreover, they looked better than the ones she cooked.

The descriptions scrumptious, fragrant, and tasty were of course referring his cooking.

Th-These were all cooked by Xiao Ji?

She raised her head to look in disbelief at the man seated beside her daughter.

Even now, she still could hardly believe that these dishes were cooked by him.

Before he could reply, Pei Ge spoke first.

Of course, mom! Didnt you see him cook? Wasnt he by himself in the kitchen?

She grinned smugly at her stunned mother.

Mom, quickly try his cooking! Zimings food is really delicious!

Under her urging, Zhang Manhua dazedly picked up chopsticks and moved them one of the dishes this young man had cooked.

Once she tasted it, an unusual look appeared on her face.

Why is Xiao Jis food tastes better than mine, a housewife?!

You When did you learn how to cook?

After swallowing the food in her mouth, she directed a curious gaze on to the man.

No matter which way she looked at him, he did not seem like someone who could cook!

Pei Ge did not strive to answer her mothers question this time but directed her doe eyes onto him, too.

He he! I actually wanna the answer to this question, too.

From the time I lived with Pei Ge, I started learning it. He spoke slowly upon sensing the mother-daughter pairs curious gazes on him.

Huh? Lived with my daughter?

This statement was loaded with too much information, so it took Zhang Manhua some time to digest it all.

Did he learn it while living with my daughter? When did that happen?


He lightly agreed, his gentle gaze on his girlfriend.

Pei Ge could not help but blush at this.

This annoying fellow is too much. His EQ is so low that its a little scary, yet hes getting better and better at sweet-talking me!

Wait! Did you just say that you lived with my daughter? Thats not right! When did you guys live together?

Right now, Zhang Manhua no longer thought of the mans cooking and put on a stern face as she interrogated the two.


Pei Ge, who was feeling abashed, was jolted out of her reverie by this question.

Oh, gosh! Dead! Im dead! Mom is totally against premarital cohabitation!

This fool just had to reveal our period of cohabitation; if mom were to find out the truth shed surely explode from anger!

Just as she was pondering on how to explain this to her mother, the man calmly held her hand and said, Auntie, weve been cohabiting awhile back.

Zhang Manhua narrowed her eyes at her daughter.

You explain this to me!

With a bitter expression, Pei Ge looked at her mother guiltily. He he! Mom, that Ive indeed lived with Ziming awhile back. T-That was when I told you that my company was having a training camp

Hur! It seems that my daughter can lie with a straight face now! Her mother quickly figured all of it.

Ha ha Mom, I truly didnt wanna lie to you back then. A-Actually She tried to explain that, even though they had cohabited, nothing had happened between them.

However, in the next instant, her mothers gloomy surprisingly face turned bright.

Since you guys have started cohabiting, we need to pick the date of your marriage fast! Zhang Manhua resolutely announced.

The man nodded solemnly at once. Yes. I was thinking that, too.

Then, Ill meet your mother another day to choose an auspicious date.

Zhang Manhua nodded in satisfaction at his readiness to acquiesce.

No problem, auntie.

Pei Ge watched her mother and boyfriend chat in harmony from the sidelines, and the corner of her lips twitched.

Indeed, people judge others by their looks!

Mom, what did you say about premarital cohabitation again?

With Ji Ziming, this condition changed!

It was unknown how this conversation panned out, but the one thing certain was that Zhang Manhua ended up throwing her daughter to the young man to continue their cohabitation.

Youngsters these days must spend more time together! From here on, Ill leave my daughter in your care.

Pei Ge was completely bewildered to hear that, not having expected her mother not just to let her scot-free but also to agree with her and the mans continued cohabitation!

No problem, auntie. Ill definitely take proper care of her.

Compared to her bewilderment, the man was clearly calmer as his eyes danced with merriment.

She had nothing left to comment upon seeing the two happily agree to this matter.

This harmonious dinner passed amid the twos conversation.

By the time everyone was full, her mothers impression of her boyfriend had gone up a few more notches.

If not for the insufficient rooms in their house, she suspected her mother of asking him to stay over.

Ge Ge, send Xiao Ji downstairs.


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