Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 802

Chapter 802 You Will Definitely Be The Center Of Attention Tonight.

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After returning from Tianjin and resting for a few days, Pei Ge followed the orders of Ji Zimings father in signing the employment contract with the Ji Group.

She officially became the Ji Groups planning manager.

She herself had never expected such a day to come.

As someone with practically no experience and a perfunctory degree, she actually managed to work at a conglomerate like the Ji Group and even became its planning manager.

This was something she had never thought of and did not dare to even think of.

She stared at the employment contract in her hands and felt happy and proud.

Does this mean that Ji Zimings father has acknowledged me? This also means that he has accepted my relationship with his son, right?

"Whats in your mind right now?"

Ji Ziming looked at the woman smiling sillily next to him and could not help his lips from arching upward.

She regained her senses when she heard his voice.

"Ziming, I was just thinking that your dad seems to have accepted me!" She excitedly swung his arm.

Her happiness was so contagious that he also smiled. "Yes. Dad is very satisfied with you."

"Really? Is that true? Then, he doesnt oppose our relationship anymore?"

She happily chattered like a child.

"Yes, he doesnt oppose us anymore." He smiled at her. Seeing how happy she was, he suddenly did not want to tell her that he had already decided to change their engagement directly to marriage.

He wanted to give her a surprise.

"Thats great! Then, lets go celebrate tonight!"

She looked up at him with twinkling eyes, already starting to plan what to eat and where to go tonight.

However, before she could speak of her plans, his next words dashed them.

"Tonight? We may not be free tonight."

He peered at the excited woman beside him and casually revealed.

Although he wanted to have a lovey-dovey date with her, this was bound to be impossible for tonight.

"Huh? Why arent we free?"

She blinked up at him in confusion.

I dont think that theres anything on tonight.

"Have you forgotten? A few days ago, I told you that we have to attend a gathering."

She recalled this upon his reminder.

"Ah! I remember now!"

Her eyes twinkled as a sly glint flashed past her dark and clear eyes.

I almost forgot about it! Im planning to give that Qiao woman an opening gambit at tonights gathering!

If not, with how shes always clinging onto Ziming, its so unpleasant!

"What time tonight? Where is the venue?" she excitedly asked. However, her excitement this time was one for the upcoming fight.

After placing the employment contract at home, the two ate the lunch the man had cooked and made their way to Lilys salon.

"Ziming, go do your stuff! You can just directly pick me up from here tonight!"

She smilingly waved him goodbye and walked into Lilys fashion salon.

The man turned gentle as he watched her enter the shop.

What is that stupid woman planning? I feel that she has been scheming about something!

Pei Ge cared not for what he thought, though. Currently, her mind was preoccupied with

"Lily, make me even prettier tonight! Do it however that makes me more beautiful; I am meeting my love rival tonight and cant let her be better-looking than I do!"

"Roger, my mistress!"

The stylist beamed upon noting her battle-ready state and gentlemanly bowed before her before he led her by the hand toward the studio.

This was his first time seeing her reveal such a serious look!

"Since you want me to style you however and whichever way I want, dont go making excuses about not wanting to wear the clothes I pick for you later!"

After leading her into the studio, he gave her a heads-up.

In the past, every time he did her styling, this ancestor would always grumble about not wanting to wear the clothes he had chosen, causing him to feel very frustrated.

"Ugh Actually, I dont really want to wear revealing ones," she muttered sheepishly.

He quickly rolled his eyes at her.

"Oh, please. Ge Ge, although we are good friends, I still cant go against my conscience and say that you are a great beauty no matter how you dress."

"" Nudging her lips, she had a strong feeling that the stylists next words would be a huge blow to her confidence.

"Your five features are indeed exquisite and your body proportions arent bad, but"

He raised an eyebrow and seriously regarded her.

This but made her heart rise to her mouth.

" But youre fat! Look at yourself; you went somewhere outside the capital, yet instead of losing weight, you gained even more!"

""Wu wu wu! Its all that annoying fellows fault! He cooks all those love-filled lunch boxes for me daily, so how could I possibly lose weight?

"Ge Ge, Ive heard of that love rival of yours from other socialites and madams. That woman is quite pretty and has a gentle and kind disposition. She has a pretty good reputation in the upper-class society, too.

Hearing this, her high spirits deflated like a popped balloon.

Sigh! Pei Ge, Pei Ge. Where did your confidence to give that woman an opening gambit come from?

Dont end up making a fool of yourself later. That will be such a disgrace

He amusedly patted her head upon seeing her depressed look.

"Alright, alright! Dont look so timid. Even if that woman is a celestial being who has descended to the mortal world, she can only be our Ge Ges accompaniment since you have me, Lily!"

He gave her a confident smile before arrogantly continuing. "Ge Ge, rest assured; with my hands, you can be the center of attention tonight!"

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