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  • Purple Lightning Emperor

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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Purple Lightning Emperor summary:

This is a story about Shad, a young orphan who was struck by lightning. Instead of dying, he was reborn into another world known as Eidrin. The ambient mana on Eidrin is extremely dense and abundant, allowing mages to reign supreme over the rest of the populace. Follow Shad as he develops the strength to survive in this new world and reaches heights thought to be unattainable for mortals, all in a...

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Purple Lightning Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
89 The 7 Novas4 weeks ago
88 One Kick4 weeks ago
86 Ozuna City4 weeks ago
77 A Trap4 weeks ago
62 Skinny Jack4 weeks ago
45 Ambush Iii4 weeks ago
44 Ambush Ii4 weeks ago
43 Ambush I4 weeks ago
26 Henrys Diary4 weeks ago
22 A New Servan4 weeks ago
21 Ambush4 weeks ago
17 Assassins Ii4 weeks ago
16 Assassins I4 weeks ago
5 Sweet Home4 weeks ago
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