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Pursuit Of The Truth summary:

Description Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who controls life and death! Qiú Mó 求魔

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Pursuit Of The Truth Chapters

Time uploaded
1316 Fragment2 days ago
1311 Spirit6 days ago
1309 Hmm?7 days ago
1302 Arid Triad2 weeks ago
1297 I Am Here2 weeks ago
1294 Lowly2 weeks ago
1291 A Wedding3 weeks ago
1276 Truth4 weeks ago
1271 Exilea month ago
1268 Lei Chena month ago
1261 Qian Chena month ago
1260 I Sweara month ago
1248 Seal It Tigh2 months ago
1231 Old Friend2 months ago
1226 Hello2 months ago
1219 Fang2 months ago
1214 Soul Nucleus2 months ago
1209 South Union2 months ago
1204 Six Years2 months ago
1202 The Truth2 months ago
1199 My Creation2 months ago
1196 Sacred Lady3 months ago
1194 Its Here3 months ago
1182 Path Of Life3 months ago
1180 Four Years3 months ago
1176 A Mystery3 months ago
1173 Copy3 months ago
1170 Bosom Friend3 months ago
1168 Reunion3 months ago
1163 An Fang3 months ago
1162 Mo3 months ago
1157 Finger3 months ago
1145 Xu Hui4 months ago
1140 Dus4 months ago
1137 Possession4 months ago
1130 Deceit4 months ago
1129 Greed4 months ago
1121 God4 months ago
1117 Evil Ar4 months ago
1116 Thirs4 months ago
1113 War Chamber4 months ago
1111 Home And Kin4 months ago
1087 Hu Zi5 months ago
1083 Legend5 months ago
1082 Just Say I5 months ago
1064 Hostility6 months ago
1062 Ignore6 months ago
1047 Huo Zhu6 months ago
1041 My Universe6 months ago
1036 Shut Up6 months ago
1031 A Wasteland6 months ago
1029 Try I6 months ago
1027 Part Ways6 months ago
1026 Chang He6 months ago
1025 One Year6 months ago
1024 Promise7 months ago
1023 Ashes7 months ago
1022 Build7 months ago
1021 Cloud7 months ago
1010 Su Xuan Yi7 months ago
1009 Your Rules7 months ago
1007 I Wont Die7 months ago
1001 Zhu You Cai7 months ago
999 A Chessboard7 months ago
997 I Promised7 months ago
994 Real? Fake?7 months ago
991 Killing Inten7 months ago
988 A Puny Shoo7 months ago
987 Now7 months ago
983 Splitting Up7 months ago
981 Su7 months ago
980 Gamble7 months ago
977 Resentful Wei7 months ago
974 Has He Died8 months ago
968 Dust Burners8 months ago
967 A Show8 months ago
966 Main Soul8 months ago
963 Resentful Wei8 months ago
953 Slashing Fate8 months ago
951 Arrival8 months ago
948 Four People8 months ago
944 Them8 months ago
936 Your Life8 months ago
935 Malicious Eye8 months ago
934 Hearers8 months ago
932 Common Sense8 months ago
923 Indistinct8 months ago
922 Thank You8 months ago
921 Purer8 months ago
918 Digging Holes9 months ago
915 Return9 months ago
911 Light Blue9 months ago
Chapter 879: Evil10 months ago
Chapter 865: Bat10 months ago
Chapter 837: Limit11 months ago
Chapter 688: Riseone year ago
Chapter 602 Fangone year ago
Chapter 594 Dollsone year ago
Chapter 578 Smokeone year ago
Chapter 570 Lifeone year ago
Chapter 557 Womanone year ago
Chapter 508 Crashone year ago
Chapter 502 Gapone year ago
Chapter 485 Mo Suone year ago
Chapter 481 Runeone year ago
Chapter 470 Fallone year ago
Chapter 452 Fightone year ago
Chapter 447 697one year ago
Chapter 442 Sameone year ago
Chapter 386 Curseone year ago
Chapter 362 Chaseone year ago
Chapter 341 Comeone year ago
Chapter 333 Boyone year ago
Chapter 306 Craneone year ago
Chapter 301 Su 2one year ago
Chapter 300 Su 1one year ago
Chapter 281 Rocone year ago
Chapter 278 Dreamone year ago
Chapter 277 Causeone year ago
Chapter 274 Dazeone year ago
Chapter 262 Boyone year ago
Chapter 256 Crackone year ago
Chapter 254 Omenone year ago
Chapter 238 Copyone year ago
Chapter 220 Homeone year ago
Chapter 145 Himone year ago
Chapter 141 Guestone year ago
Chapter 108 Xingone year ago
Chapter 102 Whyone year ago
Chapter 33 Lei Suone year ago
Chapter 21 Poorone year ago
Chapter 16 Elderone year ago
Chapter 9 Red Mudone year ago
Chapter 7 Giftone year ago
Chapter 6 Dreamone year ago
Chapter 2 Su Mingone year ago
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