Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 1017

Mountains had three spots.
In the crumbling dimension, Su Ming's cultivation base clone was the first spot. The gray moon where the spot was symbolized death and midwinter.
Su Ming's clone that practiced the Art of Swallowing Hollow Shadows Whole was the second spot. The crimson moon exuded a presence in which life force and the aura of death intersected with each other, resulting in a bright red, the shade of autumn. This was the meaning of autumn Su Ming had come to understand in his life.
Above his cultivation base clone and his clone that practiced the Art of Swallowing Hollow Shadows Whole was the Ecang clone. He was the third spot of the mountain mark. Once the clone materialized, a moon immediately appeared behind him.
It was a piercing yellow!
Its light was like the color of the moon itself, but behind the clone, it symbolized endless fire and heat. They were the flames of summer, a type of arrogance that was filled with an abundance of life.
Three clones. Three moons. At that moment, as the mark of the mountain, they turned into a sight that did not move in any direction. As the rampaging power of cultivation bases swept past, the sound of the dimension shattering echoed in the air. It sounded as if the universe was being destroyed, and it would last for eternity.
The dozens of ferocious spirits were swiftly withering away. A large amount of life force surged into Su Ming, and it was immediately devoured by the mark of the mountain formed by the three clones, then rapidly spread out to be dissolved by the three moons.
Gradually, the aura of death from the gray moon became thicker. The gray light spreading out symbolized the shadow of death, and it even caused Su Ming's cultivation base clone to exude a grayish green air. It was as if he was a corpse that had crawled out of hell itself!
The cultivation clone's gaze was chilling, heartless, and aloof. It was powerful enough to make all the people who were familiar with Su Ming find him an unfamiliar sight. That appearance made him seem as if he was a god that had control over the netherworld.
Su Ming's clone that practiced the Art of Swallowing Hollow Shadows Whole was a powerful physical body that only cultivated the body and did not practice any divine abilities. At that moment, as the life force and cultivation bases surged into him, he continued becoming increasingly more powerful. As his body shattered and reformed, it became stronger. Each piece of his bone as well as every inch of his flesh and every drop of blood were becoming more powerful at a maddening pace, as if he was being refined repeatedly for thousands upon thousands of times.
The moon behind him was crimson, just like the blood that stained his hands his whole life. The smile at the corners of his lips gave off a terrifying feeling. The body that was dyed red by the moonlight gave others the impression that they were looking at a crazed Immortal fighting against the heavens while he was in a state between life and death!
Above these two clones was the Ecang clone, and he looked as if he was lifting up the god of hell and the crazed Immortal fighting against the heavens. At that moment, the Ecang clone was no longer fully human. There were countless twisting branches spreading out from his body, and when they spun around the area, they made it seem as if the Ecang clone had turned into a tree.
As he threw his head back and let out a soundless roar, the branches immediately surrounded him. The yellow moon behind him immediately erupted with an indescribably vast life force!
That life force was the searing heat of summer. It came from Ecang's life, and only Ecang, a powerful life form that could be written into Old Man Extermination's ballad, was worthy of Su Ming's state of summer. Only it could sustain the vast amount of life force existing in the moon that symbolized summer!
The presence from the three great clones allowed Su Ming to devour and absorb the rampaging streams of cultivation bases around him. With three moons, he formed the mark of the mountain, and this was
"Three Mountains Illuminating the Moon, and I created it on my own!" Su Ming's three great clones shouted at the same time. As the three moons rapidly absorbed the life force and cultivation bases, unending booms rang out from the bodies of the dozens of ferocious spirits around Su Ming.
Those booms came from the ferocious spirits self-destructing after they had delivered all their life force and cultivation bases. About a dozen breaths later, only four out of the dozens of ferocious spirits were left in the area!
They were trembling, having already been reduced to only skin and bones. Their expressions were still blank and vacant while they delivered their souls to Su Ming.
But they lasted for only several more before exploding with a bang. When all of the ferocious spirits self-destructed, a large amount of power swept through the area with an even more violent presence. It rushed swiftly to Su Ming, as if wanting to make him burst. There was a domineering will within it, one that screamed that no matter what, he had to absorb it, whether was willing or not.
A loud bang rang out in Su Ming's mind, and the mark of the mountain formed by the three great clones shook furiously under the impact. Soon after, the power that was formed by the ferocious spirits self-destructing forced its way into Su Ming's three clones to nourish the moons behind them.
However, this forceful entry was no longer a form of nourishment. It pushed the moons to swell up.
'I still lack a clone!' A glint appeared in Su Ming's eyes.
'What I need is my real physical body, the one that belongs to me as an Abyss Builder. That is my real body, and it will bear the burden of walking from death to life, from winter to spring He will bear the burden of walking down the path for the resurrection of all living things!'
A brilliant light shone in Su Ming's eyes. He had never longed for his real body to appear as badly as he did during that moment. He yearned to fuse with it and complete the final step of his state of life!
From death to life!
From a state where he had his eyes shut to him opening his eyes!
That desire spread out from Su Ming's three great clones and formed a calling that could penetrate the dimension and move through space. That call shot through the fifth kiln, Divine Essence Star Ocean, the area where the forces of power from the four Great True Worlds were stationed and sent straight to True Morning Dao World!
Within it was a gigantic Rune formed by countless fragmented continents. At its core was a corpse that lay unmoving on an altar for ages. During that moment it started shivering furiously.
Those shivers made it seem as if the person was about to wake up. As he shivered, brilliant light shone swiftly from the altar beneath the corpse. Once that light appeared, it spread out and instantly covered all the fragmented continents in the area. At the same time, booming sounds echoed in space. The gigantic Rune in the galaxy was activated and began operating.
As the Rune came into operation, a powerful, mighty pressure descended and suppressed the corpse on the altar, causing it to be unable to stand up or open its eyes no matter how much it shivered!
In the meantime, booming sounds echoed in all directions. When the powerful and mighty pressure descended, it caused many people in True Morning Dao World to instantly notice it.
Beyond the Rune were two rotating planets. Sitting cross-legged on one of them was a woman in white. She had an incredibly beautiful face, but her expression was cold. She frowned and stared at the Rune in the distance. While she watched it sparkle, she sensed the suppression descending from its self-activation.
"Someone is summoning him" the woman said softly.
On another planet was a person in black robes. He was standing at the peak of the mountain and staring at the gigantic Rune in the galaxy. A hood covered his face, so his expression could not be seen, but based on his posture, a vague grimness could be senses about him.
"The child has grown up, and he has learned how to summon but the time for the corpse to be used is nigh. How can I let you take it away just like this?" a hoarse voice slowly said from within the black hood. There was an ancientness to the speaker.
However, at the instant the voice reverberated in the air, the gigantic Rune formed by countless fragmented continents let out a violent rumble that shook the sky and earth. It seemed like the whole galaxy trembled from it. At the same time, eight of the numerous fragmented continents that formed the Rune shattered into pieces.
Booming sounds reverberated in the galaxy. The corpse with its eyes shut at the center of the Rune began trembling even harder, and his body slowly started showing signs of rising up in the air!
This scene caused the woman in white's expression to change. The man in black let out a cold harrumph and swung his arm. Immediately, thousands of long arcs rose into space from the two planets.
Those thousands of long arcs were thousands of cultivators. They appeared around the gigantic Rune and simultaneously sat down with their knees crossed as if they were suppressing it. In the mid of the booming sounds, the corpse that seemed as if it was about to rise up sank down and was once again pushed down heavily on the altar.
However, during that moment, a roar that seemed to have come out from thin air echoed in the hearts of all cultivators who were in the area. Within that roar was madness, along with determination and a force struggling against the world. It was a roar calling out to the real physical bodySu Ming's roar from within the fifth kiln in Divine Essence Star Ocean.
Along with that roar, loud booming sounds rose into space. As a large number of fragmented continents in the Rune shattered, the thousands of cultivators shuddered together, and at the instant all of them coughed out blood, the corpse at the center of the Rune swiftly began levitating again.
At that moment, the man in black moved without any hesitation and disappeared in an instant. The next moment, he appeared on the altar at the core of the Rune and lowered his head to glance at the corpse before bringing his right hand up and pushing it down on it.
That one push caused the galaxy to tremble. The corpse was slammed fiercely back on the altar. At that moment, it was as if the momentum of the entire galaxy was gathered on the black-robed man's right hand. It was as if he was borrowing the power of the entire True Morning Dao World to suppress that corpse!
However, the instant the black-robed man borrowed the power of True Morning Dao World to suppress the corpse, the power dissipated for an instant from his hands. It was as if True Morning Dao World was extracting the power from the black-robed man's hands.
"The kismet is not allowing me to do this?"
The man in black lifted his head to look at the space above him, and the corpse on the altar rose into the air again. The shadows of three moons also appeared beside it. Two were at his feet, and one was above his head. They formed the shape of a mountain. When the shadows of the moons took shape, numerous distortions appeared around the corpse, as if it was about to move through space and disappear.
The man in black let out a cold harrumph and lifted his right hand again. His fingernails instantly grew longer, and with one flick of his wrist, they broke off from his fingers and turned as sharp as needles. They sliced through space and stirred up sharp whistles before piercing the corpse's body.
With a bang, the distortions around the corpse instantly collapsed and disappeared. However, at the instant the five fingernails pierced the skin the corpse opened its eyes!
This was the first time the corpse had opened its eyes. It was the first time anyone saw them not closed!
At the instant it happened, a low voice that contained countless years suppressed within it came from the corpse's mouth and shook the universe!
"Di Tian!"

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