Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 1115

The three great inborn abilities of the Abyss Builders were the power to control the flow of time, to Possess all living beings, and to open the Abyss Gate!
These three great inborn abilities led to the Abyss Builders' strength and glory!
However, not all Abyss Builders had them. Out of the three, the power to control time was the most common. It could be said that one out of every thousand Abyss Builders would understand how to use this inborn divine ability of theirs.
As for the ability to Possess all lives, it was much harder than the ability to control the flow of time. Similarly, there was only one out one thousand Abyss Builders who would possess it. However, these one thousand people could not be ordinary Abyss Builders. They had to be people who already controlled the flow of time.
It might seem as like there were only a few people who could have both inborn abilities, but in truth, with the number of Abyss Builders around in the past, there were quite a lot of people like that.
One of the necessities to awaken the inborn abilities was Abyss Builders' blood. The purer the blood, the more likely would that Abyss Builder be able to awaken their inborn abilities!
The third inborn ability, which was the ability to open the Abyss Gate, was slightly more common. The probability of it awakening was one out of ten. However, these ten people had to have understood how to Possess and have full control over time!
When Su Ming was in the land of Berserkers, he had showed the signs of the Abyss' Awakening and had obtained the power to control time. Destiny had been created when the past and future fused together, allowing his inborn ability to gradually gain perfection.
When he left the land of Berserkers and was being devoured by the Crimson Python Phoenix, his inborn ability to Possess was awakened due to the stimulation. It was as if some sort of instinct in him had activated, presenting him with the second inborn divine ability of the Abyss Builders.
Many years had passed since then. With dead stillness in his heart, Su Ming had buried the complicated feelings and his sorrow while sitting alone on the planet, and during that instant, with the help of the blade of grass containing the laws of fate, the third great inborn ability of the Abyss Builders was activated!
When the Abyss Builders' ability to control the flow of time reached its peak, they could control the flow of time and become the masters of time. If the second inborn ability reached its pinnacle, they could fuse all of their clones into their real body and attain the peak of their cultivation!
The opening of the Abyss Gate, the third ability of the Abyss Builders, was the most mysterious of them all. It was also the strongest inborn ability that practically no Abyss Builder had managed to master!
It was the ability to resurrect others and a power to create their own World. It was a nature defying power that could allow them to create their own Abyssal World and resurrect all the dead!

However, creating the Abyssal World was too hard of a task. No one had been capable of doing it since the ancient times. Not even the powerful Progenitor of the Abyss Builders had been to finish it.
Opening the Abyss Gate was just the first stage of the divine ability, and there were plenty of others after it. However, just the activation of the Abyss Gate was already equivalent to opening a door leading to an even higher level of power.
A whirlwind surrounded Su Ming. It was full of countless runic symbols, and each one of them symbolized the soul of a race in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos.
While in the whirlwind, Su Ming sat with closed eyes. His hair danced in the air, and while he was never tall and bulky, he was definitely not thin and lanky. However, during that instant, his body started withering, as if all his blood and flesh were being absorbed by some unknown entity.
At the same time, the legacies of the Abyss Builders hidden in his soul appeared in his mind, causing him to instantly understand what was happening to him at that moment.
It was the change of flesh, blood, soul to life. It was something that all Abyss Builders had to go through once they opened the Abyss Gate. Large quantities of blood, flesh, essence, and soul were needed to completely open the Abyss Gate.
Su Ming had only activated it and not completely opened it. He could clearly sense that his body seemed to have become a bottomless pit, and there seemed to be a gate at the depths of it.
Waves of Aura of Abyss spread out from the gate, and Su Ming understood that if he opened that gate, his cultivation base would increase by leaps and bounds!
At the instant these thoughts appeared in his mind and he gained an epiphany towards the legacy of his blood, the whirlwind around him vanished, and everything around him returned to normal. Not a single whiff of Aura of Abyss spread out anymore, but Su Ming's body as he sat on the mountain had become completely thin and shriveled. He looked nothing like before.
And he was still becoming thinner, as if that bottomless pit wanted to devour all of his flesh and soul. The latter even started shaking.
Su Ming's eyes flew open, and a dark light shone in them. The instant Flame Fiends' Progenitor looked into them, he shuddered, and wisps of white smoke spread out from his ears, nose, eyes, and mouth towards Su Ming without his control.
This scene shocked Flame Fiends' Progenitor. He moved back swiftly, but he could not stop his life force and soul from spreading outwards. With just one glance, Su Ming had been able to cause this to happen, so there was no way Flame Fiends' Progenitor would not be in shock.
Fortunately, Su Ming had immediately shifted his gaze, allowing Flame Fiends' Progenitor to quickly circulate his cultivation base and force the life force and soul which had spread out from his body to fuse into him once more. His expression instantly turned pale, and with fear in his eyes, he looked towards Su Ming.
Zhu You Cai sucked in a deep breath as well, while as for the bald crane, it shuddered, and a dazed look appeared in its eyes. There were countless jumbled memories colliding against each other nonstop in its head.
"The Aura of Abyss… the death of all lives… the power to bring forth light and darkness with one thought… it is not allowed to appear…" The bald crane's eyes rolled back, and it fell to the ground with a loud thump. Once it quickly climbed back to its feet, it used its claws to seize its head again. A drawn out breath left its mouth.
"Darn it all, this is just someone asking for a beating. Come here, Abyss Dragon, let me hit you." The bald crane moved, and a black dot immediately flew out of its body. It instantly turned into an Abyss Dragon, but just as it was about to hit the bald crane, the bald crane quickly went up to it and kicked the Abyss Dragon…
Su Ming was not too far away. At that moment, even though his eyes were wide open, they were covered in a film of red. His body had also shrivelled in the blink of an eye. By then, his he was almost reduced to mere skin and bones, but even in this condition, Su Ming showed no signs of weakness. Instead, there was a vast power brewing continuously in his body.
"I need a sufficient amount of flesh, blood, and souls to activate the Abyss Gate and make it stop absorbing my life force." Su Ming's eyes sparkled. His heart was filled with anticipation at that moment. He looked forward with eagerness to what sort of changes would occur once he eventually opened the Abyss Gate, one of the Abyss Builders' three great inborn abilities.
Su Ming was already aware of the might of being to reverse time and having a body capable of Possessing all lives. They gave Su Ming a feeling that he had an incredibly great ability to survive. The power of these two divine abilities was enough to make all people go mad for them.
At that moment, Su Ming might have only understood a bit of the activation of the third ability from the legacy in his soul, but it was still enough to make his heart tremble. His eyes sparkled, and he looked towards the sky with the fog flowing around it in streams. Never in his life had he yearned for war… to come sooner as much as he did at that moment.
He sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes to suppress the excitement in his heart. He also continued suppressing the bottomless pit which had formed in his body. As he did so, various thoughts echoed in his mind.
'For this Dao which belongs to me and the creation of my home… even if I, Su Ming… have to overturn the universe and destroy all lives, I will complete it!'
Su Ming's breath quickened. By closing his eyes, he hid the determined yet crazed glare in them. Rays of gray, red, gold, and black light changed continuously on his body, making him feel as his thoughts were gradually being ignited by some sort of will in his heart. Eventually, it turned into a brilliant light in his eyes that was covered by his eyelids, but even so, his heart… went through a metamorphosis.
As time trickled by, one month passed. Throughout it, Su Ming remained seated on the mountain. His body had withered to the point that he looked like a skeleton. It seemed like he would come apart from a single gust of wind. However, the presence spreading out from his body had become increasingly more terrifying.
Beside him was the bald crane, Flame Fiends' Progenitor, and Zhu You Cai. They would occasionally cast their gazes on Su Ming. The past month had not been easy for them. Even if it was Zhu You Cai who came a bit closer to Su Ming, he would feel as if all his life force, soul, blood, and flesh were about to be sucked out.
During the month, the middle-aged man called Wild Dog had dropped by once, but when he approached Su Ming, his expression changed drastically, and without any hesitation, he left swiftly. He never returned again.
One day, a loud rumble came from the galaxy. The sounds of battle reverberated in the air.. This was the first great battle the Earthen Pole had to face.
Before the five million cultivators from the War Chamber's Earthen Pole was a shining gray screen of light. Behind it were nearly one million cultivators from the Immortals' Union. They were staring at the army with shocked, pale faces.
Behind them were nine planets shaped in the form of spoons. Over there… was a Relocation spot which belonged to the Immortals' Union. It was also the territory of the Dust Dews.
As members of the Immortals' Union, Dust Dews' tribe leader, great elder, and other powerful warriors had solemn expressions with anxiety underlying it while they stood in the galaxy above the nine planets. Their gazes penetrated the screen of light and stared at the five million cultivators from the War Chamber standing with heinous murderous aura spreading from their bodies.
"Wherever the War Chamber passes…" At that moment, a velvety voice came from the planet on which Su Ming stayed and which was located behind the cultivators from the War Chamber. At almost the same instant, low growls came from the mouths of the five million cultivators. "There will be none who live!"
With a loud roar, the five million cultivators charged forward simultaneously. They spread out their cultivation bases and rushed at the screen of light.
Su Ming lifted his head where he sat on the planet. He opened his eyes which were filled with red. It desired blood, flesh, and souls, but he still retained his reasoning.

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