Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 1116

A powerful wave of impac rushed out from the gray screen of light. When it swept outwards, it charged towards the five million cultivators from the War Chamber like a roaring wave, even spreading to the planet in which Su Ming resided.
At the same time, the gray screen of light started distorting violently, as if there was a violent power trying to forcibly tear it apart. It seemed to be struggling under it.
The near one million cultivators from the Immortals' Union behind the screen were pale, but when they saw that the screen had recovered and stopped distorting, their expressions filled with excitement.
"We ask the Nine Planets to battle!" the tribe leader of the Dust Dews said in an imposing voice while standing above the nine planets behind the cultivators and the screen.
As his voice reverberated in space, the nine planets immediately shone. A pillar of light charged out from each planet into space and shot through the screen to descend on the battlefield. They turned into nine figures of light which were about one hundred feet tall. They roared together, and nine presences as strong as those in Mastery Realm erupted from them. With that, they charged at the five million cultivators from the War Chamber.
At that moment, a cold harrumph came from one of the warships. There was absolutely no need for Wild Dog to take command for a battle of this scale. There were cultivators under him who could take up that task.
"Earthen Pole's third, sixth, and seventh battalions, Cut the Horizon!"
At the instant these words were spoken, around one million and five hundred thousand cultivators took a step forward. Their actions were uniform and their presences similar. The trajectory for the circulation of their cultivation bases was also exactly same, and the same divine ability was used.
A huge sword manifested on top of each of their heads at that instant. The swords shone with a bright, glossy light that was piercing to the eye and covered the entire galaxy. When the one million and five hundred thousand cultivators roared, the swords rose with a howl and fused, turning into a sword of light that was one hundred thousand feet long.
It hummed, and as if there was an invisible giant holding onto it in the galaxy, it cut down toward the gray screen of light.
The cultivators of the Immortals' Union were shocked. While still behind the screen, they heard an astonishing, deafening roar when the sword of light touched the gray screen of light. With a bang, the screen crumbled. It was completely and utterly cut by the sword!
"Wherever the War Chamber passes...!"
The voice who had previously called out for the cultivators to gather to execute the Art echoed in space at that moment once more. It was answered by the five million cultivators roaring simultaneously.
"There will be none who live!"
The five million cultivators turned into five million long arcs that charged towards the one million cultivators of the Immortals' Union. Their enemy was exposed once the screen of light had shattered.

This was not a battle where the parties involved were well-matched in strength. It did not matter whether it was the number or their levels of cultivation, there was a great disparity between all of them. The slaughter turned the cultivators from the Immortals' Union into nothing more than scattered sand. They could not hope to compare to Morning Dao Sect's most elite cultivators from the War Chamber.
When the nine figures of light with the power of those in Mastery Realm were about to attack, nine old men flew out swiftly from the warships. As they laughed loudly, their cultivation bases spread out from them, showing that they were all in Mastery Realm. Bloodlust appeared on their faces, and with a heinous, murderous aura, they charged towards the figures of light.
Morning Dao Sect had decided that it would finally use its full force. It had deployed all of its most powerful warriors with the intention… to launch a blitz attack on the Immortals' Union!
The sect leaders wanted to destroy the entire Immortals' Union in one go. At that moment, they were like a huge sleeping beast which had awakened from its slumber and revealed its fangs at the leopards and wolves around it. The roar it sent at the sky could shake the heavens.
The five million cultivators from the War Chamber rushed past the broken screen like wolves which into a herd of sheep. Shrill screams of pain rose into space in an instant, and booming sounds echoed nonstop. With every single step it took, the army of five million cultivators spilled blood and crushed souls.
It was at this moment that a long arc rushed out from the planet which belonged to the War Chamber. That long arc shone with a still light, and within it was an emaciated body as thin as a skeleton. Needless to say… it was Su Ming!
His eyes were bloodshot. The bottomless pit formed by the Abyss Gate in him was continuously devouring everything about him. If Su Ming had not been suppressing it with his full power during the past month, his body and soul would have probably been destroyed a long time ago.
After all, when there was someone among the Abyss Builders who was about to open the Abyss Gate in the Fifth True World, the other Abyss Builders would take a long time to make preparations before allowing them to do so under their protection. Once the person succeeded, they would require a large amount of blood and flesh to replenish what they had lost and stabilize the Abyss Gate.
However, Su Ming's activation of the Abyss Gate was due to all sorts of coincidences, and because of it, he hadn't had time to make ample preparations. However, the battle between Morning Dao Sect and the Immortals' Union gave him a serendipity of blood and flesh that even his people in the Fifth True World would not have been able to obtain.
When he rushed out, a monstrous, murderous aura erupted from his body with a bang, and he was so quick that he instantly shot past the warships as well as the other cultivators from the War Chamber. Wherever he went, the heart of all the cultivators on the warships and those before them would tremble. A strong feeling as if their souls, flesh, and blood were about to be sucked out rose in them.
That feeling appeared only for an instant before it gradually disappeared once Su Ming left into the distance. However, the shock that remained in their hearts would not and could not disappear.
Su Ming charged forward. In just the span of a few breaths, he rushed past the shattered screen of light and straight into the army of the Immortals' Union. The moment he entered the fray with bloodshot eyes, many cultivators executed their divine abilities and charged towards him.
But the instant they approached him, their expressions changed drastically. No matter in what frenzy they had pushed themselves, they all started trembling furiously. The feeling of their soul, flesh, blood, and life force being sucked away shocked them, and it also gave rise to an indescribable terror in their hearts.
Su Ming lowered his head, then raised his arms and pushed them sideways. A shocking rumble instantly reverberated in space, and a gigantic vortex appeared around him. It spun about and covered a circular area of one thousand feet. After just one spin, shrill screams of pain immediately rose in the area around Su Ming, and they were all piercing to the ears.
Nearly one hundred cultivators in an area of one thousand feet shook. Most of their life force had turned into white smoke that was forcibly extracted from their ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. When it fused into Su Ming's body, their blood dried up, and their flesh withered. In an instant, they were reduced to an emaciated state.
Fear and despair appeared in their eyes, and their souls… fused into Su Ming's body as it was continuously sucked out through their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. A large amount of white smoke seemed to surround Su Ming. When it vanished, he stood in space alone. The near one hundred cultivators around him had collapsed together and scattered like ashes.
Su Ming's body was as thin and lanky as ever, but some color had returned to his skin.
"Evil Art! That's an Evil Art!" someone in the distance shouted out with terror.
The area around Su Ming was empty, allowing other people to be able to instantly notice what had happened around him. It was especially so for the cultivators from the War Chamber. Shock appeared on their faces, and if it was not because of the Sacred Constellation Robe on Su Ming's body and that he still somewhat resembled Dao Kong even though he was only skin and bones, even they might have immediately attacked him at that moment.
Su Ming's appearance and his subsequent killing of one hundred people was insignificant to the Immortals' Union, but his method shocked all the people who saw it.
However, there was no time for a person to think too much during a battle. After a short pause, the fighting continued. Su Ming moved, and wherever he went, all the people would scream shrilly while their bodies and souls were destroyed, then absorbed by Su Ming. The red in his eyes gradually faded away, and his body slowly recovered a little. The Abyss Gate in his body shone with rays of dark light at that moment, and a large amount of Aura of Abyss filled his body. His level of cultivation erupted in such a great manner that it seemed as if there was no end to it.
'Kill them!'
Su Ming was so quick that when he charged forward, there was no need for him to use any divine abilities. He only had the power of the Abyss Gate absorb all the life force around him. To him, the activation of the Abyss Gate required flesh, blood, and souls. If he did not absorb these things, they would be absorbed from him until he became a mummy. Besides, Su Ming had no emotional attachment whatsoever to the Immortals' Union or Morning Dao Sect. Even if all of them died, he would not show a hint of compassion.
He only cared about his friends. Even if the heavens collapsed, the earth shattered, and all living beings died, as long as his family and friends were around, nothing else mattered to him.
If he could create his own family in which all the people he cared about were beside him by exchanging the flesh and blood of all lives and the life force of the universe for it… he would do so without any hesitation.
Even if he would be known as a bloodthirsty maniac hated by all, he would not care.
One thousand people around Su Ming had their bodies and souls destroyed simultaneously. All their life force and souls were swiftly absorbed by him. He swiftly turned around and lifted his right hand to point at the center of the brows of a cultivator who had approached him quietly. He penetrated his skull with one finger and sank deep into his head. Then, as the gaze of the Almighty in Mastery Realm who belonged to the Immortals' Union filled with disbelief because he was killed with just one strike, Su Ming absorbed all of his life force and soul.
As he stood above the nine planets, the tribe leader of the Dust Dews fixed his stare on the Sacred Constellation Robe. Then, he shouted shrilly, "Kill him! He's a direct descendant of Morning Dao Sect! Kill him! Even if our entire race is wiped out, we have to make Morning Dao Sect pay the price!"
Dozens of figures beside him charged forward instantly with loud whistles. All of these people were old men, and they were the elders of the Dust Dews. All of them had once been this particular race's tribe leader but had retired at some point. Right then, when their race came face to face with the threat of being completely wiped out, they moved together.
"Kill me?" Su Ming turned his head around to look and lifted his right foot to take a swift step forward to charge towards the incoming dozens of people. At the moment they drew close to each other, he raised his right hand and pointed at the universe.
"Mountain Shifter!"
When he spoke, the universe immediately roared. Countless mountains instantly appeared around him and pushed down on the dozens of people who were closing in on him!

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