Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 1117

Before he reached Mastery Realm, Su Ming had already been able to kill Almighties. When he was in the area used for the Anointment Ceremony for Morning Dao Sect, he could already fight against eight Almighties in Mastery Realm. Later, not only had he reached Mastery Realm and gained an epiphany regarding this particular stage, he had also manifested all five fingers for this Realm. In fact, due to the blade of grass fusing into his body, he had also opened the Abyss Gate.
At that moment, Su Ming was a powerful warrior who could fight against those in Life Realm. There was no lack of Almighties among the dozens of cultivators rushing towards him, but they were all not Su Ming's opponent!
When Mountain Shifter was activated, the world rumbled. The universe tumbled about, and countless mountains pushed down with loud rumbles. They charged towards the dozens of people. When the rumbles became deafening, the group coughed up blood and tumbled backwards.
Su Ming took a step forward, and he was so quick that he instantly closed in on one person. Then, he brought his right hand up and tapped the person between his brows. That cultivator shuddered, and all his life force as well as his soul were instantly absorbed from his body. He then scattered as ashes.
Su Ming moved, appearing and disappearing in a flash seventeen times. Before the seventeen cultivators even had the chance to scream, their bodies dissipated. Vast quantities of life force surged into Su Ming's body along with many souls and nourished his Abyss Gate. At the same time, it also eased the rate of the Abyss Gate's continuous absorption of Su Ming's own life force.
Eventually, he sighed in relief in his heart once he slightly recovered from his emaciated state. He still looked thin, but was no longer as frightening as previously.
'But… it's still not enough!'
Su Ming raised his head, and a glint appeared in his eyes. He stared at the nine planets in the distance with a malicious and strange glare. Without any hesitation, he charged forward. Wherever he went, all the cultivators who tried to block his path would have their life force and souls wiped off, causing Su Ming to look like a fierce tiger on the battlefield. No one dared to get close to him, let alone stop him.
He had a powerful cultivation base, a bizarre divine ability, and extreme speed. These things caused Su Ming to immediately become the center of attention on the battlefield. As the five million cultivators from the War Chamber continued with their slaughter and the one million cultivators from the Immortals' Union's Dust Dews fought back in a frenzy, the death count grew to a heinous degree.
Booming sounds reverberated on the battlefield, but Su Ming turned into a long arc and charged towards the nine planets. He looked as if he was about to cut through space.
He was so quick that he instantly closed in on one of the planets. The tribe leader and elders of the Dust Dews roared, and when another dozens of cultivators gritted their teeth and charged towards Su Ming, he performed an act that caused the fighting parties on the battlefield to be so shocked that they even forgot to continue fighting!

He… raised his right hand, and the instant the dozens of cultivators drew close to him, he seized one of the nine planets through the air. At the same time, the Abyss Gate in his body sent out a suction force, pulling in a great amount of energy. It traveled along his arm and went straight to his palm. Then, with a bang, a huge palm manifested in front of him with his power of a person in Mastery Realm.
The palm was a mere illusion, but it was one hundred thousand feet long. As loud rumbles echoed in space, it seized the planet. The power of the Abyss Gate erupted from it in vast quantities, making it shudder violently, and right before everyone's eyes, a drastic change great enough to shock all those who saw it appeared!
All the green plants on the planet withered, and all the rivers instantly dried up. The still ocean went dry. The countless ferocious spirits within it were reduced to ashes at the same moment. The ground turned dry and yellow. Cracks tore through the land, making it seem like there were earth dragons moving about and tearing the ground apart.
Mountains collapsed. When the people looked at the land, they saw the dried up and yellow earth swiftly expanding. In just a few breaths, the planet seemed to have walked through its entire life. Its life was swiftly being extinguished, and wisps of white smoke were continuously seeping out. All of them surged towards Su Ming and rushed into his ears, nose, mouth, and eyes.
The planet was also rapidly shrinking right before everyone's eyes. In the end, with a loud bang, it shattered and turned into countless fragments that scattered into ashes as they tumbled backwards. The ashes contained all the lives and the Essence of the World which belonged to the planet, and as it collapsed, they turned into white fog that filled the entire area and instantly surrounded Su Ming.
In just the span of a few breaths, all the white fog was completely absorbed. When Su Ming was revealed once again before the people's eyes, he was no longer thin and lanky, but had returned to his original appearance.
He was dressed in the Sacred Constellation Robe while his black hair danced in space. The third eye at the center of his brows seemed had been activated, giving Su Ming a mystifying air. There was also a dense wave of Aura of Abyss surrounding him. All the people who were close enough felt like a chill would creep up their hearts the moment they cast a glance at him.
This scene caused the pupils of all the cultivators in the area to shrink. Their minds went slightly blank at that moment. Destroying a planet was not difficult for an Almighty, but Su Ming had not just destroyed it. He had… absorbed all the life force of the Essence of a World.
There was no way anyone could not be shocked by this. In fact, the dozens of Dust Dew cultivators who were rushing at Su Ming came to an abrupt halt from it. As their faces turned pale, they immediately fell backwards and did not dare to get any closer to Su Ming.
After a short period of silence, the battle resumed. This time, the intensity was no longer the same as before… The cultivators from the Immortals' Union seemed to have lost most of their will to fight back after witnessing Su Ming's act of absorbing the life force from a planet. They no longer had any spirit, while the five million cultivators from the War Chamber were the exact opposite. Their fighting spirit had been rekindled, and they marched forward with loud booming sounds, continuously reaping lives without running into any form of resistance.
Su Ming did not bother about the parties involved in the battle. A brilliant light shone in his eyes, and when he looked towards the remaining eight planets, he charged towards them.
Time trickled by, and about eight hours passed. Rumbling sounds had continuously rang out while the nine planets were being absorbed by Su Ming, but once the last one shattered, the place gradually fell silent.
There were countless corpses floating in the galaxy, along with a large number of broken limbs. A bloody stench filled the area. The cultivators from the War Chamber had split into three groups. Two of them were chasing down the fleeing cultivators of the Immortals' Union while the last one was walking through the battlefield. Whenever they found any corpse that was still in marginally good shape, they immediately crushed its skull. This act that was reminiscent of performing a last hit on an enemy was a habit of the War Chamber, and they did it after every battle they won.
Wherever the War Chamber passes, there will be none who live—these were not empty words.
Another six hours passed. As the groups of the War Chamber who had went to chase down the fleeing cultivators from the Immortals' Union returned, they reorganized themselves and found that they had only lost one hundred thousand something cultivators from the Earthen Pole. They then charged into the distance once more with booming sounds reverberating in space. The long arcs from the warships, the roars from the large beasts, and the movement of the planet stirred ripples in the area. They swept aside all the drifting corpses and dissipated the bloody stench.
The battle had already ended. The murderous aura of the five million cultivators from the War Chamber's Earthen Pole had grown thicker, but when they occasionally turned their gazes back to look at the planet, their eyes filled with fervent ardor and respect.
Su Ming once again sat on the mountain he had claimed with eyes closed to meditate.
There were plenty of cultivators from the Immortals' Union who had died in his hand during the battle, and he had also directly crushed the Dust Dews' homeland—the nine planets!
From that moment onwards, the Dust Dews disappeared. This race no longer existed in True Morning Dao World.
This was war. There was no right or wrong in it, only those who stood in opposition to each other!
While Su Ming meditated, the Fog of Abyss which was the Abyss Gate in him swiftly crystallized. When he looked at it, most of it had already crystallized. With just a little more, the entire thing would turn into a crystal.
Time passed, and Su Ming spent all of it in meditation. Battles erupted all along the way, sending the War Chamber through a dozen battles of various scales in one month of slaughtering their way into the Immortals' Union.
They were not the only ones fighting. War reports would be sent into Wild Dog's hands almost every single day with a unique method. With Su Ming's status, he could naturally read those reports as well.
Morning Dao Sect had deployed ten armies of cultivators this time around, and most of them numbered in millions. They slaughtered their way into the Immortals' Union from ten different directions, intending to determine the winner of the war in one go.
This was the first time Morning Dao Sect had erupted and fought back in such a manner, taking the Immortals' Union by surprise and forcing it to continuously retreat. There were ten armies, and wherever they went, they almost always left the area in complete devastation. They slaughtered to a heinous degree and massacred whole races.
They did accept any form of surrender!
Since these people had betrayed them before, their only fate was complete annihilation of their race. Morning Dao Sect's counterattack was like lightning and filled its territories with a bloody stench.
The closer the armies got to the core of the Immortals' Union, the stronger resistance they faced. After about half a month left before the War Chamber's Earthen Pole would reach the core of the Immortals' Union, they ran into a battle that was on a far greater scale than before.
With only around four million cultivators left, the War Chamber fought against an army of cultivators numbering to nearly three million from the Immortals' Union. The slaughter had was already going for nearly a day.
During it, the number of deaths on both sides was so devastating that Wild Dog had personally come forth to command the battle. The roars of beasts filled many corners of the battlefield. When the loud bangs of warships collapsing reverberated in the air, the seven-colored light from the planet where Wild Dog was swept outwards once every hour.
There were hundreds of huge eyeballs floating in space over at the camp which belonged to the Immortals' Union. They constantly observed all the changes on the battlefield. Beneath them, at the rear end of the camp, was a nine-storey tower. Orders came from it to lead the cultivators from the Immortals' Union in the battle.
A large number of cultivators that could be clearly identified as Immortals surrounded the tower while standing on flying swords. Their gazes were cold and ghastly as they stared at the cultivators from the War Chamber in the distance.
In fact… Su Ming even saw two black-robed people further into the distance!
They were the exact same as the one he'd seen in Dao Ocean's illusion!
However, he did not see the giants who were known as Ancient Deities. Yet Su Ming had a feeling that if the black-robed people were around, then there was a high possibility that the Ancient Deities would appear as well!

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