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Queen Kohra summary:

The Kingdom of Ataliya has been ruled by the priestesses of Muni for over a million years. Queen Kohra is the chosen one and appointed when she reaches 18. The thing about her though, is that shes unwilling to chose a consort. \nLesker is a scholar in the monastry of the god Burmi. He is chosen as the first consort for Kohra, the very stubborn queen.\nWhat happens when intelligence clashes and f...

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Queen Kohra Chapters

Time uploaded
51 Episode 74 days ago
50 Episode 65 days ago
49 Episode 55 days ago
48 Episode 4a week ago
47 Episode 3a week ago
46 Episode 2a week ago
45 Episode 1a month ago
44 Losa month ago
42 42 Epiloguea month ago
41 41a month ago
40 40a month ago
39 39a month ago
38 38a month ago
37 37a month ago
36 36a month ago
35 35a month ago
34 34a month ago
33 33a month ago
32 32a month ago
31 31a month ago
30 30a month ago
29 29a month ago
28 28a month ago
27 27a month ago
26 26a month ago
25 25a month ago
24 24a month ago
23 23a month ago
22 22a month ago
21 21a month ago
20 20a month ago
19 19a month ago
18 18a month ago
17 17a month ago
16 16a month ago
15 15a month ago
14 14a month ago
13 13a month ago
12 12a month ago
11 11a month ago
10 10a month ago
9 9a month ago
8 8a month ago
7 7a month ago
6 6a month ago
5 5a month ago
4 4a month ago
3 3a month ago
2 2a month ago
1 1a month ago
1 Prologuea month ago
2 Introductiona month ago
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