Re Birth Of A Genius. Creatordestroyer Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Gains

Sam opened his eyes with difficulty. He felt his whole body aching and heavy to even move. He saw the very familiar ceiling of his room. With much difficulty he moved his sore body and sat up as he leaned his body on the head rest.

Suddenly, he remembered something and immediately checked his hands, he saw his ring which has divine dimension attached to it was still there and heaved a sigh of relief. When he peered into the dimension, he saw that ten shadow mice are resting in dark element one with their eyes closed. for visiting.

They are only safe because, they used their elemental fusion and turned into shadows, which are intangible to have any affects of the poison, but they were full exhausted.

When he checked the surroundings of his room, he saw a few spatial rings that were left on the bed-side table. Before he tried to take a look at them, two birds flew into the room from the window. They are Yanwu and Sky, both of them are in their normal bird forms which are a raven and a falcon.

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