Re Birth Of A Genius. Creatordestroyer Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Deal with Maya

Sam woke up in the evening and had a hearty dinner and went back to rest. But that night, was sleepless to many people. Because, in the houses of many commoners, a leather pouch appeared out of nowhere with thousands to tens of thousands of spirit stones. The amount varied on how much their lives were affected by the Black pond's illegal activities.

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All the commoners who received the leather pouches also received another thing with it and that is a note with words 'Robin Hood'.

Next day, the news went to the high-level officers and even the Count himself. When he learnt of the name on the note Robin Hood, he completely believed the scrolls and the letter that came yesterday. Now, he desperately wanted to meet this guy and recruit him. After all, even though the other party is dealing with the absolute scum of the society, the higher ups and the people in the ruling, wouldn't just leave it at that.

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