Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104: Jun Yinglians Discovery
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

When Zhan Yunfei heard the name, it reminded him of what had happened three years earlier.

Back to that battle, he was hiding, trying to make a sneak attack

However, when he was about to get it, Xiao Monarch suddenly turned around and stared at him in the eyes fiercely. Zhan Yunfei retreated fast like his soul was getting out of his body, but Xiao Monarch suddenly shouted. It shocked the entire space.

The wind started to blow, and the lightning was striking. The world was shocked. Xiao Monarch was fighting with blood stains on his body among the bolts of lightning. It only took him one second to approach Zhan Yunfei.

Zhan Yunfei was standing with a lot of people, who were all enemies to Xiao Monarch, but he still felt like he was alone.

He felt death!

After that, Xiao Monarch's deadly palm attack moved fast toward him.

He tried to defend against it by swinging his sword with all his power, but he still couldn't stop the attack. The sword was broken, and his arm was cracked. That palm attack didn't hit him yet, but the bones in his chest had been broken because of the suppression of the palm hit

If his spiritual beast didn't get down and give up its life to save him, he would have been killed by that one strike.

At that moment, he powerlessly witnessed the dear spiritual beast that had accompanied him for years die in a cloud of flesh and blood, and the blood was dripping down on his face. What he saw in sight were Xiao Monarch's icy eyes.

That was a pair of cold eyes that were full of terror after all the slaughter.

That moment, that pair of eyes became his constant nightmare. He would never forget it for the rest of his life!

If the others didn't attack at that moment, if Zhu Jiutian didn't risk himself to save him, he might still have died in that battle and became a pile of flesh and a cloud of ashes!

At present, he still hadn't recovered yet!

Xiao Monarch!

He was like a demonic god!

[We are lucky that he is dead.]

However, whether Xiao Monarch was dead or not, Zhan Yunfei would never agree to fight such a horrible enemy again!

Xiao Monarch could take a man's life as well as his bravery!

In fact, he could even take all a man had!

Even in the several years after he died, Zhan Yunfei had lots of nightmares, seeing Xiao Monarch's cold eyes.

There was no hatred, no hostility, no anger, nothing

Indifference was all!

Zhan Yunfei even thought that if he could become a figure like Xiao Monarch, he would die with a proud smile even if he was beaten up to death by a bunch of people surrounding him.

"The name is not bad." Zhan Yunfei gently sighed. He seemed to think of something. He looked upset, and he said, "However when you go out in the martial world follow your father's instruction. Don't tell others your real name. Just use Ye Chongxiao. Ye Xiao is a name that you shouldn't tell others unless you have already become powerful enough to dominate the world and fear nobody. Just try not to expose it."

After he said so, Zhu Jiutian stayed silent for a while. In the end, he sensibly nodded and then made a long sigh.

"I will remember it." Ye Xiao took a deep breath and cautiously said.

Zhan and Zhu were kind and thoughtful to Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao knew it, but

"What a shame I don't think I can keep it unexposed anymore," Ye Xiao lightly said.

Zhan Yunfei and Zhu Jiutian sighed together.

That was true. The resounding of this name was difficult to stop now!

Ye Clan suddenly rose up.

Misty Cloud Palace fully supported Ye Clan. Cold Moon Palace's two powerful cultivators suddenly showed up and declared the son of the present Chief was the private disciple of the three grand elders of Cold Moon Palace.

Qiong-Hua Palace planned to attack Ye Clan, but end up retreating in shame!

What happened could shock the whole Qing-Yun Realm!

The key of the breaking news was that Ye Clan's young lord, Ye Xiao, was actually the secret disciple of the three grand elders of Cold Moon Palace, Ye Chongxiao!

Such shocking news would spread like the wind. How could anybody stop it?

It was exactly like Ye Xiao said, also like Zhan and Zhu thought!

People who got to know the news would be shocked at first. [Is it true, such a dramatic thing actually happened in the world?]

People were all more or less confused. None of them knew exactly what had happened. However, the less they knew, the more curious they were.

The news spread faster than anybody could imagine.

Within several days, it became a piece of breaking news that everybody in Qing-Yun Realm knew!

On top of a mountain.

Jun Yinglian was wearing a white suit which had the color of snow. She was staring forward.

All in her sight was ice and snow.

In the far distance, she saw a man, who looked just like Xiao Monarch being hunted!

A bunch of men who were in black suits with masks on the faces tried to kill the man who seemed to be Xiao Monarch.

"Ye Xiao! How surprising, you piece of sh*t actually is still alive! You got a tough life!" One man was shouting, "However, you are greatly damaged. How do you think you can still domineer in the martial world? Today is your last day!"

"You want a fight, then we fight! Enough for the bullsh*t!" That fake Xiao Monarch blandly smiled and casually started his moves. He even acted exactly like the real Xiao Monarch.

Jun Yinglian coldly watched him.

She didn't do anything.

It was the fifth time she saw the fights!

Countless masked men in black started the fifth attack on the fake Xiao Monarch.

Before this, the same thing had happened four times.

When she first saw it, she almost made an attack to save him.

However, now she would not even think about it.

At the end of the first fight, the fake Xiao Monarch tried his best to fight back. After killing lots of men in black, he finally made it out of their encirclement and fled into the forest. He looked badly injured. However, Jun Yinglian felt something wrong. She didn't eventually show up help him. She didn't go after that man.

She stayed around the place where they had that first fight for three whole days and locked the entire area with her spiritual mind.

After three days, she found that those men who were killed by the fake Xiao Monarch actually stood up after lying on the floor for three days.

Those men just sighed and then disappeared fast into the forest, in the direction where the fake Xiao Monarch had gone.

At that moment, Jun Yinglian felt cold in her entire body.

[A trap!]

[A despicable trap!]

[This Xiao Monarch Ye Xiao is no doubt a fake!]

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