Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115: Qiong-Hua Palaces Conditions
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Yue Han continued speaking blandly, "We never follow any rules. We never trust the right or wrong theory. We trust power. If Xuan Bing is here, she decides what is right and what is wrong."

"But she isn't. Then we decide what is right and what is wrong."

Yue Shuang coldly said.

"We are on Qiong-Hua Palace's side, like always." Yue Han said.

"What we are going to do is never going to be fair to Ye Clan." Yue Shuang looked at Ye Nantian and blandly said, "So You asked me how we Qiong-Hua Palace want this to end. I just gave you my answer. That is the only answer I can give you at the moment."

Ye Nantian carefully listened to Yue Shuang's words. Then he took a breath and blandly said, "I never expected Qiong-Hua Palace would be reasonable to us. The world is a world of power. No matter what you want, just say it."

Yue Shuang peacefully looked at Ye Nantian. Nothing changed in her eyes. She said, "There are a few requirements from us about this unpleasant matter. If Ye Clan can meet all of them, Ye Clan survives."

Ye Nantian looked calm. He casually said, "I would love to know more."

"First, we once asked Ye Clan to expel Ye Nantian, but Ye Clan violated the promise. We need an explanation." Yue Shuang said.

Ye Nantian laughed with a sneer, "I don't understand what kind of explanation you want from us. I have been living down in the lower realm for over ten years. I have been through all kinds of difficulties and pains. Because of my own efforts, I have reached the position I am now. Ladies, I believe you can see my cultivation level now. According to what you said then, I can see Xue-er again and go on with our own lives as long as I am in Dao Origin Stage! You were there. What I said is true, isn't it? I am a member of Ye Clan. I now achieved a high level of cultivation, then why can't I return to my home? I don't need to keep staying down there, do I? How is that reasonable?"

"What? Because you don't want us to rise, we should just lie down at the bottom? Once we rise a bit, you will see us as enemies?"

Ye Nantian wasn't being nice. What he said was sharp.

However, Yue Han stayed quiet for a while and then said in a low voice, "Yes. As far as I am concerned, that is exactly what we do."

Ye Nantian didn't feel anger; he laughed instead.

"Master Yue Han, do you mean Qiong-Hua Palace is going to bar me forever? You want me to stay away from Qing-Yun Realm forever?" Ye Nantian sneered, "Well then, let me ask you one thing. Your Prime Master, Moon Queen, made a promise She said I could go to Qiong-Hua Palace and marry Xue-er, regain our family life, as long as I reached Dao Origin Stage What about her promise?"

"Now I am in Dao Origin Stage. I wonder if you will keep the promise you made?"

"I don't care if you two are reasonable or not. It has nothing to do with me. But that was a promise the Moon Queen made to me by herself. Are you going to treat it as a blow of wind, leaving nothing dignified after blowing over?"

He kept his hands behind the back, facing two of the most influential figures in Qing-Yun Realm, and sneered, "You want us to give you an explanation. I don't know what explanation I can give you. Instead, I want an explanation from you, about the promise your Moon Queen made to me! I wonder if you know how to explain it?"

Yue Shuang and Yue Han looked hesitant this time.

They both had pure hearts and simple minds. They always did things in the simplest way. However, they wouldn't go against their conscience. They could simply stand on their sect's side, to do things that were good for their set. They wouldn't mind if those things were reasonable or not. However, what Ye Nantian said was a situation that might either go against their sect's interest or the other way around. They both knew he was telling the truth. That made them hesitate.

Even though Ye Nantian was already in Dao Origin Stage, they could make him into a pile of ashes by waving one hand. It was as easy as turning over their hands!

However, the problem was that the Moon Queen did make that promise, and they couldn't deny a promise the Moon Queen made!

They couldn't go against what the Moon Queen promised to Ye Nantian.

They had two purest hearts which had helped them improve in cultivation. If they abandoned their conscience, there might be lots of troubles in their cultivation path!

When they came to Ye Clan, they never thought that Ye Nantian could possibly reach Dao Origin Stage, and met the condition the Moon Queen made.

Back in the old days, Ye Nantian was only in Dream Origin Stage when he was in the fight against Qiong-Hua Palace. In that fight, Qiong-Hua Palace's people damaged him so hard that he dropped to level one of Dream Origin Stage. When he arrived in Land of Han-Yang, he was already level nine of Spirit Origin Stage. He had carried the hidden wounds in his body. In a low realm like Land of Han-Yang, it was impossible for him to take any improvement. The hidden injuries should make him weaker and weaker.

Song Jue was in the same situation as Ye Nantian. However, he was even weaker than Ye Nantian when he was in Qing-Yun Realm, so he got more badly injured. When Ye Xiao was going to cure Song Jue, Song Jue was only like an ordinary man. His internal energy was all gone. He had no cultivation capability at all. In fact, if Ye Xiao didn't save him, he should have died!

The same as Song Jue, Ye Nantian's hidden wounds were cured by Ye Xiao. His power was back. He even significantly improved. After he took the supreme dan beads from Ye Xiao several days earlier, he broke through the top of Dream Origin Stage and reached Dao Origin Stage. He finally met the condition the Moon Queen asked from him. He finished what the Moon Queen required, which should be impossible!

That was not the most important point at the moment. For Yue Han and Yue Shuang, as Ye Nantian said, they didn't have a reason to ask for explanations.

Then what were they doing in this place?

They had two ultimately pure hearts. They were never ignoble people who were always domineering and ignoring their conscience. Now that Ye Nantian was questioning them, they were shocked.

Ye Nantian took a deep breath in and said, "Ladies, you come to us to ask for the explanation. Well, then, since the chance is right in front of me, may I ask when will your Moon Queen fulfill her promise to me?"

Yue Shuang and Yue Han looked at each other. After a while, they said, "You were right. Let's forget the first thing we want. The second will be your son. We need to take your son back to the palace to meet Moon Queen."

"Your son is also the son of our saintess. Our saintess is never allowed to have sex, not to mention deliver a child. We must take him back this time!"

Yue Han peacefully said.

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