Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153: A Problem About His Cultivation Level
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Ye Xiao knew that he had been improving unbelievably fast already. Maybe he was not the best in improvement in the history of Qing-Yun Realm, but he was definitely the best in the current era. In the latest hundred thousand years, nobody improved faster than him in cultivation. He had been cultivating for less than three years, and he was already in Dao Origin Stage. That was sick!

However, he wasn't satisfied with it. He wanted to be faster!

That was why he was being such a prick! He really should feel contented!

The hawk was flying fast. They were back to the Town of Ye in a short time.

Yue Shuang and Yue Han had been waiting for him for such a long time. They took the hawk as an excuse to take Ye Xiao away from Ye Nantian before Ye Nantian had time to ask Ye Xiao about what happened.

When they were back to the room, the two ladies looked quite excited.

"Was it Jun Yinglian?"

"Is she our sister-in-law?"

"Where is she?"

"She must be beautiful, isn't she?"

"She must be! Otherwise, she won't be a match for our brother!"

"Did you see her?"

"What on earth is going on with you two?"

"What did you say after such a long time?"

"Did you hold each other and shed tears? Did you tell each other how much you missed each other?"

"Come on! Come on, say it"

Ye Xiao was embarrassed. He wanted to say something but he couldn't.

Suddenly, the two ladies found something wrong.

"Wait! Brother, what happened to you? Why do you look like a pighead? Who beat you?"

"Oh no! Isn't it vicious Your entire face is swollen So are your eyes your nose your ears"

"You mouth and your hands too Oh my heavens Your butt is unbelievably swollen"

"Who was it?"

"We will catch him!"

Then the two ladies stopped at the same time.

They looked at Ye Xiao and started to murmur.

"It couldn't be Jun Yinglian could it?" Yue Shuang said.

"Brother, did you do anything indecent to her" Yue Han said.

"No way. How would brother do anything indecent to his wife? Besides, even if he did, it shouldn't be indecent!" Yue Shuang twisted her mouth.

"It sure could be indecent too! Look at him! If he did that thing to her, it was indecent!" Yue Han said, but she was not so sure.

"I told you that whatever our brother do to his wife, it is not indecent!" Yue Shuang stared at her.

"What is it then?" Yue Han said.

"Well It is Do not lay your hands on adults' business, you little girl!" Yue Shuang said.

"I just want to know what indecent thing brother has done to her" Yue Han looked upset. "Nobody knows who is the elder one. You can't call me little girl!"

"I can! I just did! You are the younger one!" Yue Shuang humphed and then fell into thoughts. "Actually, I also want to know what brother did to make himself beaten up like this"

"That's strange"

"Let's both think about it carefully"

"Hmm That's right. This is Hahahahaha"

Then the two ladies put their hands under their jaws while rolling their eyes and thinking about it. However, what they were trying to figure out at the moment was entirely a different matter with what they were asking about in the first place.

That was entirely a different matter now

Ye Xiao stood on a side, with his mouth twisted and eyes rolled aside

[What is more horrible than a woman] Ye Xiao thought, [Three women]

He literally couldn't stand it anymore. [I can't take it Jun Yinglian, who has always been a lovely little girl, suddenly changed I I]

He must be sobbing in his heart. He felt that his future was dim.

When a man had an aggressive woman in his family, he was usually exhausted. However Ye Xiao had at least three

[Oh my god!]

[Is this still life?]

After a long time.

They started to discuss the question Ye Xiao asked.

"How to improve my cultivation fast?" When Ye Xiao put forward the question, it all turned to silence.

The three of them were all dominant figures in Qing-Yun Realm.

When they thought about this question, they all thought of one place.

They thought of the same place at the same time!

However, none of them wanted to say it!

Heaven's Terrace!

An opportunity was always accompanied by danger! This place was a perfect example!

Ye Xiao was doing incredibly good in cultivation already, but he needed to get to the peak of cultivation in this realm soon. As more and more people showed up around him, he had to make some big adjustments to the plan of revenge. When he was in the Land of Han-Yang, he had made a huge plan against the three factions to take revenge! It was a vast and thorough plan!

He didn't care if he was too weak himself. He didn't have to use his own power to defeat his enemy. All he needed was a right scheme at the right time, such as using a third power to destroy the enemy for him He could just stir up the wave and push it. When he was in Cold Moon Palace, he had a perfect opportunity to make the three factions fight against each other. At least one of the three factions would be wiped out when the battle was brought up to the table!

However, no matter how thorough the plan was, things always changed too fast!

How did Cold Moon Palace treat Ye Xiao?

Ye Xiao could never say they were bad. He couldn't let Cold Moon Palace fight against the other two sects because Cold Moon Palace would collapse. That was also an unacceptable result for Ye Xiao!

Cold Moon Palace was just like Ye Clan. It was an essential part of his new life. It was where his masters served!

He could never put his masters in danger just to hurt his enemies!

However, things were entirely different on his side now. Even though he was still too weak to fight against the three factions, the people who would stay with him made a dominant team together. If these people were all in different places, he could ask them to attack the three factions from time to time when there was an opportunity. However, most of them were with him at the moment. With these people's capabilities, he could even go start a war against the three factions and maybe he could even win it! What these people wanted now was just one thing.

When they realized Xiao Monarch was still alive, they only hoped for one thing.

The return of the Xiao Monarch! They were waiting for Xiao Monarch to stand up high and start the fight against the three factions!

People would follow him to the center of the chaos!

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