Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176: Hastiness! Massacre!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

"Everybody knows about the fruits in Heaven's Terrace! It is known to the whole world for over ten thousand years Are you telling me that the powerful sects only come for it after waiting for such a long time? Ridiculous!"

"I think you just want us all to leave so that you can stay here to take your chance on the fruits!"

"That's right! The bastard is talking nonsense, trying to scare us away!"

"You are merely a low-level Dao Origin Stage cultivator. How dare you think of occupying the fruits to yourself? You are literally seeking for death!"

"Go get him!"

"Come down here, and I will show you the way to death!"

- Shoot shoot shoot - After a series of shooting sounds, a wave of flying hidden weapons was shooting over to Ye Xiao. People looked at Ye Xiao as if he had killed their fathers

[Bastard! He actually wants to fool us? He actually wants us to leaven Heaven's Terrace?]

[The man is the enemy of us all! We should kill him together!]

Ye Xiao saw the hatred in those people's eyes. He could only sigh.

Many people kept shifting their gaze between Ye Xiao's face and the spot where the fruits should be

They would never leave this place.

"Come on. It's true I don't need to lie to you" Ye Xiao kept dodging the attacks and spoke loudly, "Besides, I don't think there will be any more Divine Yin Yang Fruits coming down It is a waste of time to stay here It's true"

"Fxck you" The crowd was getting even more furious. People kept cursing him, and many of them started to move over with their weapons in the hands. They wanted to kill Ye Xiao.

[I see. You want us to leave. I see. You want to take the fruits. But you shouldn't say that the fruits are not coming anymore! Liar!]

[Fxck you!]

[Absolutely not!]

[I have to kill that bastard to vent the anger in my heart.]

Ye Xiao didn't feel scared. He just slowly got down to the floor. What he could do were only making sigh and shaking head.

Soon he had to do more than just shaking his head. Before the people who were yelling and waving their weapons approached, he hurriedly ran away like a mouse running for life on the street. He eventually went away from the platform, and the people finally stopped chasing him.

They still had to go back and watch the spot after all. The fruits might come down at any second. Ye Xiao was just a weak young man. They wouldn't waste too much time on such a small figure. They had to seize every second to get the fruits as soon as the baits came down... Otherwise, it would be a hundred times more difficult for Ye Xiao to escape their attacks.

"Now what? You got the lesson now, didn't you?" Han Bingxue showed up on his side from nowhere, staring at him with a wicked smile, "You can't convince these people. This place is their hope. It's all they have left in their lives. Their lives will become meaningless if they leave this place."

"People are always blinded by lust! These people, they all are! Anyway, I have done whatever I can. One can fight the will of heavens but always submit to the devil inside one's heart. They should blame themselves!" Ye Xiao looked calm and said in a deep voice, "At least we have run away from the crowd now. Let's find a place to get on our way back."


Han Bingxue and Ye Xiao, like two streams of floating cyan smoke, disappeared in the forest of the mountain.

A shadow was hiding in the darkness somewhere, staring the two of them with a pair of sharp eyes. He coldly watched Ye Xiao and Han Bingxue leave. After hesitating for a second, he became a mass of fog and moved after the two of them.

[These two are suspicious.]

[Han Bingxue is a dominant figure. Why would he stay with a man who is weak as an ant?]

[Why are they so sure that the fruits would not come down again?]

[That guy is weak. How did he sense the approach of the influential people?]

[This is weird.]

[It is better killing ten thousand innocent than setting free a guilty one!]

[I shall follow up and see.]

After Han Bingxue and Ye Xiao left, countless men in dark clothes appeared around Heaven's Terrace. They showed up from nowhere like magic.

One man of them suddenly shouted, "Kill the way up! We spare no one!"

Countless men in black started to rush up to the platform like a sanguinary army from hell!

A massacre began

The men in black had a simple task. They would kill everyone who was wearing different clothes! All they did was the slaughter!

Suddenly, a bunch of deadly killers showed up and started killing. The men on the platform were rattled!

Almost within the time of a blink, the platform of Heaven's Terrace became a big heap of dead men and blood. Many of the people didn't even have time to touch their weapons before they were killed. Most of them died in the first wave of attacks.

"Who are you?"

"This This must be a mistake"

Many people kept trying to talk while swinging their weapons to defend themselves. However, the killers looked so cold and indifferent in the eyes. They didn't care. They had no mercy at all. They just kept killing.

None of the men in black talked. Every one of them was incredibly powerful in martial art! The weakest among these killers were level four of Dao Origin Stage. Many of them were level eight! Some were even on the top of level nine! They were a group of dominant cultivators

When the killers rushed up to Heaven's Terrace, it appeared like a bunch of tigers running into the sheepfold. After a wave of shooting hidden weapons attacks, they just directly ran into the crowd! That had caused bloodshed!

At that moment, all the people in Heaven's Terrace who were waiting for the fruits felt extremely regretful.

A young man had tried so hard to warn them earlier. However, none of them listened. Now that death was approaching, they finally realized how honest and kind that man was.

They had treated the man's kindness like dirt. They didn't listen to him, and they even tried to kill him, eventually drove him away

Death had come now.

What a shame!

"Kill them all! Spare none!"

A man in black who was standing in front of the others on the highest spot. He kept looking around with two sharp eyes.

He shouted, "Spare none! None!"

"Take all the spatial equipment from these people! Do not miss a single one!"

"Quick! Quick! Quick!"

"Get it done in half incense! Then we retreat immediately!"

"Keep your eyes open! Do not miss a single piece of equipment!"

At last, the massacre didn't even last for half intense. The men were all killed. After the killers made sure nobody survived, they gathered up fast, with the broken parts of other killers' dead bodies on their backs.

Apparently, they were not leaving a single trace after.

A few of the killers who seemed to be the most powerful ones took a quick tour around Heaven's Terrace. They were using their strong spiritual mind to carefully scan the entire area, to make sure no spatial equipment were left

After a while, someone shouted, "Retreat!"

The men in black all became dark flows of smoke and rushed down off Heaven's Terrace. After a few seconds, they were all gone, leaving no traces behind.

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