Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214: Live Together; Die Together
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

Tan Qingfeng felt lucky about it.

It was lucky that the weaker, wounded, younger woman who made the area attack. He knew that Wenren Chuchu was only in Dream Origin Stage. She was not even in Dao Origin Stage. That meant the attack wouldn't be really powerful.

He couldn't imagine what would happen if Bing Xinyue, the stronger one made such attack

Maybe even he would die in this place

The misty lotuses were flying everywhere, attacking like a storm. However, it came fast and left fast. After a blast of area attacks, the lotuses were gone. Even the fog was gone.

The world returned clear and bright.

Wenren Chuchu was lying on the floor, maybe dead, maybe alive.

The survivors who survived the lotuses attacks were still fluttering with fear. While they looked around, they found that there were blood stains everywhere about twenty meters away. The bloodstains seemed to cover a big area. When they looked closer, they realized those were not only bloodstains but also tiny flesh pieces. Those who died under the lotuses storm's attack didn't even leave a cognizable body part!

That was literally traceless death! They were now only a pile of meat now.

"Chuchu!" Bing Xinyue exclaimed and hurriedly rushed over. She held Wenren Chuchu in her arms and couldn't stop shedding tears, "Silly girl Why did you do that"

Big Xinyue nearly passed out because of the grief.

Her disciple The person who was closest to her in the world

Had her beloved disciple died for her?

Wenren Chuchu's face looked pale. She just lied in Bing Xinyue's arms. She even seemed not to breathe.

Bing Xinyue hated herself. She hated herself about being useless. She hated it because her disciple sacrificed for her survival. She regretted that she hadn't noticed it when Wenren Chuchu left her. She didn't even have time to stop Wenren Chuchu from activating that deadly martial art.

She hated it because she couldn't activate Misty Lotus even though she had a Pure Yin Body and she cultivated Ling Xiao Ice Art just like Xuan Bing and Wenren Chuchu. If she could activate Misty Lotus, she could have solved the problem by herself

She burst into tears. At this moment, she had forgotten anything else, only the grief for the loss. She didn't even care if she was still in danger. In fact, she wasn't safe yet!

Bing Xinyue's heart was full of her beloved disciple who was dead in her arms.

Bing Xinyue was not like Wenren Chuchu.

If Wenren Chuchu were her, no matter how sad it was, she would have left immediately. She might have started a plan for revenge already.

Wenren Chuchu was right about one thing. Bing Xinyue shouldn't let her death become meaningless.

Sacrifice meant to let the beloved ones to live on. At least, sacrifice was to create a chance for survival

Wenren Chuchu might be heart-stricken, but she would definitely leave.

She wouldn't even hesitate.

However, Bing Xinyue was different.

Bing Xinyue looked cold and indifferent, as if she cared nothing else in the world. It seemed nobody meant anything for her.

In fact, deeply in her heart, she was warm like a scorching fire.

Her heart was soft. She was emotional. She knew that she should take leave as soon as she could! She knew that she should have been gone when Wenren Chuchu told her to in the beginning

She understood that only if she survived, Wenren Chuchu's death was meaningful.

No matter what, she could at least plan an act of revenge for Wenren Chuchu afterward.

However, at that moment, when she saw Wenren Chuchu activate Misty Lotus to save her, she went blank in the head. She couldn't care about anything else anymore.

The only thought of her was to die with Wenren Chuchu!

[What is the point to live this? How could exchange my disciple's life for mine? Living this way is worse than death!]

[Live or dead, she is always my disciple! I can't leave without her!]

[I can't let Chuchu walk alone to the heavens! She won't be lonely if I go with her!]

That was why she didn't leave. Instead, she came back.

She was too emotional. What she was doing was wasting Wenren Chuchu's sacrifice

However, because people like her were always emotional, their stories became inspiring legends

If people were all rational, the world might not be as beautiful as it was

The world wasn't perfect though!

- Shoot shoot shoot... -

It sounded the clothes flicking the air. Bing Xinyue looked over with tears in her eyes. What she saw were a few men who seemed to be the leaders of the Saint Sunlight Sect people.

Although they looked severely injured, they were actually fine.

Only seven of them were alive!

However, that meant the seven of them were all influential figures. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to survive the Misty Lotus!

At the moment, when they looked at Bing Xingyue, their eyes were full of surprise and hatred. They were surprised that the woman was actually so stupid. They knew the younger woman had sacrificed herself to help the other leave, and she succeeded. However, the woman who was alive didn't escape. Instead, she was moaning with tears, wasting time! They were furious because, after one area attack, one hundred and nine out of one hundred and sixteen elites of their sect were dead!

There wasn't even a piece of a body part could be found.

Over a hundred men died and became mince!

They knew Wenren Chuchu was dead, so they could only vent their anger on the other woman!

Tan Qingfeng stared at Bing Xinyue with his fierce eyes, as if he was going to swallow her alive immediately, to avenge the men who died especially to avenge his own brother Tan Qinglin. He had lost his brother in this battle, let alone losing so many disciples of his sect. The seven men stood around Bing Xinyue, blocking any possible way for her to escape.

Bing Xinyue was in extreme grief at the moment. She didn't care what those men were doing or would do. She just felt empty in her heart. She felt like her disciple was waiting for her, staring at her somewhere nearby.

It seemed Wenren Chuchu was expecting her to take revenge.

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