Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1320


The East-rising Purple Qi was indeed the most powerful martial art in history, and the Golden Soul Bell was indeed the most valuable treasure in Qing-Yun Realm. The two things together, even though in a random way, perfectly suppressed the fully demonized Wu Fa!

[You are fully demonized. You are enhanced. So what? I have an incredible martial art and a great treasure! That’s why I am going to wreck you!]

What Ye Xiao said earlier had aroused a great disturbance among the crowd though!

[What? That man was Wu Fa’s brother?]

[Wu Fa has a brother? Another superior cultivator?]

[They shared one name for all those years?]

[They did something to fool the world?]

It wasn’t necessary to explain more about it. When they thought about the stories about Wu Fa, everything was clearly explained. They all got to know the truth behind the legend of Wu Fa!

At the moment, they all looked pretty weird.

Nobody wanted to admit being fooled, even though they were fooled by the recognized world’s most powerful man!

[You are indeed a potent figure in the world, but you shouldn’t have fooled us around!]

[It is unforgivable!]

What they were watching now was Xiao Monarch, who was wearing white clothes, moving his huge golden bell that was as big as a small mountain to smash Wu Fa fiercely.

Wu Fa would hit the bell from time to time and made the blast that blew away the dark clouds in the sky.

– Dang, dang, dang –

The sound almost broke people’s eardrum.

However, nobody complained anything about it, because they all knew that it was a battle of some god-like cultivators!

Perhaps Ye Xiao became the righteous side in the fight because he revealed the ugly truth about Wu Fa.

It was a fight between the man in white and the man in black. Wu Fa was covered by the horrible aura of darkness. He was just like a demon in the world. Xiao Monarch was wearing white clothes, surrounded by the rising purple qi and the golden light. It was easy and reasonable to think of Wu Fa as the evil one!

After watching the fight, they all had their own judgment now.

[Well, it seems the world’s most powerful cultivator isn’t really as good as people always say. The two brothers together didn’t defeat Xiao Monarch. Now one of them is dead. Wu Fa is totally losing it here. I guess the evil will always lose!]

The sound of the blasting fight was ringing in the sky. The onlookers were all hiding in the forest, watching the epic battle

Finally, a sound of explosion

Wu Fa and Ye Xiao both moved backward. Ye Xiao felt like the spiritual energy in his Jing and Mai were exploding out of his body. He seemed to feel heavy because of the wounds, but the spiritual power was rising and boiling inside him.

Wu Fa had been enhanced by the demonic energy but also got severely suppressed by the East-rising Purple Qi. It activated the automatic performance of the East-rising Purple Qi inside Ye Xiao. The energy from the core of the Golden-scale Dragon Fish in his Jing and Mai was turned into some impactive spiritual energy. Inside Ye Xiao’s dantian, it was like a pot of boiling water All those energies were running in

The spiritual purple qi from the Boundless Space also kept entering Ye Xiao’s Jing and Mai at the same time

Ye Xiao had used the Golden Soul Bell to attack, but it didn’t mean it stopped offering the incredible protection. That was why Ye Xiao had been overwhelming in the fight.

After making the continual crazy attacks for some time, Wu Fa had consumed lots of his demonic energy. He started to feel tired. The dark face of him was turning pale. Ye Xiao was winning it.

At first, Wu Fa forced Ye Xiao to fight hard. Ye Xiao did it but mainly used the golden bell to block Wu Fa’s attacks. It seemed to be a drastic fight between the two of them, but Wu Fa was the one who was making the offense. After the East-rising Purple Qi rose up and the Golden-scale Dragon Fish provided endless spiritual energy, Ye Xiao feared nothing anymore.

After that, it became really a hard fight between the two of them.

Now, Ye Xiao was holding his golden bell to force Wu Fa to fight, but Wu Fa was trying to get away from a hard fight

It was obvious that Ye Xiao was winning the game.

The onlookers were all shocked and kept their eyes wide open [Really?]

They surely wanted Ye Xiao to win. After all, they had been fooled by Wu Fa for all those years. Besides, they didn’t want an evil man to defeat a righteous person!

Xiao Monarch was shouting, waving the huge Golden Soul Bell, smashing it down on Wu Fa

– Boom! –

Wu Fa tried to block it but got hit away flying hundreds of meters. Ye Xiao caught up and smashed one more time with the glaring golden bell!

– Boom! –

Wu Fa was hit away hundreds of meters again. He twisted his body to dodge the incoming attacks

The golden light shined again, and Wu Fa had to face it once again As expected, he got hit away hundreds of meters

– Boom! –

– Boom, boom, boom, boom! –

Finally, Wu Fa shouted and spat out a mouthful of black blood to the sky. He looked pretty f*cked up, but still yelled, “Ye Xiao, wait and see You will regret this”

Ye Xiao raised his golden bell and sneered, “Really? I can make you regret right now! Let’s not waste time! It is better you regret! I won’t make the wrong choice. Nobody will!”

However, Wu Fa suddenly dashed away and fled.

The world’s best, the legend in Qing-Yun Realm, the most powerful cultivator actually fled away from the battle after his companion got killed!

The onlookers were all shocked.

[Is this Is this really happening?]

[The world’s most powerful cultivator should at least have the dignity to finish a fight! Even if he dies, he will still be a legend in the history! How could he just flee away? He fought together with his brother against Xiao Monarch but escaped in the end! This is unbelievable! It ruins people’s recognition! It destroys the legend!]

[This is such a disgrace!]

“Holy f*ck!” Somebody couldn’t help swearing.

It must be somebody full of dissatisfaction!

Wu Fa heard it and turned over while crazily dashing to the forest. “Who’s there?” Suddenly, with a double-palm strike, a cloud of dark qi shot over to the forest.

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