Realms In The Firmament Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Accident

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Zuo Wuji planned a few places for Chen Zhi, but they were not simply places to have fun. While somebody was playing in these places, he would not be able to control his true feelings It would reveal the real personality of him from deep inside his heart. It could see through ones heart.

Zuo Wuji wanted to be sure everything was good before he would get to Ye Xiao and discuss about something.

That was something concerning the Kingdom of Cheneven the entire Land of Han-Yang!

When Ye Xiao left Lan Langlang and the other people, he directly went home without hesitation. He hurriedly got off the horse and entered the yard. Song Jue happened to rush out, and they nearly crashed into each other.

Ye Xiao smiled to apologize and then disappeared in the yard.

Song Jue was confused. [What is it? Why is he so hurried? Why is he acting like there is fire on his butt [1]?]

He didnt know that Ye Xiao was truly having fire on his butt now.

The reason was that the Boundless Space was suddenly in a mess.

Every stomach had its capacity. Someone who ate would get full, and someone who ate too much would get plumped. If he ate more than too much, his belly would explode!

Ye Xiao had put all the materials that worth was 10 billion taels into the Boundless Space. It didnt actually made the Space explode. There were a lot of things being added into it. It was more like a small test to the capacity of the Space. When the materials were divided to the Nine Spaces, it took less room.

So what happened to the Space wasnt because of overloading.

However, it was certainly related to that big amount of materials. In fact, it was the Cosmic Hades causing the accident. Ye Xiao was spiritually conquered by that stone. It always brought him trouble from time to time.

It was a recidivist!

As soon as there were many things added into the Space and they happened to have the possibility to influence the Cosmic Hades, it would go mad and break the balance of the Space.

Every time when such a thing happened and the extreme cold qi filled up the Space, Ye Xiao would be mostly benefited. It boosted the process of cultivation, however, that sense of urgency that brought a threat of death to Ye Xiao always made him rather uncomfortable.

The feeling of the death coming closer and closer was truly difficult, even though he could eventually benefit from it!

The situation caused by the Cosmic Hades was always an emergency. If it couldnt be solved soon enough, it would bring terrible consequences!

If it was delayed like half an hour, the materials and treasures in the Wood Space would be affected in a great deal!

The Wood Space concerned the qi of living. It was the very important part that couldnt be damaged

This time, Ye Xiao put all those things into the Space. There were different kinds of things among them, so the Cosmic Hades would have surely gone mad.

Ye Xiao entered his room and just said hello to Bing-Er before he prepared to cultivate. He sat with his leg crossed and instantly got into a concentrated mode himself.

He had to get in the Space now. It was a mess in it, and it was much worse than any other times before. Ye Xiao spent all his spiritual cultivation capability to sort things out before he started to get on the cold qi

He couldnt pay attention to anything else anymore.

As he got into the Space, expectedly, it was filled with the smell of extreme coldness in the room.

When he was dealing with the Cosmic Hades before, he did it alone. But today

Not far from Ye Xiao, Bing-Er easily felt the coldness. She trembled and murmured, Why are you so cold, Brother Xiao? Are you ill?

Bing-Er felt it so difficult to bear the cold. If she didnt care about Ye Xiaos health, she would have gone long ago. After a while, after she forcibly stayed there, she actually felt comfortable for some reason.

It was like the cold was gone.

Bing-Er didnt notice it though. The only thing she cared was Ye Xiaos physical condition.

She reached out her hand to touch Ye Xiaos forehead because she was worried. She felt that it extremely cold. Her finger nearly got frostbite. She was stunned.

What is going on? Why is it so cold?

Looking at Ye Xiaos forehead with ice forming on it, she was so worried. She was panicking. She paced around and rolled her eyes before she said, When I felt bad, Brother Xiao always healed me with his spiritual qi. Now I have my spiritual qi, not much, but it will certainly help. I shall use my power to help my beloved Brother Xiao against the cold.

So she thought, so she did. She got herself into Ye Xiaos arms. On one side, she tried to warm Ye Xiao with her body, and on the other, it would be easier for her to reach her hands to Ye Xiaos dantian and back.

Ye Xiao was strong after all. Bing-Er wanted to touch his dantian and back at the same time, so she had to get close enough to Ye Xiao body to body!

She was ready now. She felt Ye Xiaos body was getting colder. She gritted with her teeth and used all the spiritual power she had and poured it into his body.

Ye Xiao was dealing with the cold qi inside the Space.

This time, the eruption of the cold qi was big!

He was quite experienced about it, but this time, it was too powerful. Ye Xiao had used all methods and energies he had, but still failed to control the erupting speed. He could only hope that the cold qi would be reduced as time went by.

When the cold qi was emitted out off Ye Xiaos body, it would consume the cold qi. As time went by, it would certainly get better.

That was exactly what was happening.

Even though the Cosmic Hades was bursting with huge energy, Ye Xiao would eventually consume it all.

At this moment, Bing-Ers weak spiritual qi entered his Jing and Mai.

In fact, Bing-Er was doing it on full effort. However, that was too weak. Ye Xiao was focusing on fighting against the cold qi, so he didnt actually notice the spiritual qi from Bing-Er. However, because of this tiny strike, the cold qi in the Space suddenly rushed out to where the tiny strike came!

Only within seconds, it converted the tiny stream of spiritual qi from Bing-Er. After that, it rushed into Bing-Ers body like flood.

Bing-Er moaned; she felt like her body was about to explode. She was scared and she wanted to shout for help, but she was unable to open her mouth.

The endless stream of cold qi instantly fully occupied and controlled her body.

Even so, Ye Xiao didnt know anything about it yet.

[1] Fire on ones butt, (), means he is in an urgency.
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