Realms In The Firmament Chapter 542

Chapter 542: Inquest!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
After that, the king fell back on the floor!


Tears fell down!

The king always knew that his second son was not a capable man. He knew that this son would never get any great achievement, however, even though he knew that he must have had messed up with someone he should never have that he was unforgivable but

[Even though he is so wrong he is after all my son!]

[He is my son!]

The king lied on the floor with tears on his cheeks [Who was it?]

[Who attacked the palace?]

[Why so brutal! Why so merciless!]

The king raged and the thunder sounded!

The entire kingdom was immediately in chaos.

All houses were checked. Soldiers walked on the streets like tigers and wolves. They ran amuck in the city. Generals, leaders, captains They were all showing dark faces.

They looked at everybody like they were looking at a murderer. Everyone was a suspect!

Suddenly, everybody started to worry about safety in this big city!

Many people who had attended the fight of the two great sects hid in the city. They had gotten away from the investigation earlier, yet now they were found out. It surely proceeded much strictly this time!

"Second Prince." Ye Xiao sat on the chair. He looked at the prince with cold eyes as he casually spoke, "Now, the city is in chaos because of the bloodshed in your palace. The king loves you so much. Who says royal people have no family factions! That is so wrong."

Second Prince looked at Ye Xiao with a pair of swollen and terrified eyes.

[You devil!]

The man in front of him was exactly a devil!

Over a dozen years earlier, he didnt realize, or he wouldnt even think it was possible that this young stupid son of General Ye was actually such a horrible figure.

However, now he knew it, but it was too late. He was in the devils hand now!

[Do I have a chance to survive this?]

What happened earlier the night was a nightmare to him!

The guards he trusted were cut on the throat and their heads just flew up around him. The heads then fell down around his feet. That was the beginning of the nightmare. It lasted till the current moment, yet was far from the end. There might never be an end to this nightmare. The end of this nightmare might just be his death!

"Ye Xiao, do not be reckless. You should better just let me go now. If your filthy plan is exposed, you entire clan will be wiped out. You will all die without an intact body! What my father is doing today shows lots of things. You are just a normal person, yet you dare to offend the royal houses honor! That is treason! Ye Xiao, you deserve to die!" Second Prince gasped and shouted in a hoarse voice.

He knew what he said wouldnt threaten Ye Xiao at all, but he just couldnt let go of any possibility to live!

"Please calm down, your honor. Dont shout so loudly though. Lower you voice and I may be able to listen to you clearly." Ye Xiao had a drink of tea and said, "And do not have any stupid fantasies now. I wont change anything just because of your stupid words. I wont even listen to you! You are like staying dozens of meters below me now!"

"I can just let you shout as you like, but no matter how you try it, nobody will hear you. However, I just think it is boring to let you waste your energy." Ye Xiao coldly smiled.

"By the way, your honor, no matter how determined your father is Let me guess, will your father come and check the Northern Generals House?"

Ye Xiao asked with a wicked smile.

Second Prince fell on the floor like his bones were all broken when he heard Ye Xiao. He shook his head and his eyes were gloomy.

Everybody knew how important Ye Nantian was to the kingdom!

Second Prince surely knew how important he was to his father!

Nobody could threaten him!

Even when the soldiers had to search the royal house, they would never dare to make trouble for the Northern Generals House!

It was after all the safest place in the capital. Even the foreign forces and assassins wouldnt dare to attack this place, no matter how big a distraction they made in the entire city!

Everybody knew that it was a bad idea to mess with Ye Nantian. If Ye Nantian swayed his sword and said, Find out the man who mess around in my house!, then no matter who the man was, he would just be pushed out and take the responsibility.

They wouldnt want to see General Ye in anger!

That was all!

It was a big reason enough!

Only Ye Nantian had such power in the entire Land of Han-Yang!

No one else did!

Not long earlier, Ye Nantian had just massacred tens of thousands assassins from all over the world when they tried to stand in his way!

He did it quick!

He did it powerfully!

He was a man that was hard to kill! He was an invincible general!

Nobody wanted to mess with him!

Even the king of the three most powerful kingdoms in the world!

Ye Xiao was his only son!

Ye Xiao was the only person he loved in the world!

Second Prince felt helpless now. He knew the King would never find him. It was simply impossible. How could he get saved if nobody found him?

Ye Xiao smiled and gently talked, "Even if the king finds Second Prince, I want Second Prince to make a guess. Can he save his son from my control, seriously?"

It was like a lightning striking into Second Princes heart!

Second Prince had been fighting against his own brothers for many years, so he wasnt that ignorant. He had seen the power Ye Xiao had. That unbelievably powerful Steward Song, and the three horrible assassins, any of them had the power to shock the world.

He thought Hua Liushui was such an experienced and powerful man, the top of the world, however, Hua Liushui was played like a kid. Hua Liushui wasnt weak at all though. Second Prince knew that Hua Liushui was stronger than any of the great masters in the royal house. Since Hua Liushui was strong, then it only proved that Ye Xiao was too powerful!

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