Realms In The Firmament Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Full Attack!

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Wenren Jianyin loudly spoke, "So when they send their superior cultivators out, the only thing we can do is to watch them? Nothing we can do about it? We just sigh? Where the hell are our superior cultivators in the Kingdom of Lan-Feng?"

The other generals were all stressed and ashamed.

[Thats true. Superior cultivators of other kingdoms would join their army and become generals, risking their lives for their country. We must have our own superior cultivators back in our country too!]

[I believe we have no less superior cultivators than the Kingdom of Chen!]

[But where the hell are those men?]

[If they dont show up and never want to join us, will we be suppressed by Kingdom of Chen forever?]

"We shouldnt blame them, Uncle," Wenren Chuchu blandly spoke beside him. "Cultivators in our kingdom, many of them are willing to help. However, even if they can make it here in time, they may still not be as good as the ones in the Kingdom of Chen. Superior cultivators normally fight on ones own. They barely fight in a battlefield.

"The Kingdom of Chen, for the first time, recruited this many superior cultivators to serve the army in thousands of years. I am sure even one hundred decrees Chen Xuantian made could never get those men over to participate in this war.

"To make those men come willingly, follow orders, and behave themselves in the army, there must be a powerful leader!

"This leader has to be powerful and respectful to all the others. Moreover, he must be rich. He had to be able to pay all the expenses, and he must be powerful. He needs to be related to the power in their court. He can get military identities for the martial artists. At last, those cultivators should have been gathered together long ago and taking orders from somebody before they attended this war. Otherwise, it was impossible that they can work with each other so well, like they are truly an army!

"All that matters to them is that they have such a man."

Wenren Chuchu sighed. "But we dont!"

Wenren Jianyin frowned and then was enlightened. He exclaimed, "You mean Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall? Could it be did Feng Monarch join this too? He planned the missions to their martial artists?"

[Join? Plan?]

Wenren Chuchu smiled bitterly.

[Just show up and give a plan on that?]

"Maybe. I am not sure." Wenren Chuchu sighed.

Wenren Jianyin and other generals all didnt understand her. They looked at her confusedly, waiting for her to explain it.

"I should go back and rest." She just ignored them and turned around, then left.

She was thinking. [Is it him? I should go check on it tonight!]

She didnt go on to explain more. What could she say anyway? That Feng Monarch was in Iron Peak?

She couldnt say that. If she said so, the soldiers would definitely lose morale!

Master Bai, who had flew up through the sky and rose up to the upper realm, was a legend in the Land of Han-Yang. He pointed Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall as his only qualified rival. That made Feng Monarch the other legend in Land of Han-Yang!

There was news about how Feng Monarch wiped out two great sects of Land of Han-Yang within one day. Two great sects, in two places far from each other, completely vanished within one day. What a horrible power!

He was simply unstoppable in peoples hearts!

Wenren Chuchu was sure Feng Zhiling wasnt that powerful, but all the others thought he was!

The news was approved by the five noble clans. It was certain to most people in the world!

The night passed.

Wenren Chuchu finally didnt go after thinking for a long time.

She had a perfect excuse not to see him. Her side had just experienced a loss. If Ye Xiao sent Ning Biluo or Zhao Pingtian to assassinate Wenren Jianyin, she had to be around. It was almost impossible to survive against those two killers!

In fact, deep in her heart, she just didnt know how to face that guy. If that guy was truly Feng Zhiling, what should she do?

That was why she gave up the plan!

In the tent, Wenren Jianyin and the others were still discussing about whether Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall joined the battle. They had been through quite a tough night.

A mans fame was like a trees shadow. No matter how good enough a person was for his fame or not, fame was fame. When people believe that somebody was as powerful as they think, it didnt matter if it was true or not. Fame didnt always fit the truth!

Legends about Feng Zhiling was such a puffery!

It made him a lot more terrifying than he should be!

The next day, when the sun just rose up.

Wenren Jianyins men started to move.

"We cant just stay here and wait! Their elites are too good. One can defeat a hundred of us. However, no man can fight continually forever. We have much more men than they are. We cant just stay here defending ourselves. That is such a disgrace!"

"We have to make the attack and take the initiative. Disrupt their plans and make them hold their defense in a negative situation."

"Two hundred thousand soldiers in a team, lets set up a wave shape attacking formation! Cover every spot of them. Do not focus on any point. Keep attacking until we break the Iron Peak! Send out a one hundred thousand men team to cut the trees and make more ladders. Keep supplying ladders to other teams!"

"One million and four hundred thousand men into seven teams. One team after another, we keep attacking. Take turns. I want to take down Iron Peak within three days! Capture Ye Xiao and march for Chen-Xing City!"

Wenren Jianyin gave his order.

That was a risky and cruel order. In his life, this was the first time he ever gave this kind of order. He would never give another in the future either.

The first, also the last time!

The reason was simple. The current situation in the battlefield had driven him into craziness. He had to be crazy.

The war was going into a good phase for the Kingdom of Chen. It seemed the entire world was their enemies, but they were actually getting through the crisis safely. The only chance to defeat the Kingdom of Chen was in Iron Peak now.

Zhan Qianshan was fighting Su Dingguo. It was a tough fight. As it went on, eventually, both sides would be exhausted. Su Dingguo might not be able to defeat Zhan Qianshan, but Zhan Qianshan would also be unable to break through the defense!

That was the truth.

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