Realms In The Firmament Chapter 724

Chapter 724: For You!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Ye Xiao looked extremely handsome in his white clothes.

He smiled and said, "We are old friends. It has been a long time since we met last time. I kind of miss you. Can I have a conversation with you?"

Wenren Chuchu casually spoke, "Ye Xiao, you and your men from the Kingdom of Chen are in the higher position in the war. However, I dont think you have lots of soldiers. I still have about three hundred thousand men, and that doesnt include the soldiers in this city before we came. Our men are not what you saw one day ago. Once we fight for the second time, do you think you really can win? I will give you a suggestion. Just keep what you have earned now and leave soon! If you push a tiger to a dead end, the tiger is not going to back off anymore, even if there will be damage on both sides! Besides, you and me, we are in opposite sides. What is it that we need to talk about?"

Ye Xiao thought for a while and said, "Princess, are you trying to tell me to retreat?"

Wenren Chuchu humphed. "Commander Ye, you are smarter than this. It is your decision to make though. I have no right to make the decision for you!"

Ye Xiao stared at her. He wanted to show a face like he was obsessed to her, but after preparing for a long time, he failed.

After a while, he laughed and spoke in a deep voice, "Since Princess wants me to retreat, I will! For the sake of the relationship between you and me!

"Mountains and rivers are around the world. Princess, we will meet again!"

The next moment, Commander Ye, while riding on his horse, turned around and shouted to his army, "Soldiers! Retreat!"

Such an unexpected, unbelievable and inconceivable order shocked everybody.

People in either side, the Kingdom of Lan-Feng or the Kingdom of Chen, were surprised, including Wenren Chuchu.

Eyeballs of the men both under and on the top of the wall almost dropped to the floor!

[What the hell is wrong with this guy?]





[That mustnt be good!]

[Come on. Your kingdom was invaded and had half of its territory occupied.]

[Now you finally fought it back and seized the absolute advantage. Things are going great on your side. Nothing could threaten you anymore!]

[With everything perfect on your side you actually backed off because the princess of your enemy threatened you with some stupid suggestions? Nobody would believe what she said. It was simply a joke.]

[And you actually retreat]

[Holy heavens and hell!]


Wenren Chuchu was stunned. She asked, "Are you really going to retreat?"

Ye Xiao asked in confusion, "What? Is this supposed to be fake?" He smiled and said, "You have been so thoughtful and caring for me, I should leave for you!"

Wenren Chuchu took a deep breath and smiled. "Thanks, Brother Ye."

Ye Xiao finally successfully showed the obsessed face he tried so hard to make. He stared at her but couldnt feel anything. He rubbed his nose and then left two words. "Take care!"

He didnt feel anything special like he imagined he would but for the others, he was showing a deeply soulful expression in his eyes!

That was true love!

To make her laugh, to see her face, to Commander Ye gave up the chance to conquer the city. He retreated even when he could easily seize a great victory!

All he did, he did it for the pretty girl!

How soulful!

Commander Ye prepared to leave.

Several generals got over to him. "Commander! We are leaving? Commander Please This isnt a good time to joke"

Ye Xiao shouted like thunder strike, "I have promised the Princess. Do you want me to be a dishonorable man? Does my word ever mean anything to you?"

He was acting arrogant and unreasonable at the moment. He was indeed the head of the three lords in town. Now, the generals knew it!

The next moment, he shouted again, "Generals! Retreat! This is an order! We leave right now! Whoever disobey my order, die!"

- Booooommm -

The army was moving backward for real.

Meng Chuanshi couldnt believe what he saw or what he heard at all...

[What? Is this really happening?]

[It is like a childs play, isnt it?]

He turned around and looked at Wenren Chuchu. He was adoring to her immediately. He spoke with sobs, "Princess Thank you You You suffered too much"

Commander Ye left when he could step ahead for the final victory. He had a weird conversation with the princess. In Meng Chuanshis thought, he believed the princess must have suffered some unbearable loss to make this happen.

What was the loss?

What did she do to make Ye Xiao retreat when he absolutely didnt need to?

Even if this Commander Ye was an affectionate man, he had to be moved by what the princess did!

What did she do exactly all men in the kingdom, in the worldnatural mencould have a good guess on this!

Women might even make the story a much more drastic one. Nobody knew what they would make up for it

No matter what, the fact was that Commander Ye and his men left after being threatened by Princess Chuchu with some nonsense!

Wenren Chuchu was speechless while looking at the army leaving the city

After a while, she finally realized what would happen to her. Her face turned dark, darker than the bottom of a burning wok!

Ye Xiao had planned to retreat, yet he did this so as to humiliate Wenren Chuchu!

She didnt want to say anything anymore.

Meng Chuanshi kept making sighs. "Commander Ye seems to be a good man. I heard that there are some men who love pretty girls more than their kingdom, but I have never seen any. Now I have. There truly is such a wonderful man in the world"

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