Realms In The Firmament Chapter 797

Chapter 797: The Other Side of Zhan Yunfeis Personality!
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

A big smile showed up on Zhan Yunfei's face. "Now you have kowtowed to your father. What gift should a father give to his daughter?"

He thought he was making a soft and warm smile, but it actually scared many of the others. It was such a terrible smile!

Xiao Mufei reached in the pocket trying to find something. He said, "Sure. I should give my girl something"

He couldn't help sobbing with tears.

Ye Xiao kept looking at what was happening. He noticed that Zhan Yunfei showed a bit jealousness in his eyes just for seconds

Zhan Yunfei, a master to Xiao Mufei. He knew how miserable Xiao Mufei's life was.

It was such a good opportunity to bring something good to Xiao Mufei's life. He decisively decided to do this for him

It solved a big problem for Xiao Mufei after all.

As he saw Xiao Mufei and his daughter hug each other, he knew he should feel happy for him, but he felt a bit sad and jealous too However, he held the emotion deep in his heart and started to laugh loud.

Looking at Xiao Mufei and his daughter, Zhan Yun pretended to be disgusted and said, "Oh come on Ye Chongxiao, you and I, we should have some secret talk over there. Let's have a good talk. I am going to tell you something about this realm. You will be eye opened!"

Zhan Yunfei walked away and Ye Xiao followed.

A few days earlier, Ye Xiao was full of hatred against Zhan Yunfei. He swore to heavens many times that he would kill Zhan Yunfei with one strike at the first sight of him!

However, he didn't feel angry at all, facing Zhan Yunfei's arrogance.

Maybe Ye Xiao clearly felt that Zhan Yunfei was pretending to be a fastidious prick. Zhan Yunfei was actually solitary, lonely and pathetic.

Even though he stood up straight and always played tough.

For Ye Xiao, Zhan Yunfei was like an awkward old piteous old man walking away from the crowd.

He didn't look like a bright huge sword like he tried to be before.

Ye Xiao felt something.

He was lost.

As Ye Xiao remembered in his previous life, Zhan Yunfei should be vicious, cruel, cold-blooded and evil. He would do anything just to reach his goal.

He was fierce like a lonely wolf in the grassland, also like a cunning fox.

All in all, there was nothing good in his personality!

However, Zhan Yunfei was trying to hide something of his personality. He could feel that under this man's cold heart, there was warmth.

He could be vicious and cruel to the enemy, but also be extremely caring for his own people. He would do something special and awkward for his sect's disciple.

That was what he did for Xiao Mufei.

Ye Xiao had a complex feeling about this. Suddenly, he relived the feeling when he was fighting against Zhan Yunfei in the previous life

Zhan Yunfei used other's body to defend the attacks. When that poor guy died, he suddenly jumped out from behind that dead body and stabbed his sword deep into Ye Xiao's thigh

Blood splashed!

Ye Xiao could still vividly feel the pain on his thigh. It was from the deep bottom of his memory.

Zhan Yunfei used his living ally's body to protect himself and damage the enemy It was a right thing to do for the victory, but it was also vicious and cold-blooded.

Zhan Yunfei got seriously hurt by Ye Xiao after that sword stabbing. His soul beast kept holding Ye Xiao to buy him time to escape. Before he got away, in his eyes, there was full of hatred. He truly didn't want his beast to die!

Zhan Yunfei noticed Ye Chongxiao was lost in thoughts.

He stopped moving to look at Ye Xiao. He was confused. He couldn't believe this young man who had just arrived to this realm actually lost in thoughts at such circumstance.

He thought Ye Chongxiao should be so thrilled and wondering as he was about to teach this young man something important in this world. How come the young man was actually lost in his own thoughts?

"What are you thinking?" Zhan Yunfei sounded cold and arrogant, like he was talking to Ye Xiao from a high position that Ye Xiao couldn't reach.

Ye Xiao had seen through Zhan Yunfei's personality. The way he talked, acted, his attitude They were all Zhan Yunfei's disguise.

Whoever was congenial to Zhan Yunfei would become his friend very easily and quickly. He was a good man deep in the heart, who would always care for his friends.

In another word, regardless of what he had done in Ye Xiao's previous life, no matter he was good or evil, he was definitely a trustworthy friend!

Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "I am thinking about what just happened."

Zhan Yunfei said, "Oh?"

Ye Xiao smiled, "Elder Xiao has been solitary for his whole life. Luckily, he has you who truly cares for him. You know everything about his life. You did that for him. You forgave the girl and used this opportunity to fix Xiao's life. You did a great job. It's awesome. I can't help recalling it in my head. You surely just wanted to do that for Xiao. It is just so well done."

Zhan Yunfei was stunned. He said, "Hmm. So that's what you've been thinking. I thought you were thinking about something else"

He then was lost in thoughts. Apparently he was touched by what Ye Xiao just said.

After a while, he sighed and said, "Isn't it beautiful to fix one's broken life Heh heh There are countless regrets in people's lives If only everything could be fixed"

He stared at a forest and didn't say anything.

The setting sun shined upon the trees, making golden glows. The tree leaves seemed to be transparent.

He stared at the leaves and eventually made a long and deep sigh, as if he was exhaling the sorrow of his entire life. He said, "If I can fix it Let alone being some stupid Dao Origin Stage cultivator I wouldn't even want to be god if I could Ah"

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