Realms In The Firmament Chapter 960

Chapter 960: Crow Mouth
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

"You can mess with anybody, but not with this little thing! You deserve this though. You took advantage of me earlier, and you think you are the best. Good. What now? Behave yourself now?" Ye Xiao smiled. He was gloating.

"You just got beaten up by a cat Hahaha" He laughed and said, "Han Bingxue, do you know what this means? You are worse than a cat Haha"

Han Bingxue's mouth was tilted and his eyes were blue. He was going to get crazy.

What Ye Xiao said was the truth.

Even though he wanted to argue, he couldn't. He got beaten up so hard by a little cat, yet the cat was fine. What could he say?

What could he say?

Ye Xiao felt delighted and he started to move ahead on the horse.

Darky looked at Han Bingxue and neighed. That was sneering. It was obvious. It was laughing at him loudly!

That's right. Darky laughed like a human with its mouth wide open

[This man actually dared to mess with my boss?]

[Humph. He is lucky to be alive!]

"Damn it! Your cat bullied me. And even your horse is laughing at me! I can see it! The horse is actually laughing I see it clearly!" Han Bingxue was shocked. He kept his mouth opened and pointed at Darky. He was shaking.

He was totally shocked

"Why How come After he returned to life, he became so mysterious His cat is like a devil Even his horse is so weird Unbelievable I can't believe this"

Ye Xiao humphed and squinted at him, an ignorant man.

He thought, [Mysterious? Humph. There are lots of things you aren't aware of yet]

They got back on the road. Han Bingxue behaved himself this time.

Ye Xiao knew that Han Bingxue didn't want to make any noise on the road. He just didn't want anybody else to see his face at the moment. If somebody saw him right now, he would rather kill himself!

Oh. He was just that narcissistic!

When they walked to a mountain pass, suddenly, they, including Erhuo and Darky, all looked up to the sky in the distance.

The clouds were rolling in the sky. They felt an overwhelming suppressive qi rolling over to them.

"Who is it?" Ye Xiao said. He and Han Bingxue were both alerted. "Whoever it is, this is such an overwhelming power!"

Han Bingxue looked serious. He said, "Boss. That's not an ordinary man That must be one of the 'monsters' people talk about"

Ye Xiao nodded.

Even Xiao Monarch in his previous life was much weaker than that.

Whoever it was, that was even much stronger than the Thunder, Wind, and Cloud, three grand elders!

Only if the three of them fought together could they compare to this man!

That must be one of the most powerful figures in the realm.

The three grand elders fighting together could fight against Wu Fa, the No. 1 cultivator in the realm!

A thunderclap sounded loudly, and a mass of dark cloud flew over to them.

When they just saw the cloud, it had already flown about a thousand meters behind them. In the cloud, they saw the silhouette of a person. Whoever stood on the cloud was wearing all black, standing proudly on the highest point, looking down upon all lives in the realm.

It felt like a beauty.

It fleeted over them within a second!

The entire place was suddenly filled with extreme coldness!

Even though Ye Xiao had been used to staying in the cold, he still felt chilled!

"That's Great Elder Xuan Bing" Han Bingxue took in a deep breath and widely opened his eyes. "Xuan Bing has been notorious recently? What is she going to do? All the big sects were devastated by her now. Who else could have messed with her again? No matter who it is, they must be unfortunate!"

Ye Xiao wasn't quite interested.

For him, Xuan Bing had nothing to do with him. He hadn't even met her before. In his previous life, he was arrogant. He was weaker than Xuan Bing and Xuan Bing was a lady, so he wouldn't want to be teased by others. That was why he hadn't met her, and he wouldn't want to meet her at all. Life could be easier for him that way.

"Come on, let's go. It's not our business. If it is, she should have come down to us now" The cloud was going further and further away. Han Bingxue was still murmuring about something. Ye Xiao urged him to hurry.

However, something happened. They just felt dark in the sight and then the dark cloud actually flew back to them, moving down to them.

The suppressive qi was moving down to them.

Han Bingxue exclaimed and then dragged Ye Xiao out dozens of meters away, so as to get away from the suppression.

When they both just stood on the floor, a mass of dark fog appeared in front of them.

There seemed to be a person inside the fog, but they couldn't see the face.

They didn't know whether it was a man or a lady. They couldn't even tell whether it was tall or small.

The only thing they were sure about was that the suppressive qi was from this person!

Xuan Bing was back! And she got down to them!

Han Bingxue nearly cried.

He stared at Ye Xiao and thought, [Bloody heavens. Boss, you shouldn't have said that! She did come down to us now]

[You have such a crow mouth [1]. It must be a max level crow mouth.]

[She is here now. What do we do?]

Ye Xiao was surprised too. [What the hell? We have no connections by any means Why did you come down? Because of what I just said?]

[Are you trying to scare us to death?]

In the dark fog, Xuan Bing rolled her eyes and looked at Ye Xiao, then she also looked at Han Bingxue. Suddenly, she was emitting a huge mass of murderous qi rolling up to the sky!

Han Bingxue was totally frightened. He didn't hesitate as he hurriedly stood up straight and operated his full spiritual qi as if he was going to have a tough fight next. He was ready to die fighting.

However, both Ye Xiao and Han Bingxue knew that they would definitely die if they had to fight this legendary figure, Great Elder Xuan Bing, no matter what they tried!

However, the fog just kept floating in front of them. For a long time, nothing happened.

The murderous qi stopped and then rose up again and again. It seemed Xuan Bing was hesitating about whether she should kill them or not.

[1] Crow mouth, refers to person who made an inauspicious remark that would eventually come true.
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