Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4922

Chapter 4922: Waiting For This Day For A Long Time

Chapter 4922: Waiting for this day for a long time

But that kind of power is fleeting, and no one else can sense it.

"The patriarch understands now!" Zhao Yuande thought about him.

"Understood! This matter is actually not difficult, but it will be easier if you can convince the other four clans to assist." The Yuan clan chief was shocked at first, but then his face showed uncontrollable ecstasy. The Evil Spider Clan should not agree. The attitude of the Xuanshui Clan is unclear. As long as the other two clans put pressure on them, they should be able to agree."

"If you don't agree, it will be destroyed. If you can't figure out your attitude, let them know how strong I am!" Zhao Yuande's attitude is very tyrannical.

"It shouldn't be the time now. After all the geniuses have entered the trial grounds of all races in a day, we will visit them one by one." The Yuan Clan chief said.

"You can arrange everything!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly, "But before that, I need to kill the guy from the Celestial Race!"

Zhao Yuande's figure flickered, and Sharan disappeared.

He felt that the late eternal realm powerhouse of the Celestial Race was practicing in the underground world in retreat.

He appeared again, already in an underground world.

It is not dark here, but a bright light soaring into the sky, illuminating the entire underground world.

He saw the vastness of this underground space, with a crystal clear white on the dome.

And on the earth, the brilliance rose to the sky, reflecting the whiteness of the dome.

There is endless vitality and vitality in the surrounding void, as if being in a illusory top-level cave.

"This world...actually should be within the emperor's skull!" Zhao Yuande looked at the crystal clear white, and found out that it was actually bones.

The hardness of these bones has surpassed the heavenly treasure, reaching an incredible level.

In the center of this underground world, there is a high altar. Above the altar sits a strong man from the Celestial Race.

Around the altar is piled up with infinite crystal stones, in which infinite energy is concentrated on this strong man of the gods, making his aura more and more powerful.

"It's breaking through the realm!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help showing a touch of horror when he looked at this state.

The opponent actually broke through the peak of the eternal realm here!

Never let his breakthrough succeed, otherwise he would be in vain this time, and he would definitely reveal his identity and be chased by the gods again!

And he knew that this time the Celestial Clan might not only send out an eternal peak powerhouse.


Zhao Yuande no longer hides, his real body appears instantly.

The physical body punched directly at the opponent.

Under this fist, the whole world was trembling, and the void collapsed.

The speed and power are the most terrifying and stunning punch of Zhao Yuande's life.

Not to mention a strong man in the late eternal stage, even if it is a large universe, he is confident that he can move.

And at this moment, the sky and the earth were trembling slightly.

The emperor's skull seemed to sense something, and it seemed to resonate with Zhao Yuande's punch.

At this time, not only was Zhao Yuande shocked in his heart, even the strong man of the Celestial Race opened his eyes suddenly, showing horror and incredible color in his eyes.

"Who are you! How could you be here!" This strong **** of the gods has been in retreat here for thousands of years, only to achieve the eternal peak in one dynasty. He does not know Zhao Yuande, nor can he imagine such a strong Zhao Yuande in the end. How to break into the eternal secret realm.

"I am the descendant of the human queen, the inheritor of the three emperors! This time I have come to take back the head of the emperor!" Zhao Yuande's voice vibrated, causing unbelievable and shock in the other's heart.

"Impossible! You are a human race, how could it be possible to enter here! Could it be that someone wants to harm me..." The strong celestial race roared angrily.

He was breaking through the realm at this time, and the sudden appearance of Zhao Yuande made his body aura disorder.

He knew that he was definitely not the opponent's opponent now, and he would definitely die if he stayed.

Thanks to the evacuation method he had prepared before, his palm was directly pressed on the altar below.

Suddenly the altar was brilliant and generous, and the surrounding spar began to burn.

A beam of brilliance rose to the sky, and the strong man from the Celestial Race was about to flee here.

But at the moment when the glory skyrocketed, the world seemed to freeze all at once.

The strong man of the Celestial Race was suddenly set in midair.

His eyes were full of horror, and he couldn't imagine why it was so.

He suddenly looked at the ground below. In addition to seeing a fist already in front of him, he also saw a vague face on the ground looking at him.

That face shocked his body like a chaff!

Because he recognized it, it was the Emperor!

At that time, he was just a small person who had just been promoted to the eternal realm, and was fortunate to meet the emperor in an opportunity to meet the emperor.

The power of the emperor and the majesty of the emperor shocked his heart and gave birth to the urge to worship.

As I saw again this year, although his appearance was vague, it was still shocking. Although the strength of the year had been lost, it still made him feel infinite fear.


Zhao Yuande punched the body of the strong man of the Celestial Race.

The opponent's body burst to pieces in an instant, turning into an endless mist of blood splashing on the earth.

After the blood mist fell, it seemed to be completely absorbed by this land.

"You...come!" An old voice came into Zhao Yuande's ears.

"Senior Emperor, it turns out that you have been awake all the time." Zhao Yuande bowed deeply to this world.

"No! It was your arrival that made me awake. You have my breath in your body. It should be my inheritance." The emperor's voice was vicissitudes of age, with infinite sorrow.

"I got the hearts of the two emperors, and the absorption makes my current combat power almost comparable to the peak of the eternal realm. This time I want to take away the emperor's head and let the gods lose this secret realm." Zhao Yuande said.

"I have been waiting for this day for a long time!" The emperor seemed to know everything about Zhao Yuande, and there was no joy or sadness in his voice.

"Then how can I take it away?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"The five major races each control an array flag, and if you get five five-element flags, you can take my head away from this void." The Emperor said.

"In that case, it's easy!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly.

"Fast speed, I will block everything here, but the Celestial Clan should still sense the death of this person. I am afraid that the Celestial Clan at the peak of the eternal realm will come again."

"Thank you senior for the point, I'm going now..."

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