Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4923

Chapter 4923: War Soldiers

Chapter 4923: Battle Soldiers

Zhao Yuande flickered and disappeared into this space.

"Go, take me to the evil spider clan." Zhao Yuande appeared in front of the Yuan clan chief.

"Okay!" Seeing Zhao Yuande appeared, the patriarch of the Yuan clan seemed a little anxious and couldn't help nodding hurriedly.

"I will see you speak in a while, I will take it down! Don't let them have any possibility of destroying the Five Elements Banner!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Yes!" The patriarch of the Yuan clan felt Zhao Yuande's killing intent, and his body couldn't help shaking.

The evil spider tribe is in the belly of a huge mountain, and the cave is luxuriously decorated.

A large number of Evil Spider Clan women with human spider bodies walked back and forth in the cave, and their roots themselves were impeccable, one by one they were still beautiful and beautiful.

Zhao Yuande was hiding in the sleeves of the Yuan clan chief, and soon saw the evil spider clan chief.

A peerlessly alluring woman, half a human half a spider woman.

"What are you doing?" The evil spider clan chief looked at the Yuan clan chief, with a charming smile on the corners of his mouth, "Do you want to understand, you want to agree to my request to borrow seeds?"

"Haha!" The patriarch of the Yuan clan looked at each other, with a scornful smile on his mouth, "You don't have to dream anymore. This time I'm here to discuss a major event with you. If it becomes a great deal to our five clans, the benefits of."

"Oh!" A strange color appeared in the eyes of the patriarch of the Evil Spider Clan, "Go, go to my cave to discuss."

When the patriarch of the evil spider clan blocked his cave, all sounds were blocked.

Only then did Zhao Yuande appear and capture him directly.

"It should be possible to conceal it for a while, we have to hurry up." The Yuan clan patriarch said, "The Five Elements Banner is completely controlled by the hearts of our five patriarchs. As long as one side is missing, the world will be directly sent away."

"Sure enough, the Celestial Clan was heavily guarded!" Zhao Yuande was also shocked.

Next, they left the other three clans separately, using the same method, captured the patriarchs of the other three clans and sent them into the main world.

"The patriarch of the Yuan clan, thanks to you this time!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, with gratitude on his face, "There will be several places in this secret realm, you can choose! The first one is my Heaven Guards Gourd World In."

Said that Zhao Yuande grabbed the opponent and brought him into his main world.

Suddenly, the patriarch of the Yuan clan saw the world of Heaven-defying Gourd, and he felt shocked in his heart as well.

"This is a big universe, which is still under constant expansion and development. Although it is not as good as the real big universe, it will definitely surpass it in the end." Zhao Yuande said proudly, "The second one is in the human universe. I am now It's impossible to take you there, but it can show you what it looks like!"

Speaking of Zhao Yuande, he showed the human universe in front of the opponent.

"The third one is that you can leave this eternal secret realm, and I can place you in my Heaven-against Gourd World, and you can choose a large world to develop yourself. I can also send you to the human universe. In. Even if you want to go to the Tianhuang Clan, I can satisfy you."

"This..." The patriarch of the Yuan clan had never thought that there were so many choices and he couldn't help showing hesitation on his face.

"Time is running out, please choose quickly." Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"I...choose the third world of heaven-defying gourd!" the Yuan clan chief said.

"Oh! The right choice." Zhao Yuande nodded and said, "In the world of Heaven-defying Gourd, you can develop and occupy any dimensional world at will. You are the masters of this dimension. As for the other four races, you can treat them as Companions, you can also make them servants, or it doesnt matter if you dont want to see them."

"I want them to be companions! It doesn't mean to be alone. Only when the five races compete will become stronger and stronger." Yuan clan chief said.

"Okay! Satisfy you!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"This is my five-element banner." The patriarch of the Yuan clan handed over a small banner.

Zhao Yuande took the Five Elements Banner and took out the other four sides.

Suddenly felt the power of transmission contained in it and the connection with the world.

Zhao Yuande didn't hesitate, he directly refined the five five-element flags, and the entire world suddenly disappeared into the void under the control of the soul.

At this time, ripples appeared in this void, and a powerful person from the Celestial Race descended.

When they saw that this space was empty, their expressions changed drastically.

"Broken! The Eternal Secret Realm was taken away by someone!" One of the strong men of the long eyebrows of the God Race, his eyes turned red, and there was a tremor in his voice, "If the ancestor is to blame, I am afraid... "

"Who on earth invaded the eternal secret realm, how did he know how to take away this eternal secret realm!"

"There is definitely a problem! It should be the problem with the Four Winds Dao Academy this time, and it should be the 25 disciples who entered here this time with the most suspicion!"

"Half-step eternal disciple? You are not dreaming! What can they do? I think it was the calculation of the human race, perhaps the old guys at the Emperor's Gate did it together."

"The Emperor's Gate? Impossible... there is the place I monitor, the old guys are very honest, there is no change at all..."

"Do you think it will be the god-eater..."


The powerhouses of these gods are all eternal peaks. Each of them is a powerful presence on one side. They are the real pillars of the gods and the most powerful combat power.

However, at this time, the opinions of this group of strong gods were not unified, and they had their own guesses.

"Okay! This is a major event. Let's tell our ancestors first, and then investigate the areas we monitor separately."

"Yes, let the ancestor decide this matter."

At this time, Zhao Yuande had already left this void, and returned to the Four Winds Dao Academy under successive transmissions.

But at this time he could no longer use the identity of Zhao Shisi, Zhao Shisi should have disappeared.

He changed his appearance and entered the Four Wind Taoist Academy. With the help of a large number of contribution points, he entered the Tianshu Pavilion and looked up the classics in it.

Soon he got a clear picture of the basic situation of the universe where the Sifeng Daoyuan was located.

Eight universes, thousands of dimensional worlds, and infinite races are all preserved in his heart.

There are four big universes of the Celestial Clan, so first go to the big universe occupied by the war soldiers of the Celestial Clan.

This warrior clan is the most radical, and most of the slaughter of the human race is a decision made by the senior management of the warrior clan.

Zhao Yuande quickly teleported to the big universe of the warriors through the Four Wind Daoyuan Teleportation Array.

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