Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4924

Chapter 4924: Wrong Answer

Chapter 4924: Wrong Answer

When he entered this large universe, he immediately saw that there were eight huge dimensional worlds, and countless small dimensional worlds were rotating around the center of the large universe.

Zhao Yuande descended into this largest dimensional world at this time.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that in this large universe, there is no such thing as an eternal peak realm powerhouse.

He immediately understood that it should be the disappearance of the eternal secret realm that allowed this strong man to leave.

So this is the best opportunity to destroy this big universe.

In this dimensional world that he descended, there were even a large number of human slaves.

They are all squeezed and exploited, and they can only live in the cracks of the warriors.

Some people have become accustomed to being enslaved and become insensitive, while others have risen to resist.

In this dimensional world, there are also cities built by humans, which are called slave cities.

Many human races fled here, forming a slave army and fighting wars.

Zhao Yuande saw that the human race was able to build a city of slaves, and that wars often broke out because of the indulgence of the warriors.

Because only in wars can geniuses grow faster, and only in wars can they cultivate true strong.

Zhao Yuande's spirit glanced briefly, and he had an idea in his mind.

It is impossible to save all the human races, he can only retreat to save the human races in the slave city.

Those human races who did not have the heart to resist are all walking corpses at this time, struggling with pain day by day, it is better to end their lives early.

The people in the Slave City are still full of fighting spirit. They fought with the warriors, and many geniuses emerged.

Outside the city of slaves at this time, another great battle is going on.

A mid-eternal realm strong man from the warrior clan led an army to suppress the realm, and the city of slaves almost came out, fighting in despair in the battlefield.

In the battlefield, a human race is not afraid of life and death, fighting for freedom.

Zhao Yuande descended in the center of the battlefield.


His arrival made the entire land tremble, and the mighty power swept across the four directions, and countless strong men of the warriors showed incredible light.

"All the races are assembled!" Zhao Yuande looked at the human race cultivators with horror on their faces, and he couldn't refuse, "Within a hundred breaths, all the races of the slave city will be gathered outside the city, and I will take you. go away!"

"You are!" an old human race couldn't help but speak.

"I'm here to save you! For everyone who can reach here within a hundred breaths, I will take you out of this **** and let you live a normal life." Zhao Yuande said.

"How should we trust you..." the old man asked again.

"This is very simple!" Zhao Yuande pressed his palm to the void in front of him.

A huge palm with a radius of a thousand feet was directly pressed on the ground.

The powerhouses of countless warriors were wiped out in ashes, and a huge palm print as deep as hundreds of feet appeared on the battlefield.

The mid-eternal realm powerhouse who was a warrior clan saw this scene, pale in fright, and retreated one after another.

At the same time, he passed the information to the ancestors of the clan.

The human race old man saw this scene, his eyes suddenly burst into light, he turned around without hesitation and rushed into the city of slaves behind him.

Seeing the actions of the old man, other human races all rushed into the city of slaves.

In an instant, the city of slaves was boiling.

And at this time, in the center of this dimensional world, in the clan land of the war soldiers.

Hundreds of powerful soldiers of the warrior clan descended on the battlefield after a dozen breaths through the teleportation array.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had continuously sent hundreds of thousands of human races into the main world.

He saw these strong soldiers from the warrior clan appearing in front of him, and slowly raised his head, showing a coldness in his eyes.

Among these hundreds of powerful people, one is a powerful person in the late eternal realm, and all others are in the middle eternal realm.

They are the most powerful team in the warrior clan, called destruction.

They are responsible for destroying all rebels, and destroying all races that are alien to the warriors.

"Who are you? The Emperor of Heaven or the Emperor of Earth?" The leader of the warrior clan powerhouse looked at Zhao Yuande, with a dignified look in his eyes.

"I'm the one who killed you!" Zhao Yuande looked at the strong soldiers in front of him, his mouth was tragic, "Since you have so many people here, let's send you on the road together!"

"Broken World!"

Zhao Yuande pressed his palm to the ground below.


There seemed to be a huge earth dragon tumbling under the earth, and the entire ground seemed to have a huge wave of tens of thousands of meters suddenly. The infinite sand, mud, mountains, rocks, huge trees, and even the flesh and blood of the corpse became part of the huge wave.

This terrifying wave swept across the world, and swept hundreds of powerful soldiers in it.

"What is this!" The warrior clan's late eternity realm expert saw this scene, and his face paled with fright.

He turned around and walked away, and Setsuna was about to fly out of this dimensional world.

He felt that this piece of dimensional world would probably be shattered by this blow, and he couldn't resist at all in the face of this power.

Among the hundreds of mid-eternal realm powerhouses, some were swept by the wave of terror, and their bodies were directly crushed into flesh and blood and merged with the wave.

Some also escaped fast and rushed to the sky one after another, wanting to escape from this dimensional world.

"Get the stars!"

Zhao Yuande sneered and scratched his palm.

All the powerhouses who ran away suddenly felt an invisible force that caught them all at once.

At this moment, they saw a huge black whirlpool in that palm, and their bodies couldn't help flying towards the huge whirlpool.

"This is the supernatural power of the Tianhuang Clan! You are a member of the Tianhuang Clan..." the strong man of the late eternity stage roared, "Aren't you Tianhuang Clan afraid of being annihilated?"

"The answer is wrong, I am not from the Tianhuang Clan, but Zhao Yuande! I am here for revenge this time!" Zhao Yuande sneered.

"What...you are Zhao Yuande...you..."

Despair appeared in the eyes of this late Eternal Realm powerhouse, and he only felt that he would die this time.

From the rear, there were people rushing out from the city of slaves, and they all saw this scene and heard Zhao Yuande's dialogue, and their faces all showed worship and hope.

"Come in all!" Zhao Yuande took the remaining strong men from the warrior clan and sent them into the master world to become nourishment and slaves.

He turned around and swept away his sleeves and once again brought all the races into the main world.

"Forget it, the real powerhouse is coming, let this city take it away!" Zhao Yuande has already seen the arrival of dark shadows in the distance.

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