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Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: summary:

I was humiliated.. I was killed.. My family abandoned me.. My sister and lover betrayed me.. At the very end of my last breath, I swore. I swore to the heavens. I swore to all the Gods. No matter how many lifetime pass, I will come back and collect the debts they owed me. Even if I have to sell my own soul. I, XuanRong shall definitely return. ------------ I rule under the heavens, I rule above the earth. I am ruthless against my enemy, But I am shameless when it comes to her. I am the ruler but she is the law. People kneel when they see me But I only bow down and worship her. She was frozen like a winter snow, But her smile was warmer than the summer's spring. I, Xu Fei Yi will definitely conquer her. ------------ [Author's Note: A typical rebith-revenge type of novel. Read it in your own volition. Slow paced romance and story outline. This novel contains violence and sexual abuse scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers. Strict Parental Guidance is advised.] [PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga] Book Cover: Pristine Editor: Avi/Prikkrang ------------ The author [Sayuri] is a novice writer and has no proper training in writing a novel.

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Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapters

Time uploaded
191 Their Return3 months ago
191 Their Return3 months ago
190 Burn3 months ago
189 Hidden Agenda3 months ago
188 Calamity3 months ago
187 Insanity3 months ago
186 Missing Him3 months ago
185 Condemnation3 months ago
184 Her Plan3 months ago
183 Shameful3 months ago
182 Molested3 months ago
181 Perverted Man3 months ago
180 Yue Mi3 months ago
179 Leaving3 months ago
178 Dispute3 months ago
177 Forgiveness3 months ago
Chapter 131: Hide5 months ago
Chapter 94: Gift7 months ago
Chapter 93: Shy7 months ago
Chapter 85: Near8 months ago
Chapter 72: Token8 months ago
Chapter 68: Meet8 months ago
Chapter 66: Bout8 months ago
Chapter 55: Him9 months ago
Chapter 53: Death9 months ago
Chapter 43: Touch9 months ago
Chapter 28: Found9 months ago
Chapter 26: Fake9 months ago
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