Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 123

After Imperial Concubine Jin was brought away, the banquet continued as if what happened a while ago was only a short form of entertainment. Although the celebration continued, the situation was not like before. The people present were laughing merrily but deep inside, they were more cautious and alert.After Long Hao Chen's words indirectly slapped Xu Ji Mo's face, he had no choice but to act like a mighty son of heaven who was indifferent. Although he was still anxious to learn Imperial Concubine Jin's situation, he could only send his personal eneuch to attend to her needs. Xu Ji Mo turned his head and stared at Empress Wei who was sitting beside him. Her face was still pale but it did not reduce her dignified aura. He had a hunch that what happened to Imperial Concubine Jin was one of Empress' scheme. He knew that the competition inside the Imperial Harem was intense since he was also raised inside the Imperial harem and had seen countless schemes and plots during his youth but he did not expect that they would even plot at a time like this, showing the dirty laundry of the Imperial Family in front of the guests from other countries. Although he was quite displeased with the Empress, Xu Ji Mo knew when to act. He already lost face after Imperial Concubine Jin's matter, he did not want to rebuke and punish Empress Wei, the mother figure of his country and become the laughing stock of the entire continent.While the Emperor was trying to hold back himself and act normal, Empress Wei was sitting anxiously. Although no one could see it, Empress Wei was trying to calm herself. She kept replaying the moment when Imperial Concubine Jin bled after coming closer to her but she could not point out what had gone wrong.Why did Imperial Concubine Jin bleed and fell when she clearly did not do anything to her? Empress Wei kept thinking of different possibilities and reason.Was it possible that Imperial Concubine Jin touched or ate something impure?Empress Wei fell in deep thought. She knew that even if she was not the culprit, almost all of the people in the banquet including the Emperor was thinking that it was her own doing. Although she knew that in order to save the face of Qian Zou's imperial family, the Emperor would not say anything and rebuke her in front of the crowd, Empress Wei knew that one the banquet ended, she would definitely get punished. Thus, in order to defend herself, she had to make sure to catch the culprit. She could not depend to the Emperor and think that he would give him justice since he was partial with Imperial Concubine Jin ever since she arrived at the palace having similar face of that dead vixen who once seduced the Emperor.Empress Wei looked at Xu Ji An who was sitting silently one step below the dragon throne. During Imperial Concubine Jin's matter, Xu Ji An wanted to stand up and help her but Empress Wei gave a signal to her most beloved son to stay quiet. Although the banquet resumed but she could not move freely because she knew that the Emperor was paying attention to her every move. She could only rely to Xu Ji An. Unfortunately, Xu Ji An's attention was directed to someone else. Empress Wei turned her head, trying to follow Xu Ji An's line of sight. She saw that Xu Ji An was intensely looking at the opposite side of the banquet hall where the females were currently sitting. Her eyes narrowed when she realized that Xu Ji An was looking at XuanRong, the rumored arrogant Eldest Di Daughter of Left Prime Minister Xuan. Empress Wei immediately recognized her since she was sitting together with the Furens of the Chen family. Although it was the first time Empress Wei had seen XuanRong, many rumors were circulating around the capital which made her dislike XuanRong. Although XuanRong had the Chen family as her backer, she was like a hot potato. Anyone who would want to eat her would only get their tongue burned.Looking at Xu Ji An who was intensely staring tat XuanRong, Empress Wei could not help but inwardly gnash her teeth. She suppressed her annoyance and called Xu Ji An, diverting his attention away from XuanRong."Ji An ah."Hearing Empress Wei's voice calling his name, Xu Ji An retracted his gaze away from XuanRong and turned his head."Yes, Imperial Mother?"When Xu Ji An saw his mother's signal, he immediately understood what she wanted for him to do. Putting aside XuanRong at the back of his mind, Xu Ji An beckoned his personal attendant and whispered on his ears. After a few minutes, the attendance nodded his head and left the palace hall. No one paid attention to the attendant except XuanRong.Every movement of the imperial family that was present in the banquet, XuanRong was silently paying attention in every detail. When Xu Ji An's attendant left the hall, she knew that he was trying to find clues, and few moments later, Xu Jing Xin's scheme would come to light, leading to her pitiful fate.XuanRong smiled at the two Chen Furens and excused herself, saying that she wanted to use the latrine. Bringing YuShang and YuYing with her, XuanRong left the hall.---------Xu Ji An saw that XuanRong stood up and left the hall. He was planning to leave and follow her when Empress Wei shot daggers at him, warning him to stop any desire he had towards XuanRong. Xu Ji An could only sit back and call one of the maids standing behind him, ordering her to follow XuanRong.Few minutes later, the maid returned and said that XuanRong went to the latrine to relieve herself. When Xu Ji An heard it, his heart finally relaxed. He was thinking that XuaRong would meet someone, perhaps her lover, under the moonless night inside the palace. Luckily, she was only doing something personal."Mmm.. you are dismissed."Xu Ji An waved his hand.Aside from the Empress, another person was paying attention to him. it was none other that XuanFei who was sitting together with the other noble maidens. XuanFei had been paying attention to Xu Ji An ever since he arrived, hoping that she would get his attention but too bad, he did not even spare her a glance, making XuanFei boil in anger. She should have caught his attention during the giving of gifts but it was spoiled by Imperial Concubine Jin's matter which made her unable to shine. Luckily, the Emperor did not stop the banquet, she still had a chance to show off and showcase her talent. She was in a daze, looking at Xu Ji An when she heard the seventh prince of Jing country spoke."Your Majesty, when Ben HuangZi[1] was still in our country, Ben HuangZi heard that among the four countries, Qian Zou was known for their talented women, far better from the women in Jing. Ben HuanZi could not help but doubt it since our women were called 'The goddess of the white snow' whenever they dance 'Fairy Leap'. Ben HuangZi was curious and wanted to see what made your women more talented than the women in Jing. Can Your Majesty satisfy Ben HuangZi's curiosity and prove that the rumor was true?"Long Hao Chen's words were full of provocation. Xu Ji Mo could not help but grimace when he heard it. Although he was quite annoyed, he could only agree to Long Hao Chen's plea and ordered the dancers and musicians to stop performing.Xu Ji Mo stood up and spoke."The Prince of Jing wants to see the talents of our country's women. Does any young maiden want to show her skills and talent in front of the crowd?"When Xu Ji Mo's words rang inside the hall, all the noble maidens felt excited. It was a great privilege for them to perform in front of a huge crowd of important people. It they performed well, their names would be known throughout the four countries, and if they were lucky, they could even catch the attention of the princes and become his woman, or even catching the attention of a young master of a prominent family would also be good too. Thus, the ladies started showing their skills including XuanFei.---------"Young Miss."An Wei suddenly appeared in front of XuanRong who was standing at the tree. When XuanRong entered the latrine, she ordered YuYing and YuShang to guard the front door while leaving at the back using qinggong, creating a false impression that she was still inside."Mmm"Although there was still awkwardness between An Wei and XuanRong after what happened last time, both of them tacitly agreed to forget it temporality."Everything is done.""Oh? Then the maid who placed the poison on Imperial Concubine Jin?""This subordinate killed her personally.""Mmm. You have to make sure that it will look like the one who ordered her was the Empress.""This subordinate already placed the Empress' maiden ring we got from our spy near the corpse.""How about at Princess Xu Jing Xin's side?""This subordinate already sent someone to discreetly notify her side without giving away our identities.""Mmm.. You can go back now. Later, no matter what, our plan must succeed. No mishap is allowed, do you understand?"Hearing XuanRong's serious voice, An Wei nodded his head and disappeared.When XuanRong returned to the banquet, she saw that XuanFei was kneeling in front of Xu Ji Mo who was smiling widely."Third Young Lady Xuan will receive a thousand golden coins, one bolt of seven colored silk, three pair of light feathered fan, a set of head ornament and a box of jewelries and trinkets.""This humble daughter of official, XuanFei, thanks His Majesty, the Emperor! May you live a thousand years!""HAHAHA!! No need to be humble. Zhen was quite pleased with Third Lady Xuan's talent. My beloved official, you really raised your daughter well." Xu Ji Mo's smile went from ear to ear. XuanFei saved Qian Zou's face with her skills and talent. Even the arrogant seventh prince of Jing, Long Hao Chen praised XuanFei's Ink Dance.Hearing the Emperor's praise, XuanFei, XuanLi and Xiao Lou's face were brimming with smiles. XuanLi thanked the Emperor for his praise and even Xiao Lou was full of pride as she raised her chin upward."Thanking His Majesty for his praise!""HAHAHA! If your daughter already reached the marriageable age, I would have allowed Ji An to bring her to his palace as his Imperial Consort. Ai. Too bad, we have to wait a couple of years."Hearing the Emperor's ambiguous words, the people in the banquet already realized that the future Crown Princess was none other than the third young miss of the XiangFu.XuanFei innocently smiled as if she did not understand the Emperor's hidden words but deep inside, she was full of happiness and self-gloating.Looking at the woman who was standing at the center, XuanRong could see the hidden smugness in XuanFei's eyes, betraying the delicate and humble expression she was showing. If it was before, she would definitely not notice anything and would even congratulate her. While she was looking at XuanFei, XuanFei suddenly turned her head and looked back at her. Two eyes met; one was full of provocation while one was full of indifference."Fei'er ah, BenGong[2] was also moved by your talent. BenGong would like to give you something. Come, let BenGong give it to you personally."Looking at the happiness in Xu Ji Mo's face, Empress Wei knew she had to give something to XuanFei too. Thus, she pulled an antique jade bracelet that was dyed with red blood of a four winged eagle.XuanFei stood up and slowly climbed upstairs while Empress Wei stepped down, wanting to personally place the bracelet on XuanFei's hand.Unfortunately, when the distance between the two women were only half a foot left, XuanFei suddenly felt that something hot rushed out below her."!!!!!!!!"Everyone gasped when they saw XuanFei suddenly fell on the ground, bleeding. A total silence engulfed the entire hall."Ah? Look, Mu Qing! That Jiejie is bleeding.. I she going to die?"Amidst the silence, Xu Fei Yi's voice rang crisply.[PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga and ko-fi.com/sayurihyuuga]--------[1]. This Royal Prince[2]. This Empress [Unedited Chapter]
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