Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 173

When XuanRong returned to QinWang Fu, she immediately called YuYing and ordered her to prepare a bath. When YuYing was done, she immediately dismissed her and closed her room. XuanRong peeled off her garments one by one until she was stark naked. Entering the bath, XuanRong pulled a small cloth and rigorously scrubbed her hands a couple of times. When she choked Rui Fang Li a while ago, she could feel as if tiny of bugs were crawling inside her skin. It was very disgusting but due to her hatred, she endured it. *rub* *rub* *rub* XuanRong repeatedly scrubbed her hands, not caring that it was already red. She killed him. She finally killed Rui Fang Li. She finally ended the life of that scum. She was able to avenge herself… but… why was she not happy? When Rui Fang Li died, she felt nothing. She could not feel the happiness she expected to feel after killing him. The anger inside her heart did not lessen a bit but instead, it grew bigger, suffocating her. Why? XuanRong could not understand. She already killed one of those beasts who tainted her but why was her heart empty? XuanRong closed her eyes and inhaled. 'Kill. I must kill them all. Maybe when all of them are dead, my heart would be satisfied.' ---------- "Your Lordship, Her Ladyship has returned." One of the shadow guards immediately reported when he saw XuanRong entered her courtyard. "Mmm.." When Shadow reported that XuanRong left QinWang Fu, Xu Fei Yi immediately sent someone to follow her. "Speak. Where did she went and what did she do?" "Her Ladyship went to a manor at the outskirts and stayed for a couple of hours. This subordinate did not enter because there are two qinggong masters in the vicinity. One was at the front while the one was inside with Her Ladyship. Although this subordinate was not able to enter, this subordinate could hear someone screaming as it he was being tortured." Hearing his subordinate's report, Xu Fei Yi's eyes darkened. 'She tortured someone?' "Go and investigate! This Lord wants to know everything… and try to find any connection with this man named Baili Chen." "This subordinate understands." The shadow guard nodded and left. Xu Fei Yi stood up and left his room. While walking towards XuanRong's courtyard, he could not help but think deeply. When he investigated XuanRong once again after he came back, a certain force was trying to block him. Thus, he had no choice but to investigate discreetly. In the five years span, he knew that XuanRong had been building her own forces, planning to strike down her enemies. Xu Fei Yi was aware of those things, but he could not understand why XuanRong became enemies with those people. For Example, that man called Baili Chen, Xu Fei Yi knew that the first time XuanRong met that man, something bad happened but Xu Fei Yi could not understand the hatred she felt for that man. 'RongRong ah… why are you paying attention to those scums?' Since Xu Fei Yi could not understand why XuanRong would always pay attention to those people, Xu Fei Yi was currently drinking a barrel of vinegar. He hated the fact that he could not monopolize XuanRong's attention. He wanted to kill those people immediately since they were a hindrance in his and his RongRong's quality time. He hated the fact that XuanRong would leave him behind because she had to torture someone. When Xu Fei Yi arrived, he heard the splashing of water. Without disturbing XuanRong who was taking a bath, Xu Fei Yi immediately went to the inner room and sat 'patiently' on the bed. It only took a couple of minutes before a newly bathed XuanRong entered the room and saw him. "Fei Yi?" "Wife JieJie!" Xu Fei Yi stood up and ran towards XuanRong, wanting to hug her but XuanRong reflexively turned her body away as if she did not want Xu Fei Yi to touch her. Unsuccessful to his attempt, Xu Fei Yi's eyes widened as tears started gathering at the sides of his eyes. "Does Wife JieJie hate Yi'er?" "No." XuanRong immediately responded. She sighed and pulled Xu Fei Yi's hands and made him sit on the bed as she stood beside him. "I just don't want you to touch me…" "Why? Because Wife JieJie doesn't like Yi'er anymore?" XuanRong shook her head. She smiled sadly as she patted Xu Fei Yi's head softly. "Because I am dirty. I don't want to taint you with my filth." When she saw Xu Fei Yi wanted to hug her, she subconsciously refused. Xu Fei Yi was like a blank canvass. She was afraid to taint him. She knew that she was covered with filth the moment she opened her eyes after she was reborn. She felt dirty, especially when she killed Rui Fang Li. Instead of being happy, she hated herself more. When she saw Xu Fei Yi, she could feel that her cold heart slowly warmed, but she was afraid that she would hurt him. Xu Fei Yi smiled and extended his arms, grabbing XuanRong's waist. "Wife JieJie smells good and feels warm. Yi'er likes being with Wife JieJie. Wife JieJie is not dirty. Wife JieJie is like a fairy that will always care for Yi'er. If Wife JieJie thinks that she is dirty, Yi'er will not take a bath and become dirty too so that Yi'er can accompany Wife JieJie!" Hearing Xu Fei Yi's words, XuanRong could not help but laugh. "You can't do that. Fei Yi has to take a bath every day, okay? Or else, I will not hug Fei Yi." "En!" Xu Fei Yi nodded before burying his head to XuanRong's chest. XuanRong did not notice anything and continued laughing. The gloominess in her heart slowly vanished and was now filled with warmth and love. 'Fei Yi… I will not let you change… I will make sure to protect you and your innocent self.' During XuanRong's inner struggles, only Xu Fei Yi's warmth brought her comfort. [PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga and ko-fi.com/sayurihyuuga] ------- [Unedited Chapter]
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