Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 174

Few more days passed and XuanRong was currently discussing with YuShen. During those previous days, XuanRong did not leave QinWang Fu, even when Rui Fang Li's corpse made the capital lively once again. The government was still investigating, trying to find some clues, but XuanRong was not in the mood to pay attention to it. She let An Wei do the rest and cover her tracks. "WangFei, the full moon will arrive in two more days. This servant thinks that WangFei must leave QinWang Fu during full moon. Although QinWang Fu is a good place, there is possibility that His Highness will find out WangFei's illness." YuShen's words were correct. Ever since they started sleeping together, every night, Xu Fei Yi would sleep in her courtyard. He would not able to sleep unless she would hug him and lull him into sleep. Whenever she wanted to leave QinWang Fu, she had to make sure that Xu Fei Yi had already fallen asleep. "It would be dangerous for WangFei to remain here." "Then, what do you suggest?" "This servant thanks WangFei for allowing this servant to give her own idea." "Mmm.. speak." "This servant thinks that it would be a good excuse to visit Fourth Chen Furen. Old Master had already guessed that WangFei was hiding something, but Old Master did not say anything when Shu Yi nursed back WangFei to health after using the art of Gu. Besides, She Yi had already left the residence and went to the border when Shu Er requested his presence. WangFei could use the opportunity to check Fourth Chen Furen's health." Hearing YuShen's plausible plan, XuanRong nodded. "We will follow your plan then." ---------- "XiaoJie, please drink this tonic. It will help you nourish your body." Ji Xue repeatedly stirred the red tonic. When she noticed that the temperature was already good for drinking, she immediately gave it towards XuanFei. XuanFei's belly was still flat even though she was almost at the end of her first trimester. One would not be able to guess that she was pregnant. "XiaoJie, this servant wants to say something." XuanFei's eyebrow rose when she heard Ji Xue's request. If the person who requested was other people, she would never allow it, but Ji Xue was different. XuanFei liked Ji Xue's performance as her personal maidservant and has high regards for her. She was good with in following her orders. "Speak. If you say something foolish, I will cut your tongue." Ji Xue did not show any fear and thanked XuanFei for being magnanimous. "This servant thinks that XiaoJie should walk around the residence every now and then." XuanFei's eyes darkened and glared at her in response. "What nonsense are you speaking? Do you wish to become mute?" Ji Xue kneeled and opened her mouth once again. "XiaoJie, please listen to this servant's explanation. XiaoJie has been saying inside the courtyard for almost a month already and although the excuse of recuperating your health is still a good excuse, XiaoJie cannot use it in a long run in order to hide your pregnancy. Furen might not be suspicious for now but time will come that she and Laoye would insist to see you if you continue staying inside the courtyard without meeting them. XiaoJie should use this opportunity since XiaoJie's belly is still flat and confirm in front of Furen and Laoye that the child in XiaoJie's belly has long 'died' after you 'miscarried'. Furen will not insist to see you once you show yourself voluntarily. Even if you seldom leave the courtyard later, Furen would only think that XiaoJie was still angry and heartbroken, refusing to see them frequently." XuanFei fell in deep thought. After a few cups of tea[1], XuanFei nodded and agreed. "Go and tell LuLu to prepare my dress. I want to visit the residence's garden. ---------- "Ahh~! Enn… Ahh! Ahh! Y-Your Highness… Your Highness.. p-please be gentle—ahhh!! Ahh!!!" Consort Ding pleaded as she tightly grabbed the table in front of her. She was currently being tormented by Xu Ji An with sweet pleasure. Few weeks ago, after His Highness ordered to punish her, Consort Ding's heart was torn into pieces but after few days, when Xu Ji An returned after visiting the Empress' palace, he changed. The man who heartlessly ordered to punish his own women because they were disturbing him had returned to his previous self. Every night, he would call one of his consorts to attend his physical needs. In the previous days, Consort Ding was called in a row, making her very delighted. If she could conceive His Highness's child, the title for the Crown Princess would be hers. Although the Emperor had already verbally accepted XuanFei from the Prime Minister's residence as His Highness' future Crown Princess, Consort Ding was not bothered. The third young miss of Xuan family was still a child and even if she wanted to enter the Crown Prince's palace, she had to wait for her coming of age ceremony. Consort Ding knew that if she conceived Xu Ji An's first child before XuanFei enter the front door of the Crown Prince' palace, she would have the chance to contend for the title. So what if the other woman was the third daughter of Prime Minister Xuan? Her paternal uncle was also the Prime Minister of the Country! Since Prime Minister Ding did not have any daughter, he pampered her, his niece. With the help of her paternal uncle, Consort Ding's chance to have the title was greater. Thus, every night, Consort Ding would try to perform her best, hoping that Xu Ji An would sprinkle his seeds inside her repeatedly until it sprouted. "Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Consort Ding arched her body as she released herself. Feeling tired, she could not help but want to sleep while half standing-half bending on the table. But While Consort Ding was gasping for air, Xu Ji An did not stop plundering her inner cave. The woman in front of him was one of his women. After he visited his Imperial Mother, Xu Ji An had no choice but to follow her order. Thus, he started calling his consorts and mounting them every night. Still, he felt disgusted whenever he sees that the woman under him was not the woman he desired. In order to avoid being disgusted midway, Xu Ji An ordered his own women to wear a veil every time. He also avoided missionary sex and would only take them from behind, forcing to let them face the wall or kneel like a dog in heat. 'Rong'er! I'm coming! Rong'er! Rong'er!!' "Urhgh!! Haaah.." When Xu Ji An released himself inside Consort Ding but his heart was screaming for another woman's name. "Rong'er…" When Consort Ding heard Xu Ji An's soft murmur, she froze. Eyes full of anger and hatred, Consort Ding cursed. 'Rong'er?! Who is she?!!' [PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga and ko-fi.com/sayurihyuuga] -------- [1]. A cup of tea is 10-15 minutes. [Unedited Chapter]
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