Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 175

In the remaining days before full moon arrives, XuanRong busied herself from preparing. She had already sent her grandfather a message and everything had been going well. She had already told Mu Qing that she will stay at the Chen residence for a couple of days because she wanted to visit her Fourth JiuMu[1]. Mu Qing hesitated at first since he knew that Xu Fei Yi would never allow it, but in the end, he could not object XuanRong's decision since she was still the master and he was just a servant. On the contrary, when Xu Fei Yi heard that XuanRong would leave the residence and stay at Chen Fu for a couple of days, he did not show any objection unlike what Mu Qing thought. Mu Qing sighed. He could not understand why His Highness did not object but after he learned Xu Fei Yi's true self, he knew, behind that sweet smile and innocent face, a very black bellied man was hiding. Mu Qing's personal views in Xu Fei Yi changed. In his eyes, Xu Fei Yi was like a thousand-year-old cunning fox… a sly and crafty fox. Mu Qing shook his head inwardly and decided to pretend that he was oblivious for it. Mu Qing's guess was correct. Xu Fei Yi was indeed a crafty fox. He knew that he could not voice out his objection and could not show his protest. Thus, the black bellied man had to resort to drastic measure… using his innocent face and his poor health, Xu Fei Yi started his plan. --------- "WangFei, everything has been prepared." Zou mama entered the outer room and informed XuanRong that the carriage was ready. "We will leave later. Wait for me at the residence gate." Zou mama curtsied and left. XuanRong turned her head and saw Xu Fei Yi laying on the bed. His sickly face was pale. Although the Imperial Physician had already given him the medicine, Xu Fei Yi's fever would not subside. She tried to check his pulse and found out that his body was sick because he was poisoned. Although the Imperial Physicians were able to expel the poison in his body, some remnants remained, weakening his immunity. XuanRong was filled with remorse. Although she had been living inside QinWang Fu for almost a month already, she was very focused on getting her revenge that she had forgotten to check Xu Fei Yi's health. Ever since she arrived, she had never seen Xu Fei Yi drank his medicines nor act weakly. Maybe it was because Xu Fei Yi did not want to make her anxious. Still, she failed him. She failed to notice his situation. "W-wife JieJie… Do.. do not mind Yi'er… Yi'er is okay… Y-you can leave now…" Xu Fei Yi weakly smiled at XuanRong, urging her to leave. XuanRong's heart was hurting when she heard his words… "I…" Xu Fei Yi shook his head. "Wife JieJie should leave… Yi'er… Yi'er is a big boy now… Yi'er is not afraid to be alone.." XuanRong raised her hand and softly caressed Xu Fei Yi's face. "I leave later, okay?" Xu Fei Yi wanted to object but when he opened his mouth, he could not help but cough a couple of times. On the third cough, blood slowly flow at the side of his mouth. XuanRong's eyes widened. She anxiously checked Xu Fei Yi pulse and found out that his internal energy was very chaotic, forcing him to cough blood. "Someone come and call an imperial physician!!! Hurry!!" When the imperial physician came, he could only shake his head and told XuanRong that the only thing they could do was to feed Xu Fei Yi some medicine. XuanRong got angry and sent the imperial physician away. She knew what the imperial physician said was correct, but she could not accept it. Pulling the acupuncture needles in her sleeves, XuanRong could only press some pressure points to alleviate Xu Fei Yi's pain. She wanted to use the female Gu essence but tonight would be the full moon. She needed ample of energy to guide it. She had no choice but to reject the idea. XuanRong diligently took care of Xu Fei Yi until she had fallen asleep. XuanRong fell asleep until the sun had set. -------- Xu Fei Yi stared at the woman who was sleeping soundly beside him. XuanRong was reclining on the bed's headpost. Xu Fei Yi slowly moved XuanRong and laid her on the bed carefully. Xu Fei Yi wanted to know if XuanRong could really help him cure his 'illness'. When XuanRong entered QinWang Fu and had started accepting his skinship, his body had started feeling light. He wanted to know if XuanRong's touch could also alleviate the pain during full moon or not. Xu Fei Yi hugged XuanRong and fell asleep. --------- XuanRong's eyes opened up. She turned her head and saw Xu Fei Yi's sleeping face. 'I feel asleep!!' XuanRong hastily climbed down the bed, preparing to leave. Since she was still okay, the was still time to leave. Unfortunately, XuanRong was wrong. "Ahhh.." *tud!* XuanRong fell back on the bed when a sudden pain assaulted her body. XuanRong anxiously turned her head and saw Xu Fei Yi was still sleeping. She sighed in relief. Since it was already too late, XuanRong could only accept it. Trying to avoid waking Xu Fie Yi from his deep slumber, XuanRong could only curl herself as she bit her lips, trying to suppress the whimper trying to escape from her mouth. XuanRong did not know how long time passed. Her eyes were close as she tried to force back the urge to puke blood. She was trying not to move in the fear the Xu Fei Yi would wake up and see her like this. "Uhh.." XuanRong's palms were already bleeding due to her nails. 'I have to endure!' XuanRong was trying her best to hold herself back from screaming when she felt a cool sensation from her neck. When she opened her half-blind eyes, she could see a man's head on her neck. Someone's lips were touching her neck! XuanRong forced herself to move and push the person away. "No!!!" When XuanRong successfully pushed the man away from her neck, his face hovered above her. "Fei..Fei Yi?" XuanRong weakly called his name subconsciously. She was not mistaken. Even though her eyesight was a bit blurry, she could still see Xu Fei Yi's face.. XuanRong was taken aback when she noticed something. He was the same Xu Fei Yi. His face was still the same… but there was something different about him. His eyes. His eyes were not like the innocent Xu Fei Yi that was clear and bright. The Xu Fei Yi in front of her was different. His eyes were sharp and full of desire. It was very familiar. "Wife JieJie." Xu Fei Yi uttered. When XuanRong heard Xu Fei Yi's voice, her heart thumped loudly. Subconsciously, XuanRong covered Xu Fei Yi's eyes with her bare hands and a revelation suddenly struck XuanRong's mind. With her hands covering half of Xu Fei Yi's face like a mask, XuanRong saw the man who she tried to forget. The man whom she decided to forget. The man who stole her first kiss. "It's you." XuanRong whispered. [PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga and ko-fi.com/sayurihyuuga] ------- [1]. Maternal Uncle's Wife [Unedited Chapter]
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