Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 68

"Chief Mu! Chief Mu!" Zhang Wu Li was panting hard while running towards Mu Qing who was anxiously pacing back and forth."Did you already find His Highness??" Mu Qing grabbed Zhang Wu Li's shoulders and shook him intensely.""N-n-nucai[1]please release this slave, Chief Mu. Nucai is feeling dizzy."Holding his breath, Zhang Wu Li felt like his innards were twisting and turning. Mu Qing immediately let go of Zhang Wu Li when he realized that the poor eunuch's face was starting to turn blue. Mu Qing suddenly felt the sense of dj vu as if the thing that was happening right now had already happened before. He could not just point it out."Argh!! Let's go to the Imperial Palace! We have to inform His Majesty that His Highness had already been missing for almost two shichen[2] and we could not find His Highness inside the Fu! We have to use the private army. His Majesty would definitely allow it! I'm afraid that His Highness was abducted by someone!" Mu Qing was now regretting hard for not telling His Majesty sooner after they had found out that Xu Fei Yi was missing. If he had immediately informed the Imperial Palace about the situation, they could have found Xu Fei Yi already. After deciding, Mu Qing immediately darted towards the door, planning to visit the Imperial Palace and inform the emperor.When Zhang Wu Li heard Mu Qing's words, he repeatedly shook his head while pulling his arm, trying to stop him from leaving QinWang Fu[3] and going to the Imperial Palace."Chief Mu ah! What are you saying?! If you will do that, our heads will definitely fly off!! Neglection of duty is a major offense! His Highness' situation is a bit special and His Majesty had already told us a couple of times that if something happened to His Highness, we will be held accountable. We just need to find His Highness. His Highness might be hiding somewhere within the Fu, we just have to search every nook and cranny of the entire Fu."Zhang Wu Li hold Mu Qing's arm as if his life depends on it."So, What?! It was my fault for not properly taking good care of His Highness! If I could exchange my life for His Highness' safety, this old man is willing to lie down and be killed! Move! Give way! I have to leave and inform His Majesty that His Highness has been missing ages ago!"Dragging Zhang Wu Li, Mu Qing successfully opened the door of the QinWang Fu's hall. They were already at the Fu's garden. A hundred more steps and they would reach the "No! No! Chief Mu ah! Think carefully!! We will all die!! Don't you understand? You and I will die ahh! Nucai is not willing to die! Nucai is afraid of death!!"Zhang Wu Li jumped on Mu Qing's back, forcefully pulling him down on the ground. He had to stop Mu Qing! Or else, he would definitely not survive and get killed by that man."Argh!! Zhang Wu Li!! What are you doing?! Get off me!! I SAID, GET OFF MY BACK!!" Mu Qing roared. Unable to balance himself, Mu Qing slipped and fell on the ground. The two rolled a couple of times before Mu Qing stood up and sprung forward, leaving Zhang Wu Li who was eating soil. He could have killed Zhang Wu Li for trying to obstruct him, but he had seen Zhang Wu Li grow up together with His Highness. He could not bear to harm him in any way. Thus, he had no choice but to run away in order to avoid being blocked by him.*Ptui!*Zhang Wu Li spat a couple of dirt before standing up. His eyes sharpened while looking at Mu Qing who was frantically running away from him. Sighing, Zhang Wu Li picked a small stone and threw it to Mu Qing's calf.*Baaam!*Mu Qing once again fell on the ground. When Zhang Wu Li saw Mu Qing fell, he immediately sprung forward and jumped above him."Aiyo! Chief Mu, are you okay?"Acting innocent, Zhang Wu Li half-leaned his body on Mu Qing's back, forcing the old man to face the ground.The two were currently bantering when someone spoke behind them."Mu Qing? Wu Li? Ah? Are you playing?"When Mu Qing heard the familiar voice behind them, he immediately froze. Turning his head abruptly, Mu Qing saw Xu Fei Yi standing behind them, holding a small kitten."Your Highness!!! You are safe!" Pushing Zhang Wu Li away, Mu Qing stood up and grabbed Xu Fei Yi's shoulder. He immediately checked if he was harmed or not.Noticing a small bruise on Xu Fei Yi's cheeks, Mu Qing felt like his soul went away."Your Highness! What happened to your face!!" Xu Fei Yi lowered his head while tightening his embrace on the kitten."I I saw a kitty strolling in the garden. I wanted to pet her, but it ran away. I also ran and followed her. When I was trying to catch the her, I did not notice a large branch and collided with it Mu Qing, I'm sorry."When Mu Qing heard Xu Fei Yi's explanation, he could not help but sigh in relief. At least, His Highness was not abducted."Your Highness! Please do not do it again! Do you know how worried we are when you went missing?"Xu Fei Yi bit his lower lip, feeling aggravated.When Mu Qing saw his pitiful look, he sighed and shook his head. "Never mind. His Highness let's go back. I bet you are sleepy now.""En!" Zhang Wu Li looked at Xu Fei Yi and exhaled in relief. Finally, his task is over.---------Days passed, and it was the second day XuanRong arrived in the capital. Today, she was planning to visit her maternal grandfather and talk with him about the recent issues related to the upcoming power struggles between the living princes.She was currently riding a carriage together with YuShen and YuShang. YuYing was currently helping Zou mama organize the servants in her courtyard. Xiao Lou had been managing the entire Xiang Fu ever since her mother died, the loyalty of the servants under her were very hard to buy.XuanRong was afraid that Xiao Lou would place spies on her courtyard like what she did with YuLi. It was better to be careful."Hooo!"The carriage slowly stopped while the coachman pulled the reins.Sensing the sudden stop, XuanRong immediately asked, "Why did you stop? What is happening at the front?""Replying to Da XiaoJie, a carriage was obstructing our way. The path is very narrow, only once carriage could pass the road but the carriage in front of us is not moving."XuanRong's eyebrows arched upward and glanced at YuShen.Sensing her XiaoJie's message, YuShen immediately left the carriage and walked towards the carriage at the front.XuanRong closed her eyes, waiting for YuShen's return when she heard a scream."Kyaa! Let go of me, you beast!!!"XuanRong immediately opened her eyes and jumped out of the carriage.On the outside, XuanRong saw YuYing who was trying to pull herself away from the young man who was holding her wrist. XuanRong moved forward, planning to help YuShen when she saw the young man's face. Her steps stopped, and she was frozen on the ground.'Baili... Chen.'XuanRong paled.[PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga and ko-fi.com/sayurihyuuga]-------[1]. (This Slave)- The way male servants refer themselves.[2]. One shichen is equal to two hours in Modern Time[3]. Prince of the First Rank Palace or Residence[Unedited Chapter]
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