Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 69

'Baili... Chen.'When XuanRong saw the man holding YuShen's arm, she froze. She could not help but took a couple of steps back. Beads of sweat were starting to show on her face, dripping continuously on her cheeks. XuanRong's hands started trembling as she fearfully looked at the man who she always saw in he dreams. "ha ha ha"XuanRong stated hyperventilating. Suddenly, she felt like she could not breath and stated gasping for air."No No"While muttering, XuanRong placed her shaking hand on her ears, trying to cover it. She started hearing her own voice screaming for help and begging for mercy. XuanRong A distant memory suddenly floated at the back of her mind. XuanRong felt like the surroundings turned blurry and she had suddenly fallen somewhere else. When she opened her eyes, she saw herself standing beside a tall tree while watching 'herself[1]' being humiliated to death."Ah! Ah! Ah! P-please! *sob* Please I beg you- Ah! Ah! Ahhh!! Stop! *stop* S-stop.. it hurts.. it hurts Ji..An.."XuaRong saw 'herself' being ridden like a horse, humping up and down against her will. 'She' was treated like an animal, being forced to swallow the grievance in her heart.She saw 'her' eyes filled with pain, shame and unwillingness. She saw that 'her' heart kept on being broken over and over again as she uttered the name of the man she loved... the name of the man who betrayed her."HAHAHAHAHAH! Look at this bitch! Even after being fucked senseless, she still keeps on calling His Highness' name! What a loyal moron! Are you unsatisfied with this Young Master's performance? Ha?! Fine! This Young Master will definitely give you a special service!"After speaking, XuanRong saw Baili Chen grabbed the whip that was on his side and started whipping 'her'. 'She' screamed when the whip hit her delicate skin."AHHHH!!! HELP!! HELP ME!! JI AN! JI AN!!" XuanRong saw 'herself' kept struggling, wanting to break free from Baili Chen and the other men's forceful grip. Unfortunately, 'her' strength was not enough. 'she' could only scream and call Xu Ji An's name repeatedly, hoping that he would arrive and rescue her.*Slap!*"Shut up! You keep on calling another man's name while being pressed under this Young Master's crotch! How dare you, you slut! HAHAHA! Let me tell you a secret. A secret that would definitely make you go insane.. The man you keep on calling, the man you dearly love, the man you thought that would save you from this hell, was the one who ordered us to humiliate you!! His Highness The Crown Prince was the one who wanted you to die this way! He was the one who personally told us to fuck you over and over until you die! He was the one who brought you to hell!! HAHAHAHA!!"When 'she' heard Baili Chen's words, XuanRong, saw that 'she' was petrified, unable to move."No impossible." 'She' whispered as she silently cried.That was the time when 'her' heart died.It died due to Xu Ji An's betrayal.XuanRong wanted to scream, she wanted to scream on 'her' face and tell 'her'that Xu Ji An was a scum. That he was not worthy of 'her' love--- both 'their love'[2], but she could not speak, she could not move. Like an audience who was watching a play, XuanRong could only look at 'herself' being violated to death. "-----Jie! XiaoJie!"XuanRong could barely hear YuShang's words. She frightfully stared at the front while her gaze was unfocused as if she was currently locked in a deep thought.When YuShang saw the abnormal reaction coming from XuanRong, she could not help but be frantic. What happened to her XiaoJie? Why was she acting like that?Did her poison body had a relapse? YuShang saw XuanRong started shaking while her dress was starting to get soaked with her sweat. She did not know what happened, but she was sure that it was related to that man who was harassing YuShen Jiejie. YuShang wanted to help YuShen but she could not leave XuanRong's side. She and YuShen were both good with martial arts and YuShen should be able to handle a small ruffian. Since she was not able to move away from that young man's grip, it would only mean that the young man in front was also well versed in qinggong[3] like them.YuShang was currently in a dilemma when An Wei suddenly appeared out of nowhere.'That's right! How could I forget Master An Wei?'When YuShang saw An Wei, she immediately opened her mouth, wanting to ask him to take care of XuanRong. But before she could even speak, An Wei suddenly blocked XuanRong's eyesight with his broad chest and pulled her on his embrace.YuShang knew that An Wei deeply cared for their Young Mistress. Without missing the beat, YuShang immediately took action and left XuanRong to An Wei's care. "Use the Chen Family's token." An Wei unceremoniously pulled the token that was hanging on XuanRong's waist and threw it towards YuShang.Without any delay, YuShang caught the token and ran forward, leaving XuanRong in An Wei's care.Looking at the young woman who was shivering on his embrace while clutching his clothes tightly, An Wei felt like his heart had been torn to pieces. He had seen her take poison every day without blinking an eye. At first, he thought that she was an unfeeling person. A person who was cruel and ruthless, but as the years passed by, he saw her laugh with them, he saw her acting cute and playful with YuYing and the rest, he saw her cried in front of her master's dead body but he never saw her act like this he never saw this side of XuanRong. This pitiful and broken side of her.An Wei swiftly pulled XuanRong and carried her back inside the carriage. "Young Miss"An Wei could not help himself but touch XuanRong face."Young Miss Young Miss!"Not being able to receive any response, An Wei had no choice but to gently shake her."XUANRONG!"Feeling anxious, An Wei could not help but call her name loudly.*gasps*XuanRong felt like she had been submerged in a frozen lake. When she recalled her senses, the first thing she saw was An Wei's face that was being covered with a veil. Although she could not see his expression, she could tell that he was very worried. His eyes told everything. Warmth suddenly filled XuanRong's heart. The pain she felt for being abandoned and betrayed slowly vanished. That's right.She was not alone anymore.She had her maternal grandfather and the Chen Family.She had YuYing and the rest.And of course she had An Wei by her side. And although her master already left her, she knew that she would always be her master's disciple her master's child. That was why, she was not alone.Not anymore.So why would she dwell on the past and be afraid of the beasts in her dreams?She could not change what happened on her previous life and she could only carry the burden and hatred forever, but it would not mean that she had to bind herself in the shadows of the past, unable to move on. She had to face her fear one by one.She must! She had to strengthen herself because in this lifetime, she would not let those people succeed![PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga and ko-fi.com/sayurihyuuga]--------[1]. XuanRong was referring to her previous self.[2]. A/N: XuanRong was saying that Xu Ji An does not deserve 'her' love whether it was the past/previous XuanRong or the present one.[3]. Chinese Martial Arts.[Unedited Chapter]
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